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Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus]

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#1Jan Ren 

Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:44 am

Jan Ren
Punks. Punks, everywhere. When officer Kenji had assigned this request, Jan Ren was under the full impression that we were dealing with about 3-4 punks, just some kids going about with their cans. But this...

This was on another caliber. More than 20 in number, spraying graffiti with lowsy spray paint all over this part of Hargeon, just because the police didn't seem to bother with the alleyways as much as they did with the main streets. Cracking some soda cans and laughing, not a moment of silence with these guys. He clicked his tongue in irritation. So immature... This only goes to show how long it's been since someone last took care of this.

No, seriously. The last time someone took this request was like, 2018.

On this occasion, the Sinese went and invited his previous partner personally. That is, the resident werewolf, Raymus. "So." He started, crossing his arms as they stood, staring at the kids. Being rather familiar with the wolf's traits by this point, he figured the smell of fresh paint would make this request irking to the other, somewhat. "What do you make of this...?" He asked;

"I mean sure, they're troublemakers, but... You gotta admit they have quite the artistic sense." Now is not the time to be commending their work, Jan.

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#2Raymus Kouris 

Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:21 pm

Raymus Kouris
Another day another mission and since their last one went so swimmingly Alissa paired the two Sinese together again for a potentially more dangerous mission. On this occasion the Guildmaster was approached by a local policeman who was well known as being the "Good Cop." This reputation was good for him but ultimately failed him when it came to dolling out punishments or trying to get petty crimes to come down since most of the time he let people off with a slap on the wrist or just a telling off. It had kind of gotten to a point where a street gang full of minors had all gathered together to do little illegal things like spray painting and shoplifting. Since the police man couldn't do much about it, he wanted the local guild to scare the kids straight. Naturally Alisa picked the werewolf, a literal monster who could make a grown man shit his pants with nothing more than a snarl. Ray of course was more than use to using his intimidation factor to help him in missions or fights. As for Jan, well he was still trying to figure out what he brought to the table. Maybe he could try being the good cop like the policeman? God knows his intimidation was almost non existent.

Well regardless of all that the two managed to find the large group of hooligans doing their trade mark graffiti on the sides of buildings. Now the smell of pain was slightly annoying to the werewolf and his keen sense of smell, bit worse than that was the smell of body spray that most youths of today used to cover up body odour. "I think you need to stop giving them credit and show these pricks the boot." he replied to Jan, turning away from the alleyway and trying to breath in some fresh air. It was so bad that he physically couldn't walk into the alley and had to remain in the street, pinching his nose. "Have fun with them." Ray said Clapping Jan on the back with his free hand, pushing him into the alleyway. Well if he didn't want to do this by himself he shouldn't of complemented the kids within earshot! Already Ray could see some of them beaming with pride at their work!

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Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] VKsDy2Z
#3Jan Ren 

Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:50 pm

Jan Ren
As expected, seems the odor was annoying the werewolf. Of course it was, even Jan's human sense of smell could pick up their body odor. What he didn't expect, was to be thrust forward into battle, practically abandoned by his partner. "Wha--!?" Teetering some as he struggled to gain his balance, the Sinese stood there for a moment, understanding that... They were all pretty much expecting his arrival.

What even is this??

Alright, show time. If the last time was Raymus' spotlight, then this was Jan Ren's time to shine. "...Yes, yes, very impressive boys." He admitted, but then raised a finger as he stuck out his chest, assuming dominance in the scene. "That said. There is a story I would like to share."

And then the Sinese began talking, like a professional storyteller. And the gang listened intently, the more the foreigner spoke, the more inclined to hear they became. Visibly so from their expressions, as they displayed a variety of emotions through his speech. It was a solid 15 minutes of a story. A true story, mind you.

Yes. When comparing intimidation, Jan had close to none of it. Yet, he did travel throughout all of Earthland, on his own, for a full year. He's gained a lot of life experiences, and sharing it with a couple of punks was no big deal. It's in these travels that he gained a skill, and in these cases that he managed to put it to grandiose display: Crowd Control. Almost like an experienced diplomat.

"...So. Guys." His expression took to a merciful, almost parental guise. Like a caretaker, happy to take the lost lambs under his wings. "Stop this nonsense. You and I, and everyone in this city, we know... There are better ways to pass your time. Come with us, to Blue Pegasus." For a half-assed lecture based on a true story... He had to give himelf a solid pat on the back. That wasn't half-bad. As the gang cheered loudly, dropping their cans to the ground and  eagerly gathering towards the two wizards, Jan turned his head to the werewolf and... Cheekily smirked in self-satisfaction.

The next day... ...Blue Pegasus recruited 16 new members.

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#4Raymus Kouris 

Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:10 pm

Raymus Kouris
Seeing Jan go to his inevitable doom brought a somewhat amused grin to the blue haired mage's face. He didn't actually expect him to just waltz up to the group of hoodlums and start telling them off. And he really didn't expect the little shits to listen. How it played out in Ray's mind was that the moment Jan went to say a word to the gang, they would jump him and start pummeling him the way kids do. Ray was more than willing to jump in, smells aside to help but imagine his surprise seeing each kid listening as though every word that came out of the girlish looking man's mouth was gospel. As Jan looked back to give his partner a smug look, he'd say that Ray was gob smacked, his normally cold harsh red eyes were full of surprise and wonderment at the sight of Jan not being torn to shreds. His mouth was even a little bit open! How did he even do that kind of thing with such a long lecture!

Well regardless of all that the two did their job and got their rewards from the policeman, even bringing back some new recruits for the guild. It was then that the werewolf heard the children's true intentions. "Bro! They're actually letting us join Blue Pegasus! Now we can get all the hot chicks and dudes that walk in here like that Jan guy!" Ooooh boy... Alisa was going to have fun with these. But before he could see that he needed to tell Jan how well his lecture actually went...

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Basic Duties [Quest/Raymus] VKsDy2Z

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