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Old Cries [Quest]

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Old Cries [Quest] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:35 pm

The day was young as Mimir strolled down the streets of Hargeon. Once again he was given a task. This time he was to go to an old run down mansion and stop the evil ghosts that were in it. Apparently poltergeist were happening all over the mansion and it was stopping merchants from visiting the man who lived there. Most people probably would have thought that the man was lying, but Mimir believed in ghosts. Hell, he saw a few of them every now and then. They were the lost souls who hadn't made it to Valhalla.

Would he be one of those lost souls if he didn't die in combat? A cold shiver would run down his spine causing his head to ache a little. After about ten minutes of walking he would finally see the mansion in front of him. He had seen his fair share of them, so standing in front of one didn't really make it stand out to him. "Hmph." he sighed, continuing to walk forward with no care in the world whatsoever. Within a few seconds he would stand in front of the doors of the mansion and make his way inside of it.

The place was pretty bland to say the least. Pictures on the walls, a few couches, brown paint, and plus webs were nearly on everything. It seemed like no one had been living in it for a couple of months. That couldn't be right though? The old man pretty much said he lived in it. As he walked through the mansion, Mimir could feel the cries of all the souls in it. They felt just like the ones under the cemetery in Oak Town, but something was off about these cries. They weren't cries of help like the many lost souls he had come across in the past.

The cries that he heard held much malice within them. They almost sounded like the Draugr that roamed the lands of Isenberg. But of course there were no Draugr roaming Fiore, he was ninety-nine percent sure of that. Besides, what would a group of Draugr be doing in a run down mansion. Ignoring the many screams, Mimir would focus on the area that seemed to radiate the most magical energy. The large source of Ethernano had him so nauseated that he was on the verge of vomiting.

From that point on, he knew he wasn't dealing with any lost souls. Something, or someone was holding these souls here and using them to do their bidding. It didn't take long for him to arrive in the attic to find a cube like object emitting dark energy. Holding it in his hand, Mimir's palm would pulsate with a current of mana. A blade of light would be sent through the cube's core causing it to shatter into millions of pieces. Almost instantly the mansion would seem to become lighter as the darkness had been lifted from it. And within a matter of minutes the quest would be completed. Leading Mimir to continue on with his everlasting journey.

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