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Fox trot [Solo]

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#1Rinni Faithe 

Fox trot [Solo] Empty Thu May 07, 2020 2:09 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni Faithe was a young tomboy with dreams of exploration and respect. She was shy, young, nieve, often overlooked, and underestimated by her peers. Growing up in Merigold, she headed North and found trouble within Sieghart Mountains before heading to Orchidia City for a more peaceful experience. Everyone was friendly and so far everything seemed peaceful here, so she was glad to be free of constant life-threatening situations.

Walking beside her was a small Snow Vulpix. She was pure white, with pale blue paws, blue eyes and inside her ears, and curly hair on her head as well as six whispy tails. She made the cutest little squeaking chirps whenever she barked or growled. Rinni adored her little companion's company and never went anywhere without her since acquiring her little furbaby.

Rinni looked up at the beautiful clear night sky. There were few clouds tonight and the moon showed clearly among the billions of stars that accompanied it. She couldn't help but think how lucky the moon was, to never be alone. She wished it was so easy for people to make friends. But her shy and awkward demeanor often ruined that.

She had only looked away for a second, and in that time, to her horror, her little Vulpix had disappeared. The streets weren't too busy since it was night, but it was dark and there were so many places she could be hiding. Rinni began to panic.

"Winter! WINTER, WHERE ARE YOU?!" She yelled as she quickened her steps through the streets. So many buildings and alleyways. Where did that little fox wander off to?

She was playing with a firefly one moment and gone the next. Rinni had no tracking skills and was scared to death for the safety of her little companion. She hurried along the streets calling Winter's name every 5 feet.

She searched every alley until she heard a familiar squeak. She found Winter behind a trashcan with a dead mouse. She gently scolded the little fox for scaring her like that, but she couldn't stay angry. She scooped the fluffy white Vulpix into her arms and carried her home, not wanting to let her out of her sight again tonight.


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