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Feeding the Fish [Mission/Solo]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Feeding the Fish [Mission/Solo] Empty Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:53 am

Raymus Kouris
It was yet another sunny day in the port town of Hargeon. Raymus for once was earlier to rise and was enjoying a hearthy breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 pieces f bacon which were all confined inside of a baguette. He was by himself in the blue pegasus guild hall and the werewolf was enjoying his solitude, being able to eat as fiercely as he could, tearing chunks off of the roll and devouring his food with great furver as well as making a rather large mess. Well that's what napkins were for! With each bit his ferrally sharp teeth dug into, a large helping of ketchup and chunks of food fell to the boys lap, all caught by a plethora of napkins plastered over his lap to prevent hos clothes from getting dirty, since apparently that was considered unpresentable and didn't look good for Blue Pegasus's image.

Once the young man finsihed his food, he took another wad of napkins from beside himself and dabbed his face clean of all the food and sauce he had covered it in. Taking his place in his hand he held it up to get a good look at the reflection in it to see if it showed anything unfavorable. Thankfully all it show was an immaculately clean werewolf staring back at Reymus. Seeing that his face was clean, Raymus also made sure that his hair was in decent nick too. And that it was! With the lower half half of his hair still in a tight ponytail to keep his long hair out of the way and the upper part of his head cut more finely as was the style of today's youth, Ray looked like he was trying to invent a new style, which was probably the opposite of his intentions. He simply like to keep his hair long, but not too long that it'd cause a problem.

Now that he was all finished up with his food and making sure his appearance was acceptable, the werewolf left the dining hall and was planning on heading to bed for the even and lay about sunbathing while the weather kept up. However the red eyed wolf was stopped when he saw a familiar face waiting for him at the guild hall's entrance, holding a small piece of paper in one hand. The girl seemed slightly shy and unsure of what to do, until her eyes caught Ray's. At once the girl perked up and made her way up to the Werewolf, asking him for some assistance. Naturally he agreed and the two made their way to Raina's warehouse once again. This time to collect a large bucket of fish food. Raymus hated the smell and held the bucket at arm's length witch Raina sound both funny and impressive, since the bucket even half filled was too much for her to carry. Regardless of that the two made their way to the shore of a nearby pond and rowed out, sprinkling some fish food as they did. Once the bucket was empty the rowed back to shore where Raymus was paid, meaning he could go back to the guild and start his nap!

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Feeding the Fish [Mission/Solo] VKsDy2Z

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