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Crocus to Magnolia[Travel]

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Crocus to Magnolia[Travel] Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:21 pm


After handing over the girl to the Crocus cathedral Steel was on his merry way again. He was still wearing his casual black leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves, sunglasses and of course his signature red,blue and yellow hero spandex. Steel thought to himself. The travel home would be very different from the travel to the grand capital. He would afterall be alone on his travels back to Magnolia. Well he left the steps of the grand cathedral into the massive main streets of crocus. He needed to grab a bite on the way out and something to feed him along the way and so he stopped at a local smokerie. Bought some smoked meats and then passed to a bakery where he bought some pieces of bread. He was now set for the journey. He moved out of the main city gates and headed east.

Travelling along the road towards Magnolia. The travel time to get there was three days. He walked and walked across the fields and the rolling hills. Upon night time he would find a nice lonely tree to sleep under. Placing his jacket as a blanket and using a root as his pillow. He slept. When he woke up the sun was high in the sky. It was around noon time.

He kept walking. The sun was warm and the occasional shadow was very appreciated. Passing one milestone after the next. He moved across the grassy fields. Through small patches of forest until he came upon the same hill he had rested at with Joanne during their travels together. He could see Magnolia in the distance and kept walking down towards it until he reached the city gates where he greeted the guards and told them he was there on Fairy tail guild business and then walked on into the city.


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