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Travel to Myras

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#1Joshua Graham 

Travel to Myras  Empty Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:55 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua sat on the top of the carraige. it wasnt a fast means of travel, but he would need it for bringing the target back. Joshua wasnt sure what his boss wanted with this person, but the file indicated he had some use that the Guild Could use. He was quiet as the cart made its way to where he was headed, the driver was silent, his tongue had been removed willingly so he could serve the guild as its voiceless driver. Joshua played witht he mask on his face. It wasnt an item persay, But it would allow him an element of surprise and suspense. The enemy wouldnt be to sure he didnt have a magic eye, which is exactly what Joshua wanted.

He read over the file once again and took note of the mans Water magic. If anything Joshuas boss was a festidius man. He made sure to have all the information he could. That was something Joshua deeply appreciated. While he didnt always agree with his bosses means, he couldnt deny he made every decision as well informed as he could. He looked through the file and took in as much information as he could.

Joshua then allowed himself some time to rest, and as he drifted off into sleep once again, he found himself on the burning white sands of what he could only call his own personal hell. The blackened bones and black hellfire that he was surrounded by was something he hated.It wasnt even hot, and yet it burned worse then any fire Joshua had felt before hand.

He felt it burn his soul and scar it beyond repair. Joshua grabbed at the wings sprouting from his back, he didnt let them go, instead pulling and yanking as hard as he could despite the angelic presence trying to take over his body. Joshua screamed as the fires raged around him and he felt his spine jerk in absolute pain as he ripped off one oif the wings, the bloody stump twitching and pulsign red fluid as he jumped awake in the cart.

Joshua panicly searched his back, and found no signs of the wing stump, but... despite that he couldnt let go of the phantom limb. It was as if it was there, but not as well. This was new, he had had the nightmare for a long time, but this was the first time it had been different then all the other times.

He calmed himself and redressed as he sighed. They were finally in myras, His target was nearby and he would make sure to bring them back.

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