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The Thread Where Zane LITERALLY Loses His Mind But Not Really Since There Actually Is A Legitimate Demon In His Head (Solo)

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The Thread Where Zane LITERALLY Loses His Mind But Not Really Since There Actually Is A Legitimate Demon In His Head (Solo) Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:57 am

Zane lay on a grassy hill in Hosenka at night. His eyes pointed upwards to the many starts that sprinkled the night sky, trying his best to find a constellation yet failing miserable. He was too stupid to find the big dipper.

Giving up on his stargazing, Zane closed his eyes to relax a bit as the wind flowed across the town. The night was of a room temperature. Everything seemed just right. Taking a deep breath in and out, Zane's thoughts began to take form in his mind. "Man, this sure is perfect. This is the perfect evening. Nothing at all could ruin tonight." A relaxed sigh came out from Zane, his body further reclining into the pleasant grass. "Are you sure about that?"

Zane's body quickly sat up, his eyes scanning the area around him. It was clear that the voice didn't come from anyone in the area. That could only mean... "Are you... inside me?" Zane asked to the voice in his head. The voice was of a particular sound. It sounded like someone slimy, yet also super cool. The kind of sleazeball you couldn't help but love. It was a male's voice as well. "Yea, pretty much."

"... That's kinda gay, dude." The voice in Zane's mind spoke in a slightly annoyed voice. Clearly it was getting used to Zane's... 'unique' style of humor. "Shut up! I'm not PHYSICALLY inside you, dumbass. Think of it as a spiritual connection of sorts. Our souls are linked. Our minds are linked." Laying back down for a moment, Zane let out a big exhale. This was a lot to take in... his mind was already big enough with only one mind in there after all. "Okay, I guess... so, why are you in my head, Mr. ..? Zane decided to play along a bit here. He'd gone with crazier stunts before. There was a decent chance this was just some manic episode too. With how he had been recently, Zane knew he would eventually become crazy. Didn't think it would come so soon though.

"My name is Beelzebub. To put it simply, I am a demon. Quite a powerful one too. As for WHY I am here in your head, i cannot tell. It seems to have just happened at random." Zane put his hand on his chin, something he did on the regular whenever he wanted to try to appear smart. "Hmm. I'm possessed, huh... ya know, I read a novel like this once. It was pretty cool. Kinda fell off in the third act unfortunately. You uh, think that'll happen to us?" Beelzebub chuckled, somewhat amused with Zane's sense of humor. "The book we'll write will be good from the first to last page. Tell me this - do you like getting things, Mr ...?"

"Zane. And yes. Getting things is usually pretty cool."  "I'm very good at getting things. To tell the truth, I've always wanted to have everything. To own everything. I can sense some of that in you. Am I correct?" Zane thought to himself, humming as he did so. He wasn't sure what separated the thoughts that him and Beelzebub had with his own separate ones, but he could tell when and when not his voice was being shared. Must have something to do with the intent, or so Zane figured anyways. On the subject of things, Zane had to agree. As of late he had found himself wanting. Wanting things he didn't have, things others had, things he didn't know existed. He was tired of never having a single thing to his name. Of going nowhere. Perhaps this voice in his head would lead him somewhere worthwhile?

"That sounds nice to me, honestly. But uh... how the hell is a voice like you gonna get me "things"? Right now it seems like all you'll get me is a schizophrenia diagosis from the doctor." Beezlebub chuckled in Zane's mind. The laugh echoed in his head a little, though not in a particularly scary or obtrusive way. It kinda just felt.... normal. So oddly normal.

"Get up, Zane. You should get something to eat while we talk."


The Thread Where Zane LITERALLY Loses His Mind But Not Really Since There Actually Is A Legitimate Demon In His Head (Solo) Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:10 pm

"So you're a demon. A special one, or something like that. What kinda demon?"

Beelzebub's voice laughed in the echoes of Zane's mind. He seemed prideful. He seemed as though he was ready for Zane to absolutely freak out when the truth was revealed. "I, Beelzebub am known far as wide as The Lord of The Flies." The room went silent. Zane's mind went silent. The taco he was eating went silent. A moment later he burst into laughter, both in and out of his mind. "A fly?!" Zane asked, not even doing it in his mind and just blurting it out so the rest of the diner could look at him funny. "Oh no no no, look at this dude!" Banging his hand on the table in laughter as the tomatoes from his leftover taco unfortunately spilled all over the table, Zane continued. "What you gonna do? Fly on some wall? Avoid swatters? Guest star in an iconic bottle episode from hit 2008 TV drama Breaking Bad? What a joke!"

Beelzebub could be heard seething in the confines of Zane's mind. It was clear the man's words had insulted him. "This is why all humans are stupid! You could not understand the meaning behind suc-" Beelzebub's words were interrupted by Zane's loud laughing, so loud that it was banging even in the confines of Zane's inner voice. Beelzebub covered his ears (despite the fact that he wasn't actually a thing and didn't have ears nor arms to cover them) while Zane calmed down from his laughing fit.

Four minutes later Zane had been kicked out of the restaurant, his laughing finally calming down as he sat on a bench a bit further down the block. "Whew, I haven't laughed like that in a while. Anyways, where we? You gonna teach me how stick onto horses, o might Lord of the Flies?" Beelzebub sighed. "Look, I'll put your hit or miss personality aside for now. We are stuck with each other. That being said, what I know more than anything is greed. We all want things. While things themselves may be good, the getting of said thing is also very satisfying, right? Back in my home, I had about everything I could want. And since you and I are one now, we need to work towards getting the same thing in this little world you call Earthland."

Eating the leftover taco that he managed to grab before being kicked out, Zane waved his hand out as though to tell Beelzebub to go on. "Very well, show me the ways, o wise demon." Zane finished off the rest of his taco, the overall result of it all being a bland flavor most likely thanks to him having spilled it all over the place in a laughing fit. Thankfully he could blame Beelzebub for that one - if he wasn't a demon that only lived in the confines of his mind Zane would ask him to buy a new one.


The Thread Where Zane LITERALLY Loses His Mind But Not Really Since There Actually Is A Legitimate Demon In His Head (Solo) Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:11 pm

A few hours later Zane sat with a sizable bag of money at his feet and a new taco in his hands. He laid on his bed as he took a bit into this new taco from a better place from before. The tomatoes especially were of a much higher quality then the one he had visited earlier. Eating up the lasts bits of this tasty second dinner, Zane took a sip of a nearby glass of water and let out a satisfied sigh. "You were right, Beelzebub." The two of them had managed to get this money with their teamwork. Using this they could gather up more and more - the two taco places Zane had visited weren't enough. He wanted to have eaten every taco in this city. He wanted to buy the taco merchandise. He wanted to buy the hats the employees at that one taco store wore. He was going to get it all.

"Told you. Feel like apologizing for laughing when I told you I was a fly?" Zane nodded to Beelzebub's words. While the demon was still a fly in the end it turned out flies weren't exactly as underwhelming as one might think. Picking up the local newspaper to see if there were any sales going on, Zane said his part. "Yeah, you got me there. Sorry about that, buddy. Hey, do you think it was really alright for us to skip over the part of the thread where we actually got all this stuff though?" Zane couldn't help but wonder if it was truly alright. After all, the story felt like it barely developed. He would have to try to pass it off as being some kind of artistic subversion if he really wanted it to work. "Nah. Hate to break it to you kid, but... you aren't a hot girl. Nobody is reading this thread." Zane's face turned to a frown. The man had a point. It was most likely that very few people would ever get to read this wacky fourth wall break. "It's the sad truth. Well, it was nice to meet you either way. You're a pretty cool guy, Beelzebub - even if it is annoying to have to use italics every time you speak." And with that the two talked away for the rest of the night. They were a match made in heaven apparently, despite Beelzebub having to get used to Zane's odd sense of humor. Only the wackiest man in Fiore could have a greedy fly demon living inside of his mind after all.


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