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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging III [Quest]

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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging III [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 29, 2020 11:42 am

Citizens' Plea: Pillaging III [Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala hushed through the streets of Crocus late at night; it was quiet in this part of the capital. There were hardly any people out at this time of the night, but Nuala had her reasons for staying up late. Unlike the previous nights, the Voidling had a plan: instead of going on another round of pillaging, she wanted to sell something she had recently acquired. Nuala had made use of how easy it was to infiltrate certain homes in Crocus - especially those belonging to the wealthy families were (surprisingly) not as well protected as one might think. Perhaps it was because the families naturally felt protected being located within the walls of the holy capital, but of course things weren’t always that simple.

Nuala had recently broken into the home of a rather wealthy family. They were all dead asleep and there was basically no security, which had made it rather easy. There was something weird about their home that she couldn’t quite describe and it had been quite the unsettling experience. Nuala had noticed that from the office of the patriarch, a secret basement could be accessed through a trapdoor in the floor. Something like that was quite unusual and somehow she couldn’t shake the feeling that they kept something down there that she didn’t want to see. Because of that strange feeling, Nuala had waited a few days before entering an auction with the painting she had stolen.

It was worth quite a decent amount of money and she was on her way to the auction. The event itself was illegal of course, since the majority of products were stolen. People would invest into pieces of art, such as her painting, and sell it to someone else in another country for probably an even higher amount. This wasn’t unusual and it would prevent the theft from being tracked back to her. Nuala entered a small grocery store and went behind the counter and through a door. Here, steps would lead down into a rather large basement where a bunch of people had already gathered.

Nuala joined the group of people and went to the stage, where she was given a number. Once her number was called out she was supposed to go on stage, reveal her item and wait to see how much people were willing to offer. There were quite a lot of people in front of her and many had interesting items to offer. From art pieces to more paintings and of course jewelry. When it was finally Nuala’s turn, she picked up the painting and went on stage, where she would reveal it to the crowd. Immediately, a whisper went through the crowd and the people started bargaining for the painting. There weren’t that many people who wanted it, but just one person was enough for her. An elderly man offered 300,000 Jewels for the painting, which Nuala gladly accepted. He gave her the money in cash and once that was all done, she excused herself from the auction as she wasn’t interested in seeing what else the other people had to sell. Nuala figured that she was done with thievery for a while and would wait to see what else Fiore had to offer to her.


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