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Checkmate [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Checkmate [Quest] Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:41 pm

Jan Ren
Chess... It wasn't a very familiar game in Sin. The closest they had over there was their own board game, arguably older but with very similar rules. But Chess itself never seemed to catch on there, too much. Being a self-proclaimed intellectual though, seeing a request that involved playing a board game drew the Sinese in, in no time.


As he took his calm walk in the park at afternoon, taking in the rare (to him at least) Fiorian sights, it didn't take long until Jan Ren had come across a small crowding followed by a high-pitched call. Some old guy sat at a gaming table across a kid. By the way he picked himself up and the furrowed look on his face, if not merely the loud call earlier, one could tell who was the winner in this case. The crowding dispersed as the middle-aged stranger walked away.

That was his chance. "Hello. Bart, right?" Taking several steps forward, Jan Ren assumed a professional smile and bowed to greet. "I'm Jan Ren from Blue Pegasus. Would you m--"

"Yeah. Let's get this over with."

... ...This kid. Swallowing his pride to let this one slide, the Sinese plopped himself down across the board, taking a short look at the pieces. "Yeah. Alright, then, please explain the rules. I'm afraid they don't play much Chess where I come from." Jan Ren admitted, hoping to at least pose some challenge for the boy, based on the game from his home country.

"Really? You can't play chess?" Bart retorted, raising an eyebrow as he crossed his arms; leg bouncing on the ground. "Then why even bother taking this request in the first place...?" This kid...!! Jan would have to do his best to hide any physical urges in this interaction, definitely. Namely eye-twitching or squinting. "Okay... Look I don't have much time so I'll explain once, try to keep up. Chess has six pieces..."


As the game progressed and Jan took his time making his moves, it turns out he was in for something entirely different than expected. With Bart making one wrong move (perhaps intentionally), the Sinese took advantage of the situation to prolong the game, seizing his far-more-experienced opponent's Queen in the process. And that's when... He started speaking. Bart, I mean.

About his two older brothers. Both were scholars, it seems. Both awfully successful, very intelligent people. It was clear this house was one of over-achieving if not mere perfectionism, simply by this young boy's mannerism and concerns. And yet, despite being a little bratty, he had already grasped how the real world works (in his own way). Listening intently and carefully selecting his tone with his answers, Jan kept the boy company for long enough to hear out his concerns. He wasn't just worried about keeping up with them despite being more than 10 years apart, he was also worried for them. Despite being just a kid, Bart understood well that the academic institute was unforgiving if not outright ruthless, filled with competition and stress from all fronts, in his words.

"...I see." Jan kept quiet for the most part, playing the neutral ear to his issues. Maybe it was naivety that convinced him, the boy was fully honest with his worries. Admirable, really. The conversation went on as Jan continued to play, Bart seeming not to mind the older man taking his time with his moves; doing his best despite it being his first game. Though all good things must come to an end.

"Checkmate." With a confident move, Bart's Bishop closed the final space as Jan took some moments to acknowledge his loss (mainly having to inspect the board to understand). "...Well now." The Sinese started; "That was an interesting game. Thank you for your time." He exclaimed, granting the kid with a smile as he stood up. Following suit, Bart stood up as well.

"Yeah. For a beginner, you're not bad. And uh..."


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