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Eventful R&R Time in Hosenka (Private/Leika)

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Lilith couldn't remember the last time she had a vacation. Between work as the ever-popular model and taking on jobs as a mage, she had her hands full for months on end. Finally, the time came to give herself some well-deserved TLC. She traveled to the super-popular spa town known as Hosenka City for some R&R.

Arriving on the platform at the Hosenka City train station, with an emerald green suitcase being carried by her workaholic manager who Lilith had paid overtime to accompany her as an assistant on this little trip. The half-elf headed straight for the inn she made the reservation at. It was known as one of the best in all of Hosenka City and naturally, the supermodel would have nothing less than the very best.

Upon reaching the inn, she checked in at the front desk and headed to her room. Once there, she had the manager put the suitcase on the bed. "Thank you Shino-san, I will find you when I need you." The Joyan woman did a respectful bow before taking her leave from Lilith's room. Now that the half-elf was left to her own devices, she decided to check out the room more thoroughly.

As one would expect from a top-class inn of Hosenka, it was excellent. The room's design was from Joya, complete with a private outdoor bamboo hot spring bath. Lilith couldn't ask for much more. She decided to first go out and sample the local luxuries so, the half-elf changed into the complimentary yukata and headed out to take in the sights.

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Leika Earthe
It was a quiet and peaceful day in Hosenka. Beautiful weather, no trouble in sight. Everyone was calm and enjoying R&R at an inn and spa. That is until a red-orange blur ran through the streets. A young girl, completely void of clothing, ran down the streets on all fours with an apple in her mouth. Despite being told by Judina that stealing wasn't acceptable and jewels were required, Leika, having no jewels of her own, had recently 'acquired' an apple from a lovely food vendor stand.

As the girl ran, she had various noticeable differences between herself and any other human. Her long red-orange hair flowed across her butt, blowing in the breeze and hiding the scars she bears upon her back, for the most part. She had track marks scarring her arms and legs from past needle injections, none did of her own accord. Atop her head were two wolf ears, fur matching her hair color, as they perched erect and alert. Behind her flowed a long bushy, soft wolf tail, the fur matching her hair and ending in a white tip. Her red eyes flashed wildly as she jumped a fence and dashed around the outer borders of an inn, looking for a place to hide with her precious fruit.

Hooves galloped on the ground as a black and white zebra-like animal ran behind the wolf-girl. Her companion, Bolt, was braying in both exhaustion and annoyance as he carried a long purple dress on his back. Kurisa had created this for the girl to wear, yet she always forgot to put the damn thing on! It was infuriating, as poor Bolt often grabbed and dragged it with him so as to not lose it or have it otherwise ruined.

The Blitzle leaped the fence behind Leika, the shop vendor losing them in his pursuit of the stolen red apple. As she hadn't been paying attention to where she was dashing off to, Leika turned a corner and slammed right into a young woman with elf ears and green hair. Her apple went flying and she quickly scrambled to get the fruit. The naked wild-woman then curled up in a corner, her red eyes visible in the shadows as she clutched the apple for dear life, tail swishing defensively. She offered no apology as she stared at the stranger in dead silence.

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