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Old Cries [Jan]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Old Cries [Jan] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:58 am

Raymus Kouris
It was another bright, sunny day in the port town Hargeon, filled with the usual hustle and bustle that made the town so well known. SJips coming and going, cargo being loaded and unloaded and a wide variety of sailors all stemming from foreign and exotic parts of earthland. It was a day like any other, and like most other days the local Guild Blue Pegasus had missions to attend to. Specifically two Blue Pegasus mages had a job set up within the inner parts of Hargeon, away from the harbour and into the more residential part of their little town.

On today’s mission was Raymus, the Blue Pegasus’s resident werewolf and Jan Ren, the other new boy within the guild who seemed to favour appearing in the guise of a woman. In truth, Ray wouldn’t have noticed that he was in fact a man if it wasn’t for the particular scent he gave off. The two were given the mission by Alissa who was approached by the client and who complained that the house he was living in started to act as though it had life of its own. The house in question was one that was most commonly seen as “haunted” and last night after supposedly bad mouthing the house, the client found himself totally locked out, not even his keys would work on his doors. Seeing this as a pretty standard mission, their guildmaster appointed Ray and Jan to suss the place out and to help the merchant.

“Alright, this should be simple enough.” Ray said once the two got within sight of the house. Walking up the drive the wolf gave a few sniffs with his nose and couldn’t help but smell something off about the house. He walked up to the front door and tried turning the nob but it wouldn’t even so much as budge. The keys were still in it too and much like the handle they too were stuck without even the slightest ability to move. “Seems like it’s been sealed with magic, think you can deal with that?” Ray asked, stepping off the patio. He looked upwards to see something darting away from the upstairs window, keeping it in mind for later.

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#2Jan Ren 

Old Cries [Jan] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 6:07 am

Jan Ren
"Simple you say..."

Accompanying the one oddity was another of a different aspect. A monster and a foreigner, assigend to a job dealing with an oddity. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? Rather, prejudice even.

Jan wasn't worried much in the whole 'haunted' part of the request. Many a folk tale in Sin revolved around the dead returning, but never once in his life has he ever heard anything as unique as a whole house shutting the owners out. It made the mission more interesting in its own way.

"Hmmm..." The Sinese man mused, thinking. For once, humility is the key factor and vanity would be kept aside. They had to work together. "I honestly don't think so. I hate to say it, but my magic power's really not that strong. Besides, if we break anything here... Alisa's going to chew us off on property damage, I bet." Jan sighed out, impulsively reaching with his hand to the doorknob, having given up hope on the standard way.

But... CREAK.


His eyebrow raised, eyes widened as his head turned back to his comrade. "...Uhhh... It's, open." Almost as if the house was inviting them in, once the Sinese simply placed his hand to the door, it opened by itself. He didn't turn or press the doorknob in any way. It was a gentle touch, and what was laid bare inside was apparently a regular, stereotypical mansion.

This served to confuse Jan Ren even more, and he could only guess the same would apply to Raymus. Why would the house reject the werewolf and moreso-- the landlord, and with the slightest of touches it would welcome the likes of himself in? Admittedly, as he was focused on trying to find a way in, the foreigner ignored any and all outside noises, trying simply to find a solid way in.

"Okay I really don't know how this happened. But if we're already in... We'd better take a look around." Assuming the position as steadily as possible, Jan took the first step into the mansion, first taking in the structure.

Not too big, not too small, but certainly impressive. The mansion had no lighting inside, but it was kept clean and through Fiorian furniture scattered along the supposed hall, red drapes over the two large windows and a leveled staircase leading to the second floor, one could infer Mywand's fortune based on appearances alone. What a relief. With this tidiness, there's no way any cockroaches or anything lurks here, right?

"--If I were a guessing man... I'd say our target is on the second floor." It was worth the shot, right?

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#3Raymus Kouris 

Old Cries [Jan] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:08 am

Raymus Kouris
Ray was about to be the one to chew up Jan for not being able to open the door. Cmon! That's what mages are supposed to do! Granted Raymus himself was a mage but genetically inferior to the rest, having difficulty with even the most basic of spells. He could manage some basic control of his magic but only to a certain degree. He definitely didn't trust himself to open the magically sealed door without blowing it off it's hinges. But at least he had an excuse! Jan just gave up without trying! If it wasnt for the fact that the door opened by itself rendering any more annoyance on the subject irrational the wolf would have most certainly had to pick his teeth clean by the end of the mission.

Once they entered Jan commented about his theory. "Yeah, thought I saw somethingup there. Let's go." he said swinging on the banister and heading up the stairs. As he did he noticed a few books begin to float around the spiral staircase they were climbing. Huh. Neat. Well regardless of that display going to the room corresponding to the window from outside, there was another locked door. "Oh no, the ghost broke the door!" he said with a swift kick seeing that much like the last door this ine was also immovable. But unlike last time Ray was having none of it. Once he force the door open, it swung around with a great force, shamsh the skirting on the opposite side and also demonising an old gradfather clock on the inside of the door in the room. Once it was destroyed a small animal went sprinting out of the room, the collection of floating books following him. "Guess we're done" he said with a surprised look to Jan. And indeed they were! The client came not too long after they had done the deed and promptly paid them!

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Old Cries [Jan] VKsDy2Z
#4Jan Ren 

Old Cries [Jan] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:49 am

Jan Ren
As Jan followed suit, he prepared himself to try and do... whatever it was he did that opened the first door. Though he was a little late on that one, as the werewolf took to the initiative. "W-Wait, I don't really think you should--"


Closing his eyes shut as not one but two objects in the room were smashed, Jan's face turned pale as he couldn't help resting his forehead on his palm, dreading the report he'd have to file to the master when she clearly said, 'don't break anything'. Fortunately for the duo... The Sinese wasn't familiar with the leading woman just yet.

And from the looks of it, the client was fine with this outcome too. Shockingly, as when the old man had excitedly arrived, Jan Ren was fussing over how to put the door back in its place...


"Whew." He sighed on their way back, "Who'd have thought the old man would be so happy he'd just cover for the damage himself. Today's been nothing but surprises." The Sinese claimed, half-complaining as he couldn't understand the first thing about this request. All in all, it worked out fine.

"Still, thanks a lot. You did great there, heh."

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