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Gureeto [Rinni]

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#1Jan Ren 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 6:11 pm

Jan Ren
Admittedly, he wasn't all too comfortable walking outside like that. With his top lost in some antics with a certain werewolf, the Sinese was forced to find a different way to cover himself. A pair of sleeves and what makeshift of a black top he could get his hands on would do for now, as the young man had to get used to the idea of not representing his origins as much as he'd liked. As much as he'd used to, before being oh-so-careless.

To get somewhat accustomed to this change, Jan Ren took yet another stroll through Marigold. He's done it before, shirtless that is. Well, topless, moreso. He felt awkward without his signature Qipao, having to question whether even his Master would have recognized him, if it weren't for the large Blue Pegasus mark on his back. He'd get gawked at from some, though fortunately enough. Shirtless adventurers seemed to be quite the trend. Meaning, it wasn't much of an oddity for him by himself, as much as the young man simply wasn't used to his new image. Yes, this was simply another stepping stone in the journey of a man, getting used to walking shirtless. Nothing more.

Through the streets, the young man had arrived at a park. Many a prey were present, much to the Sinese' approval. In short, eye candy. Let's not get too into specifics, but it definitely made the young lad stick out his chest if just a bit, raising his head and smiling some. He had to hold proper face if he was to walk among this bunch.

Though surprisingly. What happened to catch his eye in particular, was not quite a woman belonging in that crowd; but rather, a seemingly silent one. Seated, with a white fox by her. He blinked twice, stopping in his tracks as he stared for a moment. "(Hmmm. This...)"

"--A sour face is unbecoming, young lady." He abruptly stated, eyes closed and hands placed behind his back as he closed the distance towards her; "One like yourself is ought to smile. At the very least, it would light up this park, I'd say." He jested, offering a friendly smile as he positioned himself near; not in-front as to threaten, but beside and at a considerable distance; respecting the young girl's personal space, if anything.

"...Is something on your mind?"

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#2Rinni Faithe 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 6:59 pm

Rinni Faithe
After recovering from her training battle with her 'Guildmaster' Rinni had decided to take a walk in the park to get some air. She lost something in that fight. Something she'd never get back. Her innocence. She had grown up in the harshest way possible. Fighting werewolves were mild compared to...

She shook her head trying to forget it. She was out here to get some air, enjoy the day, relax, and get back to normal. Though, what was normal these days? She looked at her right shoulder, where the bite mark was hidden by the sleeve of a t-shirt. She left her armor and bow at the Guild, as she wasn't looking for a fight today. She just wanted some privacy and space to breathe. There were too many people in the Guild Hall, and feeling claustrophobic (or in her case ochlophobic) she had to get out of the guild a while. Plus, HE was there. And she wasn't ready to face him yet. She thought she was but... in the end, she couldn't handle it and had to get out.

It was a lovely spring day, so Rinni opted to dress comfortably light. She wore capris and flat shoes that revealed the small turquoise blue Penumbral Guard tattoo that resided on her left ankle. Beside her walked an adorable Snow Vulpix, covered in white soft fur with pale blue paws, 6 curly tails, and whispy hair atop her head that lightly bounced as she walked.

Upon reaching her destination, she looked for an empty bench and took a seat by herself. The little fox jumped up beside her, laying its head in her lap. Rinni responded by gently scratching between her ears. She smiled briefly for a second at her companion, but the smile soon faded. Why the hell was all this happening to her? What did she do to deserve this? She thought she could trust him... trust them...

She sighed as she felt like looking for Ko and just running away with him and leaving all this. Maybe she wasn't cut out for guild life. Maybe leaving her family is how she'd keep them safe. Maybe she was better off alone. So many thoughts raced in her mind, echoing on top of each other. She shut her eyes trying to block them out when a strange voice cut in interrupting her thoughts. She was grateful for the reprieve.

The little fox growled softly at the stranger as Rinni opened her eyes and turned toward the man that now addressed her. He spoke in a very old fashioned manner, causing the Encan to find it hard to take him seriously. He was topless, which caused a slight hint of pink to grace her cheeks. However, after what she'd been through, she just wasn't fully feeling it.

"I don't have much to smile about..." She confessed in a monotone voice, completely out of character of her normally shy and sweet nature. She had obviously been hurt, and her eyes looked as though she'd cried a lot recently. When the man asked what was on her mind, she looked away from him and shook her head.

"What's on my mind..." She repeated in a mocking undertone. "I was bitten by a werewolf... and then the one person I thought I could trust... he tried to..." Her voice cracked. She'd already said more than she had intended, more than she should have. She heaved a shaky sigh and put her face in her hands. The little fox let out a tiny cry and nuzzled her comfortingly, while Rinni tried to pull herself together.

"I've already said too much... I just... I just came here looking for..." For what? Peace and quiet? Privacy? It was a public park. What did she expect to find out here? She didn't really want to be bothered, but she didn't want to be rude either. So she allowed the man to stick around, if he so chose to, while she tried to mentally prepare herself for socializing.

She cringed slightly as a sharp pain crept through her scar. Her left hand gingerly moved to her shoulder. 'Not again...' It was happening more frequently. She could feel it within her. The bite wound felt hot to the touch. Rinni was also pretty sure her nails and teeth were changing. She knew what was happening, and though she had spent the last couple weeks trying to resist, she was seriously thinking of surrendering.

She needed to be stronger.

This was how she could do that.

#3Jan Ren 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 10:57 am

Jan Ren
It didn't take an expert to tell the girl was down. And by down, that was borderline depressed. Before she even started talking, her voice lowkey breaking as she even uttered words later down the line, Jan Ren had noticed the youngster's obvious disruption. The fox situation did interest him, if anything, having never witnessed an animal with multiple tails before. Though admittedly, focusing on the apparent pet would be nothing short of rude.

Still standing by, he took proper view of her signs and features. Clearly a child, at best. Probably mid-puberty if not right at its start, deduced from the lack of any significant bosom. He couldn't quite see her eyes, but heard her voice's obvious lack of hope. She had a dainty figure, one befitting of a regular girl; not looking particularly different at all, and so he assumed that her issues would be in such realms of normalcy as well.

Boy was he wrong. Raising an eyebrow at her supposed issues, ignoring easily the fact she decided to ridicule his intentions. That would usually be the underlying fear when approaching girls, after all. Can't help it if it happens, every now and then. Expression turning from welcome to pity, Jan Ren watched as she wimpered into her palms, almost crying at the disaster that was her life recently. And who could blame her? One like herself, to be attacked by a werewolf? It'd easily bring shock to any young mind. Her sudden wince followed by pacifying herself with a hand on her shoulder, wasn't missed on him either. Observantly, the Sinese paid close attention; much as he could, from the position he took.

Clearly just talking wouldn't solve her problems.

Regardless... "Hmmm." He mused for a second, shoulders slumped and hands unfolded; at ease by the side of his body. "Sounds like you've had it rough." Jan Ren could unfortunately only address the situation as such; not quite understanding her pain, in light of -- well, having his own experiences with Werewolves being a lot milder. He'd chastise at himself mentally for a moment, for not being able to drop the sufficient amount of intake and wisdom this girl may or may not have needed. "I, uhh. I apologize if I made you recall something painful, young lady." He said, offering a light bow of sincerity. Whether or not the girl would look up at him from her hands or not, mattered not; such was a principle of his upbringing, and he carried the gesture even in Fiore's land.

Despite the glaring hint given, Jan Ren remained. Taking a few steps, rounding the bench, and then promptly seating himself; calmly, at the other end of it. Not to invade her personal space, but to clearly sign he was here to stay for a while. "--What? Looking for someone?" He asked, tone picked up in its lightness. If she was going to remain depressed and unwilling, it was his job to set the mood, if little by little. And the starting step, is by tonality and "personal interpretation." "Then allow me to stay by until they arrive." While phrased like a request, the Sinese had every intention of inviting himself to remain close by. Whether he was welcome or not, deeming it to be an acceptable act in every other situation.

At worst case, he'd get berated for it. Or bitten by a white fox, who cares. ...Actually that sounds pretty painful. Let's hope it doesn't get to that.

The young man chose to fool around, true to his light-hearted self. He knew the child seeked solitude, yet intentionally twisted her unfinished sentences in a way that would suit him. A way that would allow him to stay close by, without outright 'intruding'. Regardless, another deduction he'd come to make, would be concerning her self. Perhaps it was due to how young she was, or maybe it was who she was as a person. But to out of the blue dump her problems at a simple question's notice, without knowing the person, signalled that she wasn't a bad kid. Maybe even naive, or very trusting. Or... She may have wished for someone to come and save her from her tragedies.

Neither mattered, however. "Whatever your friend did to you. My condolences that you had to go through that. It must have been hard." He started; "People can be, surprising, sometimes. Not in the best of ways."

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#4Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
As the stranger apologized for his forwardness (and for bad memories that he honestly had no idea of) the girl simply sighed and dropped her arms to her lap where she leaned over her pet who gingerly licked her chin in an attempt to comfort the teen. She wasn't sure what more she could say. To be honest she hadn't intended to say all that she had said. It was out now. No take-backs. But for the life of her she wasn't sure why she blurted all that out to a complete stranger. He didn't look nor talk like one, but he could be a dark mage, for all she knew. But to be honest, she didn't even care right now. She had recently learned she wasn't able to take care of herself. She almost died twice. What could this man possibly do that'd be worse than what she's already been through?

When he attempted to complete her sentence, she began to open her mouth in protest, only to be interrupted by him inviting himself to her company. Normally, she'd blush and be quiet and a bit awkward about all this. But she just wasn't in her right mind right now. She had a lot she was adjusting to, between her Guild and her inevitable transformation. She hoped she wouldn't turn evil. What if she'd lose control when upset or scared and hurt someone?

She watched as the man moved around the bench to claim the unused seat across from her. She hadn't invited his company; at the same time, she almost craved it. She was a scared child, wanting solitude yet fearing the darkness that goes with it. Still, she was a bit concerned that he was quick to sit beside a future werewolf. Was he not afraid of her?

As he claimed his seat, she timidly questioned his motives, "Are you sure you want to be so close to me?" Her voice held concern. The little white fox slowly turned in her lap and moved to the middle of the bench. Her small cold blue nose gently sniffed at the man's hand. The man offered his condolences for whatever it was she went through. His innocence and ignorance weren't that surprising, as he most likely couldn't read minds. "Why me...? She leaned back and noticed the tattoo on his back. Blue Pegasus. So he wasn't a threat. "Of all the places and people... why are you by me...?"

#5Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Jan Ren had never seen an animal like this. Sin had some legend, held and surprisingly shared with Joya's own, about the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. He was certainly one to delve in his own country's lore and stories, though imagine his internal surprise to find out said fox was actually, this tiny. And white. It didn't have nine tails, no; but even six were something of an achievement, he felt. After all, there was basis to this number, or for that matter, the multi-numbered tail as a whole concept. He huffed out, smiling at the small animal as he moved his hand slowly to its nose. "(COLD!!!)" --Only to retrace it back almost on reflex. What an odd creature.

"--Hmm?" Despite his attentiveness up until that point, her question was beyond him. ...Well, not entirely. "You tell me." He replied, choosing to play the deliberate role once more; "Am I wiser to leave you be?" Naturally, her answer would be yes. Thinking about it, that'd be the safer option. But Jan Ren wasn't the type to simply pass up.

Having traveled a year alongside others, crossing countries until finally settling in Fiore for the while, the Sinese was openly a people's person. Having little issue with approaching others, regardless of plain appearances (though very much taking those into account as well). But naturally, her meaning came shortly after.

He wasn't so perplexed as much as he simply didn't have an answer at the ready. Raising his head, looking up to a specific cloud, crouching his form as his forearms rested atop his thighs, apart. "Hmmm." Why did he approach her? The answer's quite simple. "Yeah, it wouldn't sit right with me." He assured with a light laugh. "A young kid like you all alone in the bench, almost crying? I'd have guessed you had trouble with your parents at first." Which, wasn't the case by a mile.

There really wasn't much more to it. Not to assume the hero's role, though since joining Blue Pegasus, he'd come to help many a citizen around the South side of this country. Perhaps it turned into force of habit. Or maybe it was in his ever-lasting pursuit of women, despite finding no desire in the girl (on grounds that, she is too young after all). Either way, there he was. "I mean no disrespect, you weren't inclined to tell me anything either. Though I do believe that a fox isn't much for a conversation partner, you know?" Unless it could speak, somehow.

Many assumptions were given on those two instances, it seems. How characteristically presumptuous. "You hungry?"

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#6Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
The little fox cocked its head to the side at the man's sudden withdraw. It was genuinely curious about this strange person, and sensing no threat from him, the Snow Vulpix climbed into his lap and stuck its nose in his face sniffing him at a person personal level. The small fox's antics were enough to put a brief smile on her face and a tiny giggle escaped. Her smile faded as the man asked if he would be wiser to leave her alone.

"Yes. Maybe..." She blushed slightly. He already knew about her bite. It shouldn't need further explanation as to why he should stay away. So why didn't he seem to care? Why was he so damn stubborn? Why did no one ever take her seriously?

"A young kid like you all alone on the bench, almost crying? I'd have guessed you had trouble with your parents at first."

Ah, there was the answer.

"Firstly, I got bitten by a werewolf because I left home to get some space from my parents. Secondly, I'm Rinni Faithe of Penumbral Guard. Thirdly, I'm not crying." In her attempt to sound stern and annoyed, she came off sounding more adorable and defiant. It was her curse. "Who... who do you think you are to assume stuff based on my appearance?"

There it was. That shy awkwardness that made her stutter when she felt uncertainty and discomfort. Her voice was so damn timid, she wished she was bolder than she was. Maybe becoming a werewolf would make her bolder. Or in the least stronger. Maybe people would respect her instead of treating her like a child. Even Ko Lesalt considered her a little kitten. The very thought of that young man made her heart flutter and her cheeks flush red. God, why did he have such an effect on her?

Her thoughts were gratefully disrupted by the man yet again apologizing for disrespecting her. This guy did a lot of apologizing. He also did a lot of foot eating. He was a strange person. Then again, from what she heard, everyone in Blue Pegasus was a bit odd. She sighed in response and reached up to readjust her hair into a ponytail. Her little fox curled up between them in the open space on the bench and gave a cute yawn. The sinese then asked her if she was hungry.

Once again, her mind went to Ko and she blushed.

"No, I'm not..." Her stomach rumbled in protest. Rinni, blushing with embarrassment, corrected herself awkwardly. "Maybe... a little bit..."

#7Jan Ren 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 3:45 am

Jan Ren
To say the Sinese was good with animals would be... false.

While interested in the small fox, Jan Ren couldn't quite come up with a sufficient reaction to its admittedly adorable antics. Closing his eyes shut and an awkward smile creeping over its face as the animal leaned in to bump its cold nose against the man's own. "(~~~~!!)" Hold still, it's just for a moment! Even if it's cold!!

Whether it was by choice or on purpose, this girl -- dubbed Rinni Faithe -- seemed awfully annoyed with his assumptions, though her tone of voice took more of a grumpy turn, than a displeased one. The young man had to restrain himself from commenting on the lack of credibility in her voice, realizing if just from her words alone the underlying intended tone. He wouldn't claim to be a body language expert, not even close; though he had a feeling, perhaps by her choice in words, that he'd bothered.

Understandable. He'd gotten some assumptions on his persona before as well, and it wasn't pleasant. He hasn't been at his own guild hall ever since! "Right, right. My bad."

Again, that guild. Penumbral Guard. So either this guild was up-and-rising after all, or the Sinese' luck simply aligned with these guys. Whatever the case, he'd take serious note of their growing numbers; between one Joyan impish girl, a dark werewolf and a fox-owner, that would count three. His eyebrows furrowed slightly as he thought to himself. Perhaps, it would be wise to pay them a visit some time. On behalf of Blue Pegasus, that would be a good excuse... He would have to inform Master later about that, too.

"Very well. Nice to meet you, Rinni of Penumbral Guard." He said, standing up as he walked in-front of her; crouching down and stretching out a hand for a friendly handshake. Smiling at her, looking directly into her eye. "I am Jan Ren of Blue Pegasus. It's an honor." Pardon my lack of manners, you had to introduce yourself first. He'd omit that part, deciding not to follow through with the apologetic streak. It might creep her out, and that'd be the last thing he'd try to do.

"Come, walk with me." He suggested; walking wasn't quite uplifting, especially when one was down. But general movement could at least get the blood flowing, and the mood would improve if just a bit. Besides, "I recall there was a nice food stall a short distance from here." And to reach there, they'd have to move.

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#8Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
It wasn't her intent to be so short with the Sinese. In fact, she was one of the nicest people he could meet. She just was having it so rough lately that she took it out on the first person to approach her. This, unfortunately, happened to be him. He didn't seem to take her outburst too harshly, instead, apologizing for his assumptions. At least this apology didn't involve an actual apology. The Encan sighed and gingerly brushed a strand of brown hair behind her ear.

The Sinese stood up and moved directly in front of the girl. She looked up at him, following his movement as he crouched down to her level. He smiled and offered her his hand as he finally introduced himself. In ac act of politeness, the teen awkwardly accepted his handshake. He also confirmed his Guild to her, which wasn't needed as she had spotted his tattoo previously. Still, she wasn't going to bother correcting him on her knowledge. She had been rude enough to the man already. What was it with strange men approaching her on park benches?

At least this guy wasn't creepy like the man from that night...

She shuddered trying not to remember THAT encounter. If she saw that man again, it'd be too soon. Honestly, she hoped the next time she met him she'd be a full werewolf so she could rip him apart. Her heart skipped a beat. Since when did those kinds of thoughts ever enter her mind? She wasn't an overly aggressive person. Was that the werewolf talking?

Her thoughts were cut off by Jan Ren inviting her to walk with him. Having nothing else to do, and nowhere to go, Rinni scooped Winter into her arms and stood up to follow the Blue Pegasus Mage. Once they were standing together, she could fully take him in noticing he was half a foot taller than herself. She blushed slightly as she stood just slightly below his shoulder.

He informed her of a food stall nearby and headed in that general direction. Rinni slowly followed behind him.

#9Jan Ren 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Fri May 29, 2020 6:28 am

Jan Ren
The girl was obedient enough to follow through without any argument, despite the young man expecting some sort of stinginess back. Surprising, yet pleasant. He'd take in verbal banter if he was required, though now was obviously not the time nor could his company be bothered with it. He'd save it for another day.

Taking note of the girl's short stature, Jan Ren couldn't help but exhale through his nose in some amusement; a short-lived, small smirk raising to his face. Just a kid, huh. Despite being around an actual child, evidence of Fiore's people being of exceptionally tall statures did bother him, and he came to learn that the hard way -- what with him being surprisingly, near the shortest in his own guild. Who'd have thought.


"--Here you go." After reaching the appointed spot -- not too far away from the park, he'd suggested they sat by a conveniently-placed bench near the stall. With a smile, the Sinese handed his company a steaming-hot, baked potato; sprinkled with some salt and pepper at the top, wrapped neatly in two napkins for proper hold. Everyone liked baked potatoes. This was an undeniable truth he'd took note of in foreign lands, too! "Eat it while it's hot!" For himself, the gentleman took a matching, albeit smaller potato. Naturally in his attempt at an act of kindness, he took charge to pay for both, too. No matter, it was relatively cheap!

"--You haven't really explained yourself." He said, suddenly opting to loosen the rapport he'd been building up to now through active mellowness. "I mean. Why should I stay away from you Rinni?" Naturally, the Sinese had an idea in mind. However. It was mere speculation, as up to that point, not a single one of 'those' he met had testified to being afflicted. They were all relatively distant, yes, and in a way cold and even animalistic. He'd attribute his mismatch with animals even towards 'those' that saw themselves as more animal than man.

Which he had a problem with.

Yet, it was mere speculation. And it was up to Rinni's explanation. Her testimony, her feelings. And ultimately, her decision.

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#10Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
As Rinni quietly followed Jan Ren toward the food stall, she couldn't help but find herself lost to her own thoughts. She had gone through so much in her short time as a Guild Mage, even more so than she had experienced prior to joining a guild. The battle with the werewolf, the man in the park, the fight with her teammate all flashed across her mind in a jumbled mess. If Jan Ren had spoken with her at all during the short walking, she hadn't noticed.

Perhaps the most haunting memory for her was that man. Who exactly was he? They never exchanged names or any sort of pleasantry. In fact, there was nothing pleasant about their encounter at all. The man appeared lost and confused but at the same time ruthless and deadly. Would she become like him after she changed?

The more she contemplated her life as a werewolf, the less human she felt. Not mentally, mind you, but it was there. An odd feeling of something missing. She sniffed the air, and could smell all the food available at the stall...


Rinni was seated on yet another bench, and as Jan Ren appeared before her with his offering she couldn't help but flinch. His sudden nearness reminded her of him. For a split moment, she was almost frightened, but it quickly passed when she realized she was safe among friends. Winter was sleeping next to her on the bench as Rinni gingerly accepted the baked potato. Her nose flared gently as she sniffed the consumable product. She could smell every detail down to the last seasoning. Were her senses always this strong?

She gingerly took a bite of the delicious smelling baked potato, and instantly her face list up. She couldn't stop the smile of enjoyment that had crept across her (up until now) stoic face. She took a bigger bite of the vegetable and flinched ever so slightly as if she perhaps had burnt herself.

A metallic taste overpowered her tastebuds.

'Blood?' As the thought crossed her mind, she sniffed the air again and indeed smelled blood. Looking down, she spotted red dying the natural color of her potato. Was that from her? Her tongue gingerly proceeded to explore her mouth, discovering her two eyeteeth had sharpened into something more akin to fangs. It didn't take her long to realize what had happened. She had bitten into her own tongue with her new fangs.

Her eyes widened.


It was at that moment she head the Sinese ask her why exactly she thought he should stay away from her. After discovering she was a werewolf now, the answer was obvious. Instead, however, she changed the subject to another issue that was plaguing her mind. "Jan Ren..." She began slowly, as she stared at her food. "Have you heard of... Infinity Hydra or Seven Sins?"

The question was completely out of the blue. But it would answer rather or not she was simply ignorant... or that man she met before was completely insane.

#11Jan Ren 

Gureeto [Rinni] Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 7:41 am

Jan Ren
With it being freshly baked and piping hot, Jan Ren couldn't bring himself to take a bite just yet. He'd blow on the potato a couple of times before trying taking a mouthful, finding out he made an error when his mouth couldn't cope with the heat; having to gasp out for air a few times, almost like a fish on land; tears welling at the corners of his eyes as the young man attempted to chew without burning his tongue, eventually swallowing the piece a bit earlier than expected. Barely feeling anything of taste, besides the dominant saltiness dashed over his tastebuds as the piece slid down his throat; still half-intact. Guess he was a little bit hasty. It'd be a while before he could munch on it. For now, allowing it to cool off in the breeze's temperature would be the right choice.

Yes, I actually just wrote a whole paragraph about Jan Ren failing to eat a baked potato. Problem?

--It wasn't quite pleasant to be ignored, of course. The Sinese honestly expected to receive a different form of reaction, though a stark subject change wouldn't be among the list he'd formulated in his head. Of possible reactions, that is. His assumption would remain untouched, and unanswered, the young man would consent to following Rinni's pace, acknowledging that to be a better course of action; what with her mood already downed.

He sighed lightly, letting go of the subject. Not upset in any way, simply accepting the flow. ...That said... "Infinity, Hydra?" He questioned, innocently showing his apparent lack of knowledge. Eyebrows raised slightly as the man thought what could it be. He'd never come across that phrase before. "--By Seven Sins, you mean those aspects of Fiore's religion, right?" He asked, proving clueless on such manner as well.

"If you asked me, those are simple guidelines. To be a decent person, you know." He explained, merely touching upon the surface of his opinion and approach to the concept. He wouldn't pass up trying to appear wise or smart in-front of a woman, even if she was just a child. Appearances were important, you know; and now rendered shirtless, he had to save grace more often than not. Jan Ren's explanation was followed by a light chuckle yet again; "But Infinity Hydra? That just sounds like some item in some game or whatnot."

She couldn't have made those terms up, right? --In fact, he'd come to learn about the 'Seven Sins' in religion, and discuss it with someone else not too long ago. This raised the thought, that perhaps residents of Fiore, or at least regulars or veterans, couldn't help but believe in that. Maybe the religious movement in Fiore was stronger than he'd first perceived. "Why? What are those?" He questioned, eyes remaining still on the young girl.

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#12Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
The Encan watched in mild amusement at the Sinese's plight to eat a simple baked potato. He had apparently managed to successfully burn himself, and looked to be in mild discomfort as he swallowed the hot morsel. She giggled softly at his antics but then sighed as her thoughts returned to other more pressing issues. She gingerly sniffed at her own baked potato, every seasoning tickled her now overly sensitive nose. The pepper caused her to sneeze, her nose crinkling as she pulled away from her food. She was definitely a werewolf or at least had the senses of one. But why was she still human? Did it take time, or require a full moon or something to fully turn?

This was all very new to her, and being unsure what to expect, she decided she'd do some research on the subject of werewolves at the library back in Penumbral Guard's Guild Hall. For now, she gingerly nibbled at her baked potato as she tried to adjust to her new fangs. To Jan Ren, it may appear the food was simply too hot. He hadn't seemed to spot the blood earlier, so maybe he hadn't noticed her physiology change. She side glanced at the shirtless Sinese that sat with her, her cheeks still slightly pink as her shyness showed through.

He repeated the name of the first 'Guild' she mentioned. His tone sounded genuinely curious and maybe a bit confused. He then forged ahead and began to voice his opinion on Seven Sins. She wasn't referring to religion by any means. However, she quietly listened as he continued to voice his thoughts on the matter. Her mind was on his face and his voice as he questioned her: no, interrogated her on the existence of such guilds. It was as if the man was from another world, an alien out of place.

Or maybe he really was simply insane.

Leave it to her to draw the attention of a psychotic powerful mage who could easily kill her if he chose to do so. He had her wrapped around his finger, that night. He could do or say anything and she'd obey without question out of fear. The scary part? He knew. He knew the power he held over her at that moment and he reveled in that knowledge. He used it to dare her and taunt her. But she was a scared stupid little girl.

When Jan Ren finished his opinion on the two mysteries she had questioned him about, she looked toward him as he asked her what those things were. To be honest, she wasn't entirely sure herself. Closing her eyes, she turned her attention toward her food and inhaled deeply. When she exhaled, her eyes opened slowly, her gaze focusing on that of the partially eaten baked potato.

"Shortly after I joined Penumbral Guard, I met a man. It was right here, actually." She gestured her head toward the park bench Jan Ren had first met her on moments earlier. "This man... wasn't like you. It was sunset. Winter and I were watching the sky when he approached us, asking for a moment of my time. It wasn't a real question, nor a request. I had no say in the matter as he forced his way on me. He was so... terrifying. I felt completely helpless. I wanted to run, but when I tried to he threatened to kill Winter in front of me. So I stayed. I stayed like a good little girl and answered his questions..."

She started to tremble, her fingers squeezing the edges of her baked potato until the insides were pushed to the outside. Winter, sensing her friend's stress, looked up at the girl with concern, and made a tiny whimper noise. Rinni placed one hand on the fox's head and continued her story. "He was asking about the Guilds. When I named the ones I know, he snapped. He asked me about Infinity Hydra and Seven Sins. I assume those were guilds, as that is what the topic of his questioning had been. When I told them I never heard of them, he turned vicious. My life was in danger if he didn't like my answer. I just... I just knew..." She quivered softly as a silent sob of terror escaped her. His eyes. She could see them staring straight through her. Like she was nothing. "He asked me who the highest god was that I knew of. He assured me any answer would do... so I answered him..."

Sitting the smashed baked potato down, Rinni stood up and paced a few steps away from the bench. She now stood with her back to Jan Ren, her eyes staring at the sky. "Before he let me go, he requested a... a favor. He told me... he told me to tell everyone... that sin had returned to Fiore." She shook her head lightly, hugging herself in grave discomfort of recalling that night. "I... I don't understand..."

#13Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
The shift in her tone was apparent even before the young girl started talking. He'd notice the small snow fox reacting somewhat to its master's shift in mood, as Rinni squeezed on her steamed potato before beginning to talk. Jan Ren could see this was a serious issue for her, though couldn't help but at the same time, be skeptical about how dire it really was. She was attacked by a werewolf and practically betrayed by someone she trusted, so what could be worse than that? Unless, what she had intended to go on was an actual explanation. To which, the Sinese had to stay still, sit and listen. Well, it might cool off our food some.

But boy, how wrong was he to assume innocence. Naivety would be his undoing one day, as cruel reality crept quickly.

It started out tame. A visit from a stranger wasn't that harsh, though his eyes soon widened as the grip on his baked potato loosened somewhat; once he heard that the man in question forced himself on her. It was easily taken out of context, and his mouth remained a bit open in reaction. The magnitude of this act by itself was enough to boil Jan Ren's blood in his veins, though it seems he was wrong to jump the gun like that. His momentarily halted breath returned with a long inhale through his nose, as the Sinese found himself on edge, watching out for any similar details that may or may not "grace" his knowledge.

He listened in. Perplexed, trying to calm himself to make sure he wouldn't burst out. She was clearly in a very fragile state just by talking about this, and the trauma she mentioned from earlier, while fluidly laid to him, seemed to matter little in the face of this menace. As the young girl progressively closed off, recalling the memories (very vividly it seems), the Sinese realized that if he wouldn't step in, it might go on and, ultimately he'd fail in his initial attempt. It wasn't about success or anything of the like however, it was genuine concern for what seemed like a poor young girl who could barely cope with her issues.

"That's enough."

He abruptly said, in an almost commanding voice; in nearly direct response to the last bit of her silenced words. It wasn't like Jan Ren to assume a commanding role, nothing he would attribute to his characteristics. But decisiveness was a virtue of his at least, as was mercy in this case. Ignoring the snow fox's presence, the Sinese scooted over, closing the distance between the two as he lightly pat the girl's back, gently rubbing at it to assure her of his presence. Expression shifted yet again, as he closed his eyes, exhaling through his nose. Calming himself as much as possible, though eyebrows still furrowed in his stirred emotions.

"Don't talk about him or any of that anymore. Not for now. ...Confront it when you're ready. If you let it sink now, you might not recover well." He'd curse at himself for being powerless, not having the resources to help her out. Where does one turn to in this case? To whom? Could Master help if she was here? "You might not find it much from a stranger like me, but. I can think of something to help you out. At least to ease your stress a bit." Because clearly she's been getting far too much of that lately.

"(The Rune Knights...? No, maybe Master...) --For now, try to enjoy your food. That man's gone now."

Dammit. Was that really all he could say??

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#14Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
The Encan was grateful that the Sinese was willing to listen to her story of woe without interrupting, or walking away. Maybe getting her trauma off her chest to someone would help her feel better. Then again, maybe not. It was worth a try though, right? However, he did abruptly cut her off toward the end. His sudden change in tone from friendly to commanding catching her off guard as she turned toward him, eyes wide. She wasn't scared, just startled for the moment as he had been so calm and sweet up until now. Did her story upset him that much...?

No. Why would he? He was, after all, a stranger to her. And Blue Pegasus was notorious for being attractive flirts, not overprotective warriors. Still, he was so surprised by his change in tone that she quietly returned to her seat, where she picked up the now mashed potato. She idly examined it in her hands. It cooled down, at least. But it no longer resembled the baked potato it once was. Suddenly, Rinni felt a hand patting and rubbing her back. She was so preoccupied she hadn't noticed him move closer to her. Her cheeks felt warm as she blushed at his nearness. It was embarrassing. She tried to smile, but she didn't even have the energy to manage a fake one. Winter moved out of the way, allowing the Sinese access to the young girl. The fox seemed to trust him not to harm her.

Tears slowly ran down Rinni's cheeks as she studied the potato. But her mind wasn't on the potato. It was on everything else that led up to this point. Jan Ren offered to help her out in some way but failed to go into specifics. Instead, he insisted she finish her food. It was almost brotherly. Great, not again. She had enough brothers in her life. Sighing in exasperation, she nibbled at the remains of her potato while Jan Ren rubbing her back. Somehow, his nearness was comforting. She hadn't had the chance to cry or properly vent since this all went down.

Well, she did vent against Lucian, but it only made things worse. It wasn't even her venting. It was the damn werewolf in her messing with her head and emotions. Now, she was a full werewolf. Well, not full as in fur and claws... but she was definitely the same as Lucian now. She had the fangs, the heightened senses. It was crazy, things she never noticed before were so strong now. All the smells around her. She could even smell Jan Ren so strongly that she was sure she'd recognize him if they met again later without even seeing him.

He smelled nice.

Rinni blushed at the thought. No! Nonono! One crush is enough for you! Bad Rinni!

Still, as she finished the potato something dawned on her. The best day of her life was spent with Ko Lesalt. Everything that followed was one nightmare after another. Man, she wished Ko was here right now. He had a way of making things better, making her forget. She wasn't sure where he went after their date days ago, but she missed him terribly. Now all she had was her fox and her misery. Though she tried to forget, she couldn't.

"Move before I'm done questioning you and I'll kill your fox in front of you."

"Don't tell anyone what happened today."

"I suggest you get it together. No one is going to coddle you."

It all ran together in her mind. Her shoulders started to shake as she couldn't keep it in anymore. She was, after all, a 15-year-old girl. This was more than anyone her age should ever have to deal with. Without thinking, she turned toward Jan Ren and wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his bare chest and wetting his skin with her tears.

#15Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
The rest of the snack was eaten in silence. This did bother the Sinese some, being used to some form of conversation, especially considering he was near a stranger. A... Very miserable stranger, but one nonetheless. Though the young man had resigned to the air, and his charade of keeping a happy face up to now had faded in light of the darker tone her 'life' seemed to take. He too, took his time finishing his baked potato, still finding it slightly difficult to fully take. His had cooled off a bit, but not considerably and seemingly to the same level as Rinni's. As such... His took more time.

He did try to comment, twice. First about the park's air, how different it was than Hargeon's, maybe. And also about traveling. Rinni may have been a local, and she may have not been one. He couldn't know, though it was clear from his appearance alone that he at least wasn't; and had quite the tales to tell of his travels, reaching up to this point. Supposedly, any topic to distract him (and her, naturally) from the way this conversation had been going, would have worked. But... It looks like wallowing in these emotions for the while was the right call.

Funny. He'd say not to think about it, but he couldn't think of anything beyond that. Supposedly, the girl had the same issue.

Some way into him finishing his baked potato in silence, every now and then exchanging another glance with the snow fox, the girl had suddenly broke down. Wrapping her arms forcefully around the young man's and pouring her eyes out into his bare chest. Not pleasant, but it will do! Exhaling through his nose (swallowing the bit of potato still in his mouth), the young man gently set the rest of his food by the side of the bench, and returned the gesture.

"Yeah... There there." He wrapped an arm around the sobbing girl's back, and a free hand pat her head, slowly moving it back and forth. He would have pet her more, but it'd be weird. He'd let her cry her heart out as much as she needed; it looked like she could use blowing off some steam.


--"You calmed down a bit?" He gently asked, after she'd finished. Evidently, the two had grabbed a bit of attention from the nearby visitors to the park. A mother silencing her son who'd point to them, a couple of old ladies and a man with his dog would give them a stare... So on. When she'd let go, Jan Ren would pick up his now lukewarm potato and finish it in two quick bites, slightly worried at the thought of the fox taking some of it too.

Clearly. She was unstable. But anyone would be. In his interpretation, she went through betrayal, violence and possible... abuse. All in the span of around what, a week? Two weeks? Anyone would have to break down in tears if went through that sort of nightmare. Especially if they weren't used to it. He may have been presumptuous to assume such, but Rinni definitely didn't look like the type that 'suffered much' in her life. More or less, like him.

All the more reason, he knew that taking his time with her, assuring the girl that it's alright for now and sticking by, would be a start of showing support. Let it be a start, at least.

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#16Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
She couldn't keep it in any longer, she was a mess as she clutched onto Jan Ren and just let it all out. She felt him embrace her and pat her head soothingly and her cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment. She needed to get it together. She couldn't fall apart like this. After several minutes of crying, Rinni put her hands on the man's chest and gently pushed herself out of his arms. She looked up at him, face red from crying and blushing making it hard to differentiate between the two.

"I'm sorry..." She apologized as she reached up to wipe her eyes dry. "I shouldn't fall apart like this. If Lucian could see me now, I'd never hear the end of it..." She then went into her best Lucian impersonations. "Get yourself together, Little One. The world is cruel. No one is going to coddle you. Blah blah blah."

While she mocked Lucian, Winter's nose was sniffing Jan Ren's baked potato. She was about to grab the delicious food from the seat when its owner grabbed it and finished it off in two bites. This quick action left the little Snow Vulpix sitting there whining with her ears drooping at her lost meal.

Gureeto [Rinni] 1822544_1

She laughed softly at her own joke and felt a little better. She still couldn't completely forget that man, but with any luck maybe she'd never see him again. Once she had cleared her mind enough to converse normally again, she idly tidied up her hair as she remembered something Jan Ren had mentioned earlier. She didn't pay any mind to Winter's antics as she went on to talk to the Sinese.

"You... you said you could think of something to help me out? What... what did you have in mind?"

She didn't mean to sound shy and nervous. She was still shaky from crying. The fact she was snuggled up crying in a strange man's arms plus the stares of passing people didn't help any, though.  But at least she was okay again. For now, at least.

#17Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Despite not knowing the individual, Jan Ren couldn't help but chuckle lightly at her deragatory, naggy impression of this... 'higher-up'? Lucian figure? Despite knowing no one who went by the name, the Sinese had a feeling he knew the guy. Though he couldn't quite pinpoint who he'd be referring to for comparison. He'd accepted that Rinni had somewhat cheered up at least, evidently from her sudden shift in tone; from the misery display she's had, she now incorporated humor in her speech. It was nice, as now the young man knew he somehow, made her feel better. If really just by being there.

Well. There's a lonely thought.

--Now then. He did say he could help, but after hearing all of that... He'd have to place doubt in his ability. Truth be told, this did look like a bit of a large hurdle to overcome, especially considering his limited resources -- that being, barely knowing this girl, anything about her besides her problems, and in the case of actually meeting the proper standards, having many a way to approach this. Perhaps it was in his minor lack of confidence in the matter, but he'd have to follow through with it. ...Somehow.

"Hmmmm." He pondered for a moment, following her question. Looking away, up to the sky again as he laid the now-empty food bag by his side. Indeed, what did he have in mind? There was little he could accomplish with this foreign abuser. Or any of her problems, for that matter. At least... Directly.

...Now thinking about it, did he say he'd help her? He offered to be a partner for conversation, but not beyond that. It also wasn't fully lost on him that the girl had ignored his earlier question, begging to turn more curious as they went on. But he'd also acknowledge that it wasn't in either's best interest to ask why he should stay away, by this point. He was too far in this rabbit hole, and leaving her hanging would have the opposite effect to what he'd initially came to achieve...

So, he had to come up with something. Her voice was still shaky, her body was still slightly trembling. For the most part, it looked like she'd made some recovery, but such sight would be as undependable as an avid gambler keeping your Jewels for you. "[color="AAAAAA"]Well, there is, something." The Sinese started. "I've got some sub-- er, friends." Woah, that was close. Who would have believed they'd convince him to refer to them like that! He had to be careful not to degrade them. Even if... They insisted. "I can call them here and, we can all work together on this. For now, just staying in the moment seems like a good solution!" --Until those guys appear, that is.

"So. Will I be honored to stay by for now?"

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#18Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni scooted in her seat to face Jan Ren more comfortably. She studied him as he contemplated her question. Had she misread him? Was talking and eating really the only plan he had? He seemed confused for a moment and unsure of how to answer her. She actually found it amusing to watch. Winter crawled over to Rinni and climbed into her lap, and she gently embraced the small fox scratching her ear. She was grateful than Jan Ren allowed her to seek comfort in his arms during her break down. He really didn't have to. It was embarrassing, but she still appreciated it deep down.

"Hey, um... thanks for... you know..." She had a very awkward way of showing her gratitude, which involved avoiding eye contact, blushing, and pushing a few strands of hair behind her ear. She was accidentally adorable and pure innocence. Too bad she had something bestial growing inside her that she would have to face later. And rather she was willing to admit it, it was happening ready or not.

Maybe even sooner than she thinks.

She listened while idly stroking Winter's soft white fur. Her eyes widened when the Sinese mentioned calling friends to help with the situation. Her heart picked up speed in her chest and her gaze shot toward Jan Ren in a panic. Friends? No. No, no, no. She couldn't let that happen. She could turn any day now. She was sure this was a bad idea. No good could come of this. She was nervous being with Jan Ren. What would happen if more people were involved?

He then shocked her by offering to stay in the moment until they arrive. She started to trembled visibly again. Fear settling in. Her brown eyes were pools of dread and worry. If he was insistent on staying with her, on bringing in others, she needed to warn him of her condition. She shut her eyes, trembling as she tried to push the fears down and speak. It was for his own good.

He had to know. Before it was too late!

"Y-you can't! I mean... you shouldn't! I might... I might hurt you or your... friends..." She spoke quickly, through labored breaths as she looked in his eyes. This was an attempt to display she was telling him the truth. "I'm a werewolf. You should... you should really... be careful around me..."

#19Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
It was nice to be appreciated. Lately some people have shown decent appreciation for the young Sinese, and it turns out, his attitude had been paying off. Though glad and a little flattered, he also figured Rinni had already addressed the crying issue. Or at least, was past it, having changed the subject as well. So wasn't the case, it seems. "Oh, don't mention it!" He assured her, smiling widely -- only to see she wasn't looking in his direction. Must have been embarrassing for her; the girl was probably not used to crying in-front of others. Makes sense, nobody is. "It's quite fine. If anything, I'm honored you'd let me be the recipient!" He remarked, half-jokingly.

--Despite that, he'd half-expected the given reply to be the cause for worry. At least for the girl. So she got bit and now she's worried? It was a plausible reason to worry when one gave it such thought. He himself didn't know what actually being a werewolf was like, having thankfully never been straight-up bitten by one (though he did encounter a rather large wolf once). It must have raised some inevitable anxieties pertaining to one's self, having to accept a new trait to their character. Kind of like... Getting a tattoo or suffering a scar.

Tattoos, huh. It could be nice if there was someone here in Fiore that could do that.

Regardless, the cause for worry was now clear. And yet, "Ahh, you're going to hurt us?" He asked, rather mockingly. No intentions of truthfully hurting the girl's feelings, though to him, her explanation was absurdly put. Logical, but improbable. "If you were planning to harm us from the start, I'd get quite angry and leave, you know." Despite his decisive conditioning, Jan Ren's tone remained unchanged. Calm and collected, taking in the bit of information at face value alone.

"So you're a werewolf. What of it?" He didn't meant to degrade her, it wasn't in his style to do so. His words held no such intentions, evidenced from the firm double-patting he landed at her head as he said that, straight-faced as could be. "Just because you can hurt us, doesn't mean you will. Let me ask you, if you wanted more potatoes from this stall there, would you go and steal it?" He naturally expected a negative answer, from the short familiarity with Rinni's character thus far.

He didn't see a vicious werewolf girl. He saw a vulnerable young woman that, was just disoriented a bit. Jan Ren believed in her actual self to manage well.

Not just in his personal interaction with her, but also from familiarity with a certain two werewolves he'd met already.

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#20Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni couldn't help but smile sheepishly She couldn't understand this man at all. Only moments ago had he raised his voice to her, and now he was calm and cheerful again. He was a Blue Pegasus mage, so she accepted him to be a bit flirty and pervy yet he'd been a complete gentleman this entire meeting. Was it because of her age? Or was it just how he was? Either way, she appreciated his manners and kindness. But still, his naivety toward what she was scared her. If she would turn, would she attack him? She wished she could be strong like Lucian.

Ahh, you're going to hurt us?

Rinni lifted her brown eyes toward him and gasped. That wasn't what she had meant at all! "W-what? No, no! I... I meant..."

If you were planning to harm us from the start, I'd get quite angry and leave, you know.

"I don't plan on attacking anyone... I... I just..."

So you're a werewolf. What of it?

She flinched visibly, just staring at him in surprise. "Jan, I..."

Just because you can hurt us, doesn't mean you will. Let me ask you, if you wanted more potatoes from this stall there, would you go and steal it?

This time there was a growl behind her voice. "This is completely different!" She didn't mean to, as the saying goes, bear her fangs. But she had to. He wasn't listening otherwise. "So just shut up and listen to me!" In seconds she was on top of him, pinning him to the bench, her chest heaving heavily as she struggled to control herself. No, not now! Was it happening already?

Her heart pounded in her chest. It wasn't a transformation, thank the gods. But, her emotions were becoming harder to predict and control. She was actually struggling to not harm Jan Ren. Instead, she pinned him beneath her body, glaring into his eyes. Her once kind innocence was replaced by a glare of darkness that was buried deep within. "I'm scared!" She snarled. "I'm scared I could lose control when I finally turn! What if I hurt or worse... kill... someone?!"

Her fear wasn't unwarranted, though her actions toward the Sinese were unexpected and unnecessary. She couldn't help it though. He wasn't understanding so he needed to see what she was becoming. Just a taste. And the instincts growing within her gave him just that. A preview of her buried aggression. She only hoped he could forgive her.

Meanwhile, Winter was hiding under the bench trembling. This was the first time she saw Rinni lose it like this. Always so quiet and shy... this wasn't the Rinni she knew.

#21Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
He certainly didn't expect to get assaulted. Maybe disregarding her worries was too much for her to handle?

Finding himself pinned down, back against the bench, Jan Ren couldn't help but stare into her eyes, fully surprised. Eyebrows even furrowed a bit as the young woman pained him slightly. He hated pain, thus it was natural. She made it awfully clear what her issue was, despite the Sinese already knowing her state full well. From this position, from this angle; he could see it. The fangs have already formed in her mouth, sharper and longer than that of a human's. The girl has already changed.

In a way... It was reassuring. Her fear laid there, but she was, already past transformation. So, what was left?

Jan Ren remained silent for a moment. He took a moment to think; he couldn't possibly understand her pain to a T. He couldn't know what a changing werewolf was going through, but easily attributed the kind's apparent aggressiveness to this specific trait. And from the looks of it, he was right to assume so; as even one as initially meek as Rinni would dare attack someone like him, appearing friendly. --Or, perhaps he deserved that. He did, boldly assume belittling her issues.

For starters...

"...Alright." With a hand slowly moving to her shoulders and pushing her away from him, Jan Ren rose up, face calmed down forcefully; though still sterned. Now seated up and close to Rinni like before, he stared deep into her eyes, all signs of fear gone instantly. He no longer perceived her as a threat, despite her momentarily sparking survival instinct in him. All that was left, is acceptance. There was almost pity, present in his gaze. "I fully understand it now."

... "That said." --Abruptly reaching with his hand, a second ago still present on her shoulder - to her mouth, the Sinese yanked lightly at her cheek, bearing her fang bare. "You realized it too, right?" He started, looking at her fang before releasing her cheek again and taking a short distance away on the bench. "You've already transformed. And I can tell this is plagueing you quite much."

Still looking to her, he breathed visibly in, chest puffed out as his head raised a bit. Expecting her to match with his action, having comprehended that she caused further distress, for herself. Proper breathing steadies a man's axe. Exhaling visibly following after, holding his breath for a brief moment. There. All calm. "In which case, I think I have an idea for you."

"I will have my friends arrive here shortly, in Marigold. Meet me in two days' time, near the farmlands. We will see what we can do by then."

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#22Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni had bared her fangs to a member of Blue Pegasus. A friend. An ally she could most likely trust. First, she stood up against Lucian and now this. She kept hearing Lucian's voice in her mind, the words he said after she threatened him.

What if I was a normal human and not a werewolf?

Oh, gods. She had attacked a human. She started trembling as she stared into Jan Ren's eyes. Tears filled her eyes and she gave him no resistance as he gently pushed her off him. She had the strength, she could have persisted, but it wasn't what she wanted. She just panicked and lost control for a minute. That was all. He looked into her eyes and calmly stated that he understood now. But did he really understand? How could he?

She yelped in surprise when the man suddenly, though not roughly, grabbed her cheek and began to curiously examine her fangs. She blushed and squirmed trying to pull her head away in discomfort until he finally released her and scooted back, putting some space between them. Was he scared of her now? To be honest, she wouldn't blame him. With her cheek no longer being pinched, she was about to answer him.

"Yeah... I uh... I knew after you brought me... the baked potato... I um... I bit my tongue... with my f-fang..." She struggled to just say the word, tears in her eyes. "This... this is nothing, Jan Ren. This is... only the beginning..."

She had met fully turned werewolves. And she had met Lucian, a werewolf with better control than she could ever hope for. She hoped to be like Lucian and not like that monster she fought before. More than anything, she hoped to be herself, as she was before ever getting bitten. This sucked. She was so scared and for stupid reasons. All she needed was to be careful and practice keeping control. She needed to find a calming mechanism.

She instantly thought of her boyfriend and blushed.

If Ko was by her side, she'd be able to handle this easier... wouldn't she?

She wondered...

Rinni noticed Jan's breathing exercise, and she mimicked him on the second round. Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling. She sighed and wondered what she'd do now. She looked to Jan Ren as if expecting him to give some sage advice. Instead, what he said surprised her.

I will have my friends arrive here shortly, in Marigold. Meet me in two days' time, near the farmlands. We will see what we can do by then.

"Alright... I'll... I'll be there..." Rinni stood up. "I should... I should probably go..." She bent down to pick up Winter, then looked at the Sinese. "Thank you."

With that, she turned and walked away, unsure where she was going. Home? The Guild Hall? She'd know once she got there.


#23Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
With the girl's abrupt leaving, Jan Ren remained still on the bench, eyes locked on her as she ran off with her (visibly terrified) fox. Seems she really was going out of contorl, if her seemingly ever-present pet reacted to her like that. Something he had to take into account, naturally. She made it, awuflly uncomfortable for herself to stay... Though he had some big fault here as well. "Hmmm..." Remaining in place, he pondered the last few bits of conversation. 'Only the beginning', huh.

Drat. He knew he was bad with animals, but this...? Only proved his assumption right.

If Rinni would fall harder into her animalistic features, it would spell more trouble for her, and apparently for the Sinese as well. Something had to be done quickly, and he had just the idea. Having assumed that her problems stemmed not from her practical transformation, despite the recent demonstration of aggressiveness pointing to that quite strongly. He'd guessed it was in her self image. This is where, his friends came in. Crossing his arms over his chest, the young man looked up to the sky, breathing in, then out. Formulating how to reach this.

--"Young man, would you like another?"

His concentration was abruptly cut off by the call of the wholesome stand owner just a few meters by; stretching out his hand with a light smile towards the Sinese, holding in his palm a freshly baked potato. Oh. So this guy witnessed everything that went down, huh. If Rinni heard of this, she'd be far too embarrassed to show her face near this guy again, probably. From how she stormed off like that, that is.

"...Yeah. Thanks."

Gratiously accepting, the Sinese remained seated alone at the bench, munching carefully on the baked potato as he thought out a plan. A plan of attack!


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