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Storyline Example

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Storyline Example Empty on Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:06 am

Do note that in this example, only the one quest been provided. But, since this is a Medium, there has to be 5 quests provided at once all underneath other.

Name: Heavy Rain

Difficulty: Medium

Participants: Ethan Mars

Story: While Ethan never had any closure, he did believe that he lost his son Shaun three years ago at the hands of the Origami, a serial killer who kidnapped young boys and murdered them. None of the children that were abducted by the Origami ever returned. Sometimes their bodies would be found, but no one managed to capture the Origami or unravel his identity. Last night, when Ethan was at the library, alone, he found an origami crane on his table when he returned from choosing a book. At first, he thought it was a sick joke, but searching the floor for the perpetrator did not result into any success. Whoever placed it there was gone. Upon unfolding it, he saw the date on which Shaun was abducted and clues to a location that he did not recognize. Who left that note there? And more importantly, could Shaun still be alive?

Objective: Ethan must find and solve clues in order to find out who left the drawing for him and whether his son Shaun could still be alive after all these years.

Name: On That Night

Rank: C

Type: Good

Participants: Ethan Mars

Summary: Despite all his efforts, Ethan still hasn't found out the location that can be seen on the drawing that he anonymously received. Fortunately, the list of suspects has narrowed down. Who could have sent him that drawing? Ethan suddenly remember that he briefly went to the Swineherd on the night that it happened. It seems that Ethan is not the only one searching for clues, because Norman Jayden, a Rune Knight, is also searching for the Origami. Chances are that Ethan and Norman are going to cross paths today, perhaps they might have some information to share with each other.


  • Norman Jayden: Norman is a dedicated and thorough member of the Rune Knights, sent to aid with the investigation of local law enforcement regarding the Origami. He uses a observation magic, which allows him to investigate crime scenes and analyze evidence in an efficient way. He also struggles against his addiction to a drug called and withdrawal.

Enemies: -

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +2

Objectives: More clues need to be found in order to solve the location that can be seen on the drawing that Ethan received.

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