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Magical Bait [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Magical Bait [Quest] Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:33 pm

Jan Ren
Having spent some time around Hargeon by now, Jan Ren had gotten for the most part, familiar with the locals. Or rather, merchants? Knowing his way around would prove to serve for a quick adventure surprisingly early.

"What?" Listening in on a certain man's conversation with two others, Jan couldn't help but get reeled in. "Magical bait...?" He'd been exposed to some fishing culture back in the day, and as such could relate on a certain level to the enthusiastic fisherman, the latter showing the goods like an excited child. "Oh? Yeah, check this out!! It's said to have some magical properties that brings in a lot of fish!! With this piece here, I'm sure business' gonna be flooded! Haha!" What a genuinely jolly guy he seemed. One really couldn't help but be drawn to his charisma. Jan could speculate why his business was as booming as it is.

... "--So that's the story. What'dya think?" A job offer soon came. After exchanging a few words with one another, Jacob had thought of an idea. Jan, being of different background and a guild wizard to boot, could very much help the dude out with trying out this new magical bait. To which, Jan would be a fool to refuse. Finally, an opportunity to show off his skills!

The two set out on Jacob's boat soon after, with little preparations made beforehand. Rowing further away from the docks, Jan took in the salty sea air, wind brushing through his long hair. "Whew." He exhaled; "It's been so long since I've last been out at sea..." He started, taking in a deep breath. Seems the fisherman had agreed, offering a wide, content smile with his temporary helper's status. Soon enough the duo had come deep enough for the boss to decide it was enough. Drawing the bait, he looked Jan straight in the eye; "Alright, let's put this baby to work, shall we?"

Springing the bait around, the fisherman threw his hook into the water and sat in anticipation. Taking a seat on the boat by the other, Jan watched closely as he expected something t-- "Woah!!!" Already?? Seriously?? Jacob took a devious expression as he stood up and immediately began struggling with his own rod's reel, trying his best to reel in whatever caught the bait. "H-Hey, doesn't this seem a bit... ...Too powerful??" Jan retorted, standing up and putting in effort along with the employer, seeing how hard he was struggling to even stay in place.

Were fish this strong? That's not how he remembered it.

Soon enough, with enough effort by the two of them, enough strength pulled to cause the two to fall backwards, what sprung up into the air was not a fish, but a monster. "Wh-What is that!!?" As opposed to Jan's surprise, the fisherman didn't seem like he could get any more excited. But... If that were to flop on the boat, there was no way in hell they'd make it back to shore with that thing. This, was the wizard's cue. He built up his magic power in his feet, the magic circle appearing below him. "Blue Walk!" His feet both coated in blue, the Sinese leapt forward to stand on the water. Preparing Magic Power in his hands as another magic circle formed by his hand. He swung his arm as magic power was expelled, taking the form of a sharp blade of water. "Water Slicer!!" While he'd shot out the spell, Jan began looking for where he would need to attack the fish to knock it out cold. As even though he cut through the beast's side, it was still very much up and kicking.

Realizing it was in danger, the fish plunged down back to sea, trying to escape. But, there was backup. "--I got this!!" Jacob yelled from the boat, looking to the new employee as he struggled to reel the fish back up. Looking down... Jan understood there was little choice. "Okay... ...Keep this for me, thanks!!" Still standing over the surface, the Blue Pegasus man stripped off his precious topwear, throwing it onto the boat before undoing his spell, causing himself to plunge into the water. Already forming magic power in his finger as he made out the shape of a gun, holding at his forearm with his left hand. Thankfully, the fisherman's instincts were spot on. The fish was just close enough. "(Drop Shot!!)" Unfortunately, voice doesn't carry through the water's density. Also there's no air.

Shooting out a bullet of water, Jan managed to pierce straight through the fish's head before it got anywhere deeper. Critical hit; the beast finally flopped, raising to surface level as its body lost all motion. Following suit, Jan's head plunged out of the water as he gasped for air. "Oof..." A water mage that doesn't like getting wet. Heh. "Nice!! Awesome!!" Jacob cheered from the boat as he reeled the giant fish closer.

"Alright, let's hoist this big boy up and return. Great work, Blue Pegasus!!" Consider this, another satisfied customer. Sometimes you have to dirty your hands to get the job done.

WC: 852/500

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