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Storyline System

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  • The Storyline is a section where the user can create their own line of quests. These quests are based on a plot that is tailored specifically to the user in which they are the main character of the story.

  • The user must take the difficulty of a quest into account when creating a quest of their own for their Storyline. It is not allowed to create a B-rank quest in which the user does things that would normally not fall under the B-rank category of difficulty.

  • In such cases that the Storyline involves multiple characters, the rank of each participant must be taken into consideration for the level of quests. At most, a quest can be one rank higher than the rank of the lowest-ranked participant.

  • Examples of Storylines with multiple characters could be a buddy cop flick, a master, and disciple going on a bonding experience, or siblings trying to solve something related to their family.

  • In that regard, it must make sense why the Storyline involves more than one participant. Each participant must be fully involved, for it will count as their Storyline as well along with the cooldown.

  • Furthermore, it should not conflict with the plot of the forum. In such instances that certain things are not introduced yet, it will most likely not be allowed to be introduced in the storyline either e.g. gods and dragons.

  • Short, Moderate, and Long Storylines can be done once every three months regardless of length.

  • The user may not apply for a new Storyline on a character if they already have a Storyline running on another character.

  • All Characters of the user have a shared cool-down for storylines.

  • The user cannot do other quests while they are doing their Storyline, this includes Neutral Quests.

  • It is also possible to cancel a Storyline, but this will set a cooldown into effect which is twice as long. This goes into effect the moment someone posts their Storyline up for review.

Site Impact

Long Storylines have the ability to affect parts of Fiore permanently with the approval of an Administrator depending on the impact of the plot. Long Storylines can influence whole subforums, or affect whole forum NPCs i.e lords of towns, etc. Storylines that affect the lore must meet the following requirements:

  • The character must be A-Rank and have been active for 6 months (meeting the activity check requirements).

  • At least two other individuals must participate to impact the site.

  • Long Storylines that impact the site's lore must be tagged with (Lore) when grading.

  • Storylines that impact the parts of Fiore in a negative capacity may be invaded by light guild members.

  • Furthermore, Storylines cannot interact with royalty, nobility, or any canon material such as dragons, gods, etc.


  • The user must go to the Storyline Quests section in order to apply for a Storyline.

  • The title of the topic is the name of the Storyline e.g. The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, On Stranger Tides, or perhaps Dead Man Tell No Tales. The title is then followed with the difficulty between brackets e.g. On Stranger Tides (Long).

  • The quest template can be found in stickied in the Storyline Quests forum. The user must use that template for their entries.

  • In the topic, the user must create a range of quests for their Storyline. The possible difficulty of the Storyline is based on the rank of the user. In addition, the number of quests and their ranks is based on the difficulty of the Storyline.

  • The user must create all the quests for their Storyline in one go. This allows the moderator to review it as a whole and see if the story possibly conflicts with lore or other regulations.

  • In case the Storyline involves multiple participants, only one person needs to post the Storyline, but in the quest section they must write down the names of all the participants.

  • The user must be the equivalent rank to the quests they apply for.


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Short Storylines

  • Quests: Short Storylines consist out of 3 quests.

  • Limit: Members can create a maximum of 1x S-Rank requests.

  • Maximum: Short Storylines can at most have 1x S-Rank, 1 A-Rank and 1x B-Rank request.

Moderate Storylines

  • Quests: Moderate Storylines consist out of 5 quests.

  • Limit: Members can create a maximum of 1x S-Rank requests.

  • Maximum: Moderate Storylines can at most have 1x S-Rank, 2x A-Rank and 2x B-Rank request

Long Storylines

  • Quests: Long Storylines consist out of 7 quests.

  • Limit: Members can create a maximum of 2x S-Rank requests.

  • Maximum: Long Storylines can at most have 2x S-Rank, 2x A-Rank and 3x B-Rank request

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