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Where The Heart Is.(Vali)

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Where The Heart Is.(Vali) Empty Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:11 pm

It was one things at least Priscilla knew about staying a werewolf, She could pick up the thing she wanted too easier. This meant she could pick up the scents of people important to her after all she knew them well.

The person she seemed to know the scent brought some kind of smile most people would only ever dream of seeing on Priscilla or worry if Priscilla saw it. But in this case it was a good thing since Priscilla picked up the scent of whom she considered her only lover in life Vali, Even with Priscilla seemingly went to do her own thing, She was still an oddly loving soul, That means whenever Vali seemed to be around Priscilla would seek him out.

Not only for him, But her son as well. After all these two where her only family now the Ivalice's were long gone and Priscilla seemed to be okay and managed to move on from it. Needless to Vali was valuable to Priscilla and so was her son.

She also kept in mind, Once she knew he was around there was a chance Priscilla's scent would be picked up by him. She did not mind, It made things simple for both of them.

So she would go find him, She had plans for them both and would figure out how to make sure Vali knew she had said plans.

She would just follow the scents looming closer and closer as she picked it up. Because she wanted to be sure she could get a playful sneak up on Vali, She intended nothing harmful. The redhead would manage to slowly quietly finding Vali and her son.

It was a game to her, A game of hide and seek as well as a minor game of passion, For love with Priscilla meant she would always seek out whom she loved no matter what.

Priscilla would look over an corner to see if Vali was close, Since his scent was close she thought. Thinking to herself how soon it would be to see her children again, Thinking to herself he is somewhere here just where, oh where was he?

#2Vali Onfroy † 

Where The Heart Is.(Vali) Empty Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:00 pm


"Alright little bro." Vali grunted as he took his child from the carrying pouch on his chest. Hasani cooed, swinging his little arms around, mumbling. He was excited to finally be free from the fabrics of his carrier. A Stroller was too space consuming for the young King, so instead the baby prince would be carried everywhere. It was a beautiful day in Astera, the city that homed Phoenix Feather. While this trip was primarily business, bringing Hasani was easy. Originally he planned on leaving the boy with his aunt Juni, alas he could not be too far from his son. So, here he was at Astera's Pier waiting for absolutely nothing to happen. The Viking sat on one of the long white beach chairs. He opened his legs and put Hasani between them, then dug into his chest pouch for his little toys.

Hasan immediately grabbed them before banging them about without a care in the world. It must've been nice. The Advent World mage took a deep breath before leaning back onto the chair. "Ahhhh." he smiled. He had many reasons to be filled with anxiety. Soon he'd be meeting with the man who killed many of his people...that encounter should prove interesting for one reason or another. The Giant couldn't say that he'd be able to contain himself but he would really try his best. As he allowed the sun's warmth to paint his face, his nose picked up on the most familiar scent. The young father sat up before turning, seeing Priscilla coming his way. He was flustered with a mix of emotions- mostly happy and excited but also very concerned. Where the fuck had she been? And why the fuck was she in Astera.

Hasani was about six months now...it's been about three months since she dropped him off for a well-earned alone time. A smirk appeared on his face as he watched Priscilla who had yet to see him. "Look, Hasan, it's mommy." he told the boy. Hasani slammed his toys on the chair, completely oblivious of the world around him. The pier was decently filled with residents, but she would easily spot her boys if she picked up on his scent, so he waited, still watching her with a smirk.


Where The Heart Is.(Vali) Empty Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:01 pm

Maybe it was something more heart warming to Priscilla then most could assume. Then again Priscilla did seem to be showing no signs of worry or thoughts that something was troubling to her. Her mind was finally seeing Vali and Hasan after a good long while.

Priscilla would stop acting like she was sneaking around looking for them, However taking her time to finally reach them, taking her cape off slowly also taking parts of her gear and her gloves. What she was doing was taking off and shedding off pieces of gear that she did not need around Vali.

Vali was one of the first people to see how Priscilla changed herself, Her red hair grown out even longer then last time people saw her, Vali and the people who he led and she lived with were the first to see this, But always the sense of wonder of what she did when she seemed to vanish, But since so far no one asked none knew.

The final step taking parts of her outfit off was to unzip the shirt part to just her midriff. She would then put her cape down neatly before rolling up her sleeves to make it make her long sleeve about the length of a t-shirt, After picking them back up.

Priscilla just now looked for more casual around Vali then her norm, But she seemed to not be focusing on work. Since she was finally where they where her first thing upon being where Vali and Hasan was to lean over and kiss Vali on the lip and she seemed to stay there for a moment, After all it was not strange or awkward for her anymore.

Then Priscilla would run the fingers of her right hand through her son's hair, Then leaning over and kissing her son upon the forehead. The calm and motherly smile of Priscilla was a mystery to most, But almost common for Vali to see.

Priscilla would actually get a chair for herself, For she did not recall one close by for her close enough to just have little to not space between Vali and herself on his right side, She also did not want to remove Hasan from his spot since he seemed happy and content as much as she wanted to just pick him up and cuddle him. Most likely when Hasan started causing a fuss over something Priscilla would do something.

Finally she when herself sat down Priscilla and placing the parts of outfit and folded next to her folding her cape up neatly putting down using the pieces of out out that were heavy to keep the cape in palce and simply asked Vali."When was the last time you ate or drink something Dear?"Priscilla was asking Vali that, She assumed Hasan had been more important to Vali to make sure he was happy that Priscilla felt the need to ask him that. Could not say Priscilla was not caring when she seemed settled and a lot happier."Hasan is important, But your need to make sure you eat and drinking something every once and a while."Priscilla did not sound like she was bossing him around she was actually checking up on him, No matter the answer Priscilla lean her head onto Vali's right shoulder to relax like she wanted this moment for a while, Watching Hasan play. Priscilla seemed to show she missed them both with out saying it.

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Where The Heart Is.(Vali) Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:38 am


Who would have thought that a woman like Priscilla would bare Vali a child? She was  Fiorian woman after all, yet Vali had found it in his heart to accept her. Though his original intentions were to use her, fate called for another path. The Viking loved the red haired woman. That isn't to say he was inlove with her, because wasn't. As the mother of his child, he would always place her above all others excluding his son. Together they managed to create a prince. To this day, Vali was surprised that his people had excepted her so quickly- but it made sense. Like the vikings, she was a ruthless killer, and loyal to Vali. The woman leaned in as she approached the two Icebergan boys, kissing the young King before finding her place beside him. The werewolf leaned in and pressed his lips against her warm skin. He smiled as she ran her fingers through their son's hair. He cooed and swung his arms, spitting with a giggle before returning back to his toys.

"Uh, good question." He chuckled as he faced his baby's mother. Priscilla had grown a lot. Though she always cared about Vali, the Viking could see how much she's learned to control herself. As he looked at her he wondered... but of course, kept his thoughts to himself. "I guess you're right. I don't eat as much as fat-boy over here, but don't worry I'm fine." He assured, extending his hand for Priscilla to take. He laid on one beach chair while she was in another directly beside him. "You look good though, healthy. You're glowin', to be honest." Vali smirked. The father had some questions concerning her whereabouts for almost four months... "So what the hell have you been up to? Where'd you go for 3 and a half months?" He asked. "I'm used to your trips but I'd be lying if I said I knew we'd see you again so soon."


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At least so far it seemed like this situation would be fairly simple."Even then, You should,If you are hungry."Priscilla mentioned casually to Vali."Unless you want me fine a place for us to for a dinner date and I wear a dress somewhere for once in my life?" It sounded like Priscilla was teasing him slightly but also was rather serious at the same time.

Not that Vali would mind she assumed."I could even pay for it you know?"That one was more of her seeing he could go for it, After all she did have the money for such an idea."Now that I am more stable and in control I can take myself."care of Priscilla then laughed about it slightly."Unless this is a ploy to see with me less clothing on with your compliments."It was vastly exaggerated for intentionally to see if she could get Vali to laugh.

Priscilla was in fact a changed woman."You can wait for other times for such moments, Most likely with out Hasan around."Which proved that an stable Priscilla was a lot easier to get along with and could be enjoyable.

It was question and answer time not that she minded at all."I had some loose ends of the past I needed to tie up, It just took longer then i expected it too."Pricilla admitted, Taking one of Vali's closes arm and putting it around her hips, It was moments like these she thought she could never have again."After all I am tracking down a few people to talk too, While dealing with a few other paying jobs."It was all the normal for Priscilla really."I thought I would have done sooner honestly."Resting her head upon Vali's chest she just said."I am sorry for the long wait."Questions were answered unless more were asked.

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A dinner date? Vali smirked. Obviously Priscilla was craving some intimate alone time for them but there was a problem with that. Who would watch Hassan?Sure he could ask Kenzo or Finn but the both of them were more busy then he was, really. Plus, Vali would rather not ask anyone for anything. When the Viking mentioned Priscilla's glow, she responded confidently saying that she could take better care of herself now. Especially now that she had control? Priscilla had grown a lot from the last time they saw each other though she whad grown a lot then too. "Well you'e offering to pay. Sounds like this is a ploy for you to see me with less clothes on." He smirked, biting his lip. He could just imagine Priscilla's goddess like body.

"He won't even know what's happening." He whispered moving close enough to her mouth to tap his lips against hers. With another chuckle, he laid back and turned towards the water. The mother of Hasani rested her head on Vali's chest. The Viking held her close to him as his hand sat on her hip. What man would be mad at a woman for hustling? Though parenting was harder than it looked, he understood that the scarlet-haired mistress had business to take care of. Of course, her work wasn't done yet. That would explain why she was in Astera all of a sudden. "It's alright." he said gently. " You're finally living for yourself. All that matters is that you're okay. Just don't go around doing anything I wouldn't do." He said playfully- though he was definitely serious. Priscilla's work was secretive more often than not. Vali knew that if he asked, she'd tell him whatever he wanted to know, but she deserved some privacy.

The Viking moved his hand up to his lady's shoulder, gently placing his hand through her collar to rub her gently. With a sigh, he looked towards Hasani and for a moment there was silence. The King had done some thinking lately, much of it concerning his own wavering mental health. Now that his people were safe as long as they remained in Advent Worlds' territory, he could finally be a little selfish. "I was thinking about traveling North..." He began. His eyes watched as Hasani turned away from his toys and began crawling over the Viking's legs to get to his mother. The baby would have a little challenge but this was good for him. Vali's eyes drifted back onto the sea ahead. "Worth Woodsea is so big and there's a bunch of shit I haven't seen yet, so I was thinking about taking a little vacation there for a while."

"And I know you have a lot going on right now...so I wanted to take Hasani with me."


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In reality Priscilla did not mind what Vali wanted to do, Hasani was better off and safer with him than Priscilla was having him with her while she was doing what jobs she was doing. So this was perfectly logical."I will eventually wish to make sure I have sometime to bond with him eventually."She would first mention to him."Until I am free it is the safe and best option for him."Priscilla agreed to what Vali wanted to go do, So until that time she could hold on to this moment fir a bit until he wanted to go.

Slowly Priscilla would extend her right index finger out to her son while he was going towards and climbing his father, It was Priscilla showing her son she was paying attention, as well as waiting for her to finally reach his mother."So Hasnai, Does miss his mother."Priscilla mentioned playfully to her son about what he was trying to achieve, Hansai was showing signs to be what he was born of, Two vast determine souls striding towards great things, So far Hansai's great thing to stride towards? Well it seemed to be with his mother."If you are really worried about it after, When I am finish worked I can easily meet you there."She seemed to suggest that in case Vali wanted her to do so as well as not holding him back from leaving when he wanted too.

"As long as you continue taking good care of him as you are now, I don't think that is that horrible."Priscilla could laugh about it waiting for her son to finally reach her, So he can more likely receive affection and love from his mother, This was an oddly well working family for how different they are.

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Priscilla was very understanding. No surprise there since she usually was these days. All in all, Vali was grateful for her. The scarlet-haired mistress had stuck with him through thick and thin. The King was forever in her debt. No moment could have been more perfect then this. The ocean's waves danced, crashing upon the piers walls. Avians sung to the gods, making their way south. The woman he loved the most was by his side with the person he loved more than anyone. The Viking found himself drifting with the sea breeze. Fiore... he thought to himself. An entire year and then some later and he still quite strenuous to believe that he was no longer in Iceberg.

He was a King yet he did not feel like one, possibly because he was not on Iceberg. Conceivably, it was because he knew he was still so immature. Maybe it was just because his father was verily better suited for the role of Viking King. If anything, Vali still had the mind and emotional control of a prince, though he undeniably had the heart of a king. A good king was capable of putting all selfish desires aside, yet the son of Tristan had never done that. In truth, everything he did up until the end of last year was more for himself than anyone else. Establishing Land in Fiore was not solely for his people... no.

The Viking King thought that if he had done what his older brother had failed to do, then he could honor him without waging war. When Land wasn't enough to fill that void, he moved forward with attacks on the country and when he could not do that he became bitter. Because of his own selfish and immature decisions, a Rune Knight had slaughtered and imprisoned his people. Even if he wanted to go back to his people... even if they did not blame their King for their mishaps, Vali knew the truth. He had taken the burden of a King too early on and now he was struggling to live with his mistakes. It's the very reason why he wanted to make Raquin the Jarl of Skaal.

With Priscilla's first words, Vali was brought back to reality. "Right." he sighed before laying his head back. His hand had been rubbing Priscilla's shoulder still when suddenly he spotted a dark red tattoo. He had never seen that mark on her until now. The young father raised an eyebrow. "Hopefully he doesn't say your name first." Vali teased, facing his son. The boy made little noises and grunts as he climbed over his father's legs, then to his mother's legs. "Got it, Boss. I could never let anything happen to our little prince, gods know what you'd do to me." He shivered.

Vali was relieved. Things could have gone a different way if. When Priscilla was pissed, she was pissed. The Icebergan was just glad that she didn't think their son would be taken away from her or somethin' like that. Besides, with that powerful nose of hers, she could find them anywhere. "So um...what's up with this new tattoo on your shoulder?" He asked scratching his head. Being a part of a guild would mean that her loyalty was also to someone else- not that it mattered anymore. Vali was a King with only so much influence in a country outside of Iceberg.


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Even if it was tease the reality of it was."He is more then likely to speak your first Dear."There was some logic behind it."Even my actual first name is a bit longer then the mind for a child to start saying."Which was most likely the case considering Vali was easier to say, Then Priscilla or even her actual first name, However Priscilla forget if she told him her first name already or not, That was a simple and easy conversation anyway.

Who knew a woman like her would be so reasonable, But then again Priscilla did have a a name known for other things."I even doubt gods would know, But I promise you would live."So that fate would not be death at least, He would live if that meant anything.

When her son was close enough to be with in her leg, Just simply poked Hansai on the nose extremely lightly but left that hand close by him if it came up he wanted to move beyond her leg she could be watching and prepared to catch him."As long as Hansai grows up knowing that my time away to provide for him in my own way."It would seem Priscilla sounded like she was worried about being away for so long."No matter what happens, That is what I hope when I am around or not."She kind of just absently mentioned that in general and was not telling some one directly that.

But the mention of her guild tattoo seemed to break her from her worry. Vali was sneak that was forsure, Priscilla was sure she had just rolled up her long sleeves enough to keep it covered. Nonetheless Priscilla could play it off in a joking manner."Here I thought we were joking, Where you already trying to take something off of me?"She could laugh about it."I have a mark to make my work easier."Priscilla would mention to start with."It is a only temporary matter."This was a lie but it was hard to tell since Priscilla could lie to anyone so easily, So far Not even Vali has called her out on a lie or picked up one so far.

Getting her left arm out of being buried between then Priscilla then waved her left hand over the guild tattoo and she then tapped it and was completely gone."It will not be a worry to you, I promise."Which was not a lie if Priscilla has her way, None of this would effect Vali or Hasnai, She would do her best to ensure that.

Guild Perk Used:

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"Trust me, our child will understand the sacrifices his mother's made. In this world...if you want to have a decent life you will have to make sacrifices..." He began. "He'll be grateful for the sacrifices you're making, just like I am." In case the Viking Lord hadn't made it clear enough already to her, he was appreciative of her. It wasn't like Hasani would never see his mother again, though it was fair to say that the next time they'd see Priscilla he might have already been walking on his own. The more Vali thought about it he realized that he actually had no idea what Priscilla was doing- not a single one. The young father was clueless as to what type of work she was doing and now that he had seen this strange symbol, he was more curious then ever.

Priscilla assured Val that the tattoo didn't matter to them. She promised him that it would not be a worry to them. As much as Vali believed her, he felt weird about not knowing. In fact, when the wolf-maiden tapped her shoulder the tattoo had vanished instantly. This, of course, did not help put the king at ease. "Yeah, okay sure. But like...what does it mean? Are you apart of a guild? An organization?" Vali raised an eyebrow, gently rubbing Priscilla's arm. By now the baby would already be in her lap, watching the people behind them. Vali paused, bringing his hand up to gently stroke his chin. "And why is everything so secretive with you? I thought we've passed that stage." He said genuinely concerned with only a hint of annoyance in his voice.


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Was this overly worth getting annoyed about? Most likely, It seemed reason for him to be."I am a part of guild." She would just mention flat out, So not so much hidden away now."Most thing tend to be short and sometimes secretive because I still had to be that way for that least 10 plus years,It will be something slower to break then other things."So it showed how long she had been at this stuff.

"After all information leaking has it costs, Torture and a torn out eye in my case when it happen."Priscilla was not really trying to play off of his worry more playing it safe for the things she was trying to achieve. tucking her left arm back where it was to start with."In fact even here I here on a task, It just expanded a bit more then I first assumed."If they were playing the reveal game so to say Priscilla had at least something to mention that might either make Vali feel better like he knew what was going on, Or in fact make him a bit mad.

It almost felt like it could ruin this moment and with in her mind she seemed to hate it."I was here to start with to talk to Kazimir the leader of Phoenix Feather, I have had a few run ins with him and another knight that he was working with by the name of Judina Karlinus."It seemed Priscilla stretched pretty far in her reach when out working, That connection was not one she mentioned ever.

"I wanted to have a chat with him about the attack on the village, So I found a more casual outfit and walked into a Phoenix Feathermeeting area and spoke to him about it." She at least came out with that quick and she was not hiding it exactly but this all tied into something."I also wanted to talk him into getting himself and his guild off of my trail for some murders I had done."It almost seemed typical that murder followed her name even if she changed around her life.

then it would the ending part of this topic of conversation."So in exchange for them getting off of my trail, Kazimir had me agree to take on a take for him."It seemed like a fair agreement so far."Take down a human trafficking ring, I do that for him, Phoenix Feather, Kazimir and Judina are all off of my case."Then she seemed to let out a sigh herself, sounded like she was oddly nervous to let that all out, Trusting him to know that information and why she was here."I will be dealing with it myself tonight, I promised Kazimir that I might not be able be able to resist killing the people who are a part of the ring, Only promising to save the people who are captured and were suppose to be sold off."So now even Vali knew what this woman was hiding while she was here, It was now time to wait to see what would happen next. all she mentioned aptly."Such things should not exist....I have tore one a part before, Even still talk to one of the people who I saved from it."She even chuckled for a moment and mentioned."However conversations with her are hard, For she barely speaks Fioran and I don't speak Desiorto, she is a lovely lady."That part seemed to be just rambling but it had more pieces to her life, Having this chapter and looking at her son in delight, could see that maybe her worry was more risks with other things not in her control, Priscilla then would rest her right arm where her right leg but left it close to her son.


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Whatever happened beyond this point between them would be left there. Priscilla had no shame nor regrets that would have been in her mind admitting to Vali what she was doing.

She was content, She saw her son, She saw Vali even if a small time. Something would most likely change considering Priscilla just went and took a few things into her own hands and dealt with it. Priscilla was not a type to wait too long to do things she just does things sometimes as she pleases.

Her and Vali would meet again another day most likely, After all she could only stay away from her son for so long until she needed to see him again as well was with Vali.

She had got her gear back on casually, Given both Vali and Her son both a kiss, Just like that Priscilla was already starting to leave like how she normally seemed too.

Priscilla had a few things she wanted to do now, So she would set out to do them, After all it was the wonderful freedom of how she worked. She for now had nothing that would tie her down to stop her for now.

She knew it could change any moment, Then again it would be only if her guild master asked her to do something, Or Vali wanted to go do something so she had to take time with her son. Priscilla's relaxing moment was done for now, She would find Vali and her son again. Priscilla did everything she wanted to, no just because she could. Because she believed and felt it was best to forward a peaceful life she wanted with both of them, That was Priscilla entire goal, After too simple for anything to assume up front but do anyone who knew how Priscilla was trying to change her life, It made sense she was doing all this in the only way she knew how to.


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