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Pirates [Quest]

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Pirates [Quest] Empty Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:29 am

Mimir smirked as the small rowboat traveled across the calm waters near Port Hargeon. The events were about to happen today would give him a name across Fiore. A day ago, back when he was still in Oak. A sailor had approached him and told him that the pirates were growing along the shores of Port Hargeon. He needed a mage or a group of them to take out the pirates who plagued their waters. Of course Mimir agreed to the proposal. There was a lot of jewels involved. Apparently they had been raiding trading ships and had a stockpile of goods aboard.

Once he thought about it, he could just help them and return the ship to them. But what would be the fun in that? If he took out the pirates aboard the ship. He could take all of the loot they had collected for themselves and used them for his own benefits. Of course it would be a long battle, but Mimir didn't care. Over the years, he had done his fair share of long battles. Today's battle would barely be any different. "Alright, this is far enough." said Mimir, speaking to the man who rowed the small boat.

Throwing the man a bag with a hundred jewels, Mimir would activate his spell and jump on the water. Light constructs would appear beneath his feet as he ran across the water like a mad man. In the dead of night, Mimir was the only light in the vicinity of the ship besides the glowing moon above. Finally arriving at the ship itself. He would reach the anchor chain and begin to climb on the side of it. Not caring much if he made noise to alert the pirates aboard the ship. He was confident that they were no match for him.

Jumping over the side of the ship, Mimir would already see men shuffling on the deck having heard him on the side of it. He would smirk and wave his hand causing a magic seal to briefly appear all over his body. Mimir instantly felt the rush of strength flow in his body. It was like a demon was unleashed because as the spell powered up fully, he would begin his cleansing. One by one he waded through the pirates. Punch here. Kick there. The pirates were so weak that he didn't even have to use any offensive spells to actually bring them down.

But there was no fun in kicking and punching people. The last wave of them had surrounded him. "I'm sorry, but the last of you will make it to valhalla." whispered the warrior and as if on command, a blade of light would erupt from the palm of it. The light flew around the ship like a bird trapped inside of a cage. Slicing and cutting through that any that dared to get in its way. Aboard the ship it was a massacre and Mimir loved it to the end.

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