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Under the surface. (Mission)

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#1Joshua Graham 

Under the surface. (Mission) Empty Tue May 05, 2020 7:14 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua hadnt expected to be approched by the Queen of the Underworld herself, it almost made him feel special. However that feeling was lessened by the fact that he wasnt a big fan of some of her practices. But when the ruling head of the criminal underworld asks you to do something, you do it. He made his way through the narrow streets as he climbed to a higher vantage point. he wasnt using his gun tonight, just a simple spyglass. He climbed the ladder to the roof and leaned against the chimney as he watched his target and his body guards. he at least picked his guards well, he recognized from how they scanned the area that they werent just simple thugs. He followed them quietly, moving from rooftop to roof top, until he finally ran out of those and transformed into his raven form.

as he flew along side the man, he stopped when he stopped, but made sure to never stay in one place too long. He watched as he made encounters with 2 individuals, each a few minutes apart and nothing seemed particularly oputstanding about their conversations. However, he noticed that each one was further from the center area of the city. He wasnt staying within his bosses normal territory. Joshua watched as he waited, his three guards keeping a close eye out. He hoped he didnt stand out, he wish he had more time to properly plan, but the so called queen wanted this done quickly and quietly.

he waited in a tree, for several minutes. Joshua wished he could smoke a cig to pass the time, but he couldnt risk getting caught by the smell even if he was in human form. He ruffled his feathers and preened himself, a habit he had learned from being stuck in raven form on stake outs. it was a very good relaxation technique, and he found it very quick and easy to do. He watched as the guards began their own breaks, each taking a smoke or a swig of some kind, but they never let themselves fully off guard.

after a little while, roughly 30 minutes a vehicle would drive up, and a hand would reach out taking something from his target, Joshu couldnt see what it was, or the face of the person giving it to the man. But regardless, he had enough evidence to tell the Queen her subordinante was dirty. He took off having everything he needed and made his way back to her hide out. he landed on the roof and returned to his human form minutes later. He waited again, before she emerged in her elegence. Joshua informed her of what he saw and she paid him handsomely, He looked her up and down before he turned away. She said something only for his ears, but following that, he smiled and jumped from the tall roof before he turned back into a bird and soared off into the night to return to his guild hall in the mountains.

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