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Conquest: Zagan Treasury

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#1Joshua Graham 

Conquest: Zagan Treasury Empty Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:34 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham wrote:Guild: Sentinal Syndicate
Location: Worth Woodsea
Area: zagans treasury
Occupied: no

Zagan's Treasury is a building that has been hidden away inside the forests of Worth Woodsea for decades. The building appeared suddenly and the people who have been seen going in and out of it are occasionally seen outside and wondering the woods before eventually going back. The guild would like to have to fall under the umbrella of protection so that they can learn more about this mysterious place and it's people slowly over time as they might have something interesting that they are hiding. How you manage to get them to agree to join is up to you and your morality, as the guild only cares about results.

The Mission Joshua had been sent on was one he hadnt argued against. The Zagan Treasury would be a mighty addition to the guilds resources. It would allow the guild more access to business and a betterf understanding of the strange people and the building itself. Joshua didnt know much about it besides that. It wasnt his job to know. Konstantin had put a hurting on the young man and had taught him a valuble lesson. He learned that he was too weak to even be heard. He knew now that the onmly thing he had left to him was the grow stronger, something he would do anything to do at this point. It was uncommon for Joshua to wear anything beside his basic outfit, But for a mission like this he had to somewhat stealthy. He was thankful, the mask and clothing hid the wounds he had gotten from fighting his Guild Master.

#2Joshua Graham 

Conquest: Zagan Treasury Empty Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:07 pm

Joshua Graham
The suit itself was made of softened leather and unioquely made padding to help keep his steps quiet. He wasnt going to be able to keep the suit, but he wasnt a big fan of it anyway. He would rather have been waiting in the forest, his Gun primed and ready to take out his target. But asccording to their source, the Vice President who was willing to side with the Guild, the Preseident of the Company never left his room. Joshua made his way through the darkned forest toward the hidden passage way into the building. It was an old escape tunnel that had been "Forgotten" during the buildings renovation a few year ago. He looked at the mask one final time as he took in all the details his brain could hold. Before setting the map itself on fire. He watched it burn and made sure there was nothing but ashes left before he moved on. He made his way down the tunnel, the eyes on the mask he had been given adjusted to the darkness and allowed him to see easily. Joshua hadnt brought his gun with him, it was too large and unyieldy for a stealth mission, let alone a stealth kill.

As Joshua made his way through the tunnel, he would take note of the weapons hidden through out. A gift from the client it seemed, just incase he needed to use them. But Joshua didnt take any with him. He had onlky his fists and a very small specially designed knife. He walked slowly through the tunnel, taking his time. He would rather get there slowly and unseen then have to fight his way back out. Soon he came to the end of the tunnel and saw the entry way. A section of tile, small but doable. Joshua moved the tile slightly, checking outside the tunnel, seeing it was an empty closet. No from the smell it was a cleaning supply room. he moved the tile quietly and after a quick set of wiggles, Joshua was inside the room. He replaced the tile, making sure it was turned so he could easily find it afterword. He made his way to the door, and after carefully listening, he slowly opened the door and saw the hallway empty. He crouch walked to the end of the hall, and looked carefully around the corner. He saw 2 guards, but they werent very good at their job. Each was distracted with something or another, one was watching a lacrima display in the room over, which seemed to playign sports of some kind. The other was lazily reading from a book.

#3Joshua Graham 

Conquest: Zagan Treasury Empty Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:08 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua reached into the small belt on his waist and pulled out a simple coin. He stepped back and tossed the coin, making it land loudly. He ducked back into hiding as the guards turned, the one reading his book setting it down and telling the other to stay. Hed be back in a few. He made his way down the hall and turned the corner, but there was no one there. Joshua had turned invisible using his guild magic and as the guard passed by him, Joshua grabbed the mans head with both hands and swiftly and effortlessly snapped his neck, catching his body before it could fall to the ground. He lowered it softly and turned off the mans communication device. He returned to his invisibility and made his way toward the other guard. He quickly and effortlessly once again snapped the mans neck, catching the body and setting him down on the seat the other man had been using, making it look like he was sleeping. He made his way down the hallway and further down the path of the map, thankfully he didnt need to kill anymore guards. But he was getting an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He made it to the office, and slowly made his way inside. But as he did he was met with the sound of a trip wire being pulled. He jumped back and was thrown against the wall as the room exploded into a fireball.

Joshua groaned as the alarm went off, and he heard the voice of their client. Joshua would have smiled if he wasnt so pissed off. He had already killed the president, of course he would have an easier time doing so. But he needed someone else to draw attention for himself. He booked it toward the exit he had come in from, not even bothing with his invisibility anymore. He sprinted for the exit, and sliding into the room as the door was pelted with various stun spells and weapon attacks. He was down the exit and back int he tunnel quickly, having replaced the tile just as he had found it. He made his way through the tunnel and left the weapons there, more evidence, If the client wanted an alibi Joshua would give him one. He got out of the tunnel, only to find guards armed and ready to kill him. But as they lifted their arms up to attack, Joshua was invisible once again. He rushed passed them and as they tuirned to try to find him, his invisibility broke and his knife slashed through the mans spinal cord. He grabbed him using him as a shield against the other attacks of the guard.

#4Joshua Graham 

Conquest: Zagan Treasury Empty Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:09 pm

Joshua Graham
He tossed the body aside and ran hard as the men reloaded their weapons. He spent nearly 3 hours playing cat and mouse with the guards. Each time they found him, he would kill one or two and escape. But he wasnt able to get far enough without them finding him. He was sitting in a tree as the sun came up. there was only one guard left. Joshua looked down to find him waiting. Looking up at him. Joshua let himself fall and he landed without hurting himself. the guard raised his weapon at him, but instead of pulling the trigger, he turned on the safety and put the weapon on his back. Joshua looked at the figure who raised his hands to fight.

Joshua smiled under his mask and raised his hands as well. The two circled around each other before the fightr began. Each one lashed out with their strikes with out a word. It was easy to understand what the guard wanted. Joshua dodged and moved with easy, the guard barley hit him and even if he did it wasnt a full force impact. Jooshua had dodged it jsut enough to minimixe the impact. Joshua soon grabbed the man and had him in a chokehold. the man continued to fight, But Joshua was stronger. He held the mans neck with his arm and only after the man reached for his firearm did Joshua snap his neck. He let the man fall to the ground and he panted softly, Joshua removed the mask from his own head and looked at the sunrise. He was silent, looking over the work he had done. The treasury was finally no longer on fire. But there were still corpses to collect. He made his way to the ecfil location and he waited for the arrival of his ride. He got inside and contacted his guild master, explaining what happened. He would have to deal with the aftermath later. Right now he would sleep.

But as his eyes closed, he was once again on the burning sand of his home. The black flames were still raging. The sand untouched, but turned pure bleached white. He was surrounded by the flames, and his body was burning yet safe. He Screamed out as he relived the terrible attack of the angel. he screamed and fought and tried to resist the angels pull, But as he was devoured by the angels light, he found himself awake and finally at his guilds base. He hadnt slepot at all it felt, despite having several hours of rest on the way back. He wondered if he would ever be free of those nightmares. He got out of the cart and made his way up the stairs.

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