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Worth Woodsea to Marigold

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-Do not fret the Night-

"Together, we will arise with the morning light."

This is going to be a long trip Aegis thought to himself as he proceeded to pack up the last of his things from the room he was staying in. The inn that he had stayed in during his time in Worth Woodsea was a smaller building, away from the main grouping of settlers. The staff were pleasant, and he found himself chatting with them over time as they took some time to warm up to him considering his current state. They had been there for many years, but were starting to see more and more people recently as the time past the attacks had been growing in distance.

As he paid them for his last night, he and Rashida waved back towards the two elderly owners, but only one smile could be seen from them. Walking slowly at a leisurely pace towards the thick woods edge, they began their hike back to the airship through the forest. The walk itself didn't cause much trouble for them, as Aegis knew the route, and they didn't come across anything dangerous.  The child he was still not used to having around at most times, but he was always watching to make sure she was safe. It was one of the first times that he had something other then his ideals to protect as tangible as she was. Not only was it a new experience, it was a new set of worries as some parts of him had been hardened in the past few years with everything that he and others close to him had been put through.

The Airship was near, and Rashida ran ahead up the ramp as they got up to it. Aegis, still carrying the things they brought merely sighed while smiling without the facial features required to do so.

[WC 700 - 30% Aerial Ship]

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-Do not fret the Night-

"Together, we will arise with the morning light."

Getting all of their things on board did not take long, as they had packed lightly with the ship being close as hand for things that they might have needed. As the tiny one known as Rashida ran around the ship like a ferret that had consumed copious amounts of sugar, Aegis went into the back cabin to deposit the rest of the items. He had not owned the ship for very long, and was getting very used to the location of everything, and finding locations to put things.

The ship's design was very much so to his liking, with a combination of wood and metal surrounding the major construction, but still having a very symmetrical and precise look to it. Most of the wood was part of the deck however, which he preferred as having the hull made of a flammable material at all seemed a bit of an odd design choice to him. Not that he was exactly expecting to have fire shot at him, or have something internal go wrong, it was part of his cautious nature to think about these possibilities.

As everything was put into place and locked down, they began to prepare to take off. It is a bit harder to manage everything on the ship himself, but he gets it up at a slow pace, launching the rigging and sails unfurled downward. The current wind speed wasn't too bad, and there was a bit of an updraft so their assent to did not take very long at all. As they reached their normal altitude for flying, the air temperature dipped severely. After sitting all of the rigging and steering, he just went down and grabbed some new clothing that he picked up in town for Rashida. After catching the small one that was sprinting around at mach speed, she beamed a smile at him as he wrapped the warm jacket around her. "Don't get too cold now, getting sick would be bad." he said, then walking to the front of the ship to gaze out over the monumentous amount of forest around them.

The trip itself was pretty uneventful, some slight winds and turbulence as they pass through some of the more mountainous regions, but nothing that the ship itself wasn't built to handle. They had enough on board to feed the small one without having to stop on this trip, so they ate their meals during the large amounts of free time from this travel.


[WC 700 - 30% Aerial Ship]

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