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Crocus to Dahlia (Traveling)

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Crocus to Dahlia (Traveling) Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:05 pm

Günter Von Wolf

After talking with some crazy old bag Gunter felt a sense of blood-lust building inside himself he wasn't sure why but it took him about 5 minutes to calm himself he didn't want to show his true colors.

He decided to wander around town as he walked down the main road he saw a merchant waving him down but Gunter just shook his head showing his disinterest in the merchants shop for some reason all he wanted to do was kill, but he knew he couldn't here on the main road not now.

As he was wandering he over heard some adventurers talking about vampire attacks in a town called Dahlia as soon as he heard this he smiled and said "vampires how interesting I know where I'm heading" he went up to the adventurers and said "excuse me friends I overheard your conversation about vampires can you point me in the direction of dahlia" the adventurers looked at him and said "It's not nice to eavesdrop but you want to head east" Gunter apologized for eavesdropping and started heading for the east gate but for some reason he felt like taking the alleys.

As he wandered down the side streets he came across a small child  the little boy ran right into him the boy looked at Gunter sad and crying he had a bloody nose and bruises all over his arms Gunter looked at the boy and said "are you OK little one" just as he said that  a rough looking man turned the corner and said "get the hell back here you little shit" the man walked up to the child with a look of hostile intent and that's when Gunter stepped in-front of the child to protect him Gunter said to the child "run along little one you stay safe now" the rough looking man looked at Gunter and said "who the fuck are you nosy shit" Gunter looked at the man and smiled the most sinister smile this man had ever seen he pissed himself but just a little the man ran at Gunter and swung at Gunter with a right hook Gunter grabbed his whist mid swing with his right hand and with his left he punched directly on the mans elbow breaking his arm with a CRACK the sound it made caused Gunter to smile as the man screamed Gunter let go of the mans wrist with his right hand and grabbed the mans throat and wrapped his right leg around the balk of the mans right leg and choke slammed the man into the ground the man went silent as he lye on the ground gasping for breath and at that moment Gunter started stomping on his throat it took no more than 3 good stomps before Gunter felt that satisfying CRUNCH and the man was dead Gunter stood there for 30 seconds  just smiling and trying to calm down.

After he was calm he looked around to make sure no one was watching luckily know one was around after searching the mans pockets all he found was a half pack of smokes and a lighter Gunter slipped them into his pocket and then hid the body under some trash he looked over his cloths to make sure there was no blood and then headed to the east gate after he left the city he couldn't wait until he would meet this vampire.

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