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The Finale [Storyline]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

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Quest Details:

"They're expecting our arrival, Lord Vali." One of the Nekomata spies spoke. His fur was jet black with a stream of white running from his head down to his tailbone. He seemed to be the most experienced by the way he talked, plus he was the only one relaying the information to Vali. The Viking stood and listened, nodding as he looked down at the table. Cheif Leonus was sitting at the table across from Vali, while Bunda and Tristan sat across from each other. The Young Jarl was the only one standing. He found it hard to sit and think these days. He was just so anxious sometimes he couldn't help himself. It seemed like the gods were speaking in a sense, hell, The titan could almost hear their whispers in the wind. They were telling him to march onto enemy territory and get the whole thing over with.

Nobody spoke. Instead, they waited for the Werewolf to say something. "They attacked the Tree village because they knew we'd come here for reinforcements. If they're waiting for us to come attack next, it's because they think they'll win. It doesn't seem like they're taking us seriously..." Val thought aloud. It took a few moments, but the Lord decided that waiting for them to attack again was more dangerous than taking the fight to them. "We can't wait for them to attack. Treerin and Skaal are too far apart. We have the men now, so we'll attack now. Do you all agree?" He asked. "I don't think it's wise to take all men from both villages to Ikua's front yard," Tristan said calmly. The elder white-haired man played with his fingers. "Are we not stronger as a unit?" Vali asked.

Bunda then chimed in as well. "We are, but your father is right. The Nekomata army may not be the greatest fighters, but their numbers match the Iron Stars." The young Lord quickly caught on as he rubbed his chin. "Hmm... so with the men we have here right now, we march onto their territory..." He began. "And the remaining warriors in Skaal can enter the fray after the enemy is weakened. You and father can meet us there then." Bunda and Tristan looked at each other as Vali's mind drifted again. "I will stay with you instead, Vali." Bunda insisted. The Neko chief watched. He wasn't built for these types of things so he often stood out of these conversations. "That was simpler than I thought." Planning didn't take that long when you only had so many options. "Aye. Then it's settled, let's go."

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The leaders stood outside. Vali was in the front, gazing upon an ocean of people. Most of the warriors were Neko's, but they looked fierce- more fierce than Vali had ever seen them before. Of course, there were also warriors from Skaal amongst them. "I am leaving now," Tristan told the Jarl from beside him. The giant nodded. Tristan was the only blood-related family he had left. Tristan was his father, the man who had raised to be the Jarl of Skaal. "Safe travels, father. I will see you soon." The elder nodded slowly. He was worried about his only son. The father brought Vali in for a hug, holding him tight as if he was still a child.

Val almost forgot how kind his father was. "Gods are with us." Tristan smiled. "We will not lose." Then, Tristan was off. He leaped onto his horse and was escorted back to Skaal by two guards. Now it was time for things to happen...it was time for War. Icebergans could never escape war no matter how hard they tried. It could have been that they hardly tried though. Many people died in the savage land of Vikings and many people were left mentally ruined as well- like his mother, or Luke. Val slowly stepped forward as Leonus and Bunda stood behind him. Memories of his mother and his brother flashed through his brain. Once, upon a time that felt like ages ago, the white-haired Viking was the youngest of two sons.

His brother was always better at everything, in fact, he was supposed to be the acting Jarl. Wasn't it funny how fate worked? Vali gazed upon the multiple rows of warriors facing him. Some wore paint, while others wore only their armor. Some wore less armor than others but many of them looked nervous- even if just a little bit. The Jarl took a moment to soak in what was about to happen before speaking. "This...this is beautiful." He began. He made sure that he was loud enough for the army to hear him. "Nekomata's and Icebergans....two different groups of people from two different parts of the world, united for one cause- an honorable cause." There was complete silence throughout the entire village.

"Two groups of people...coming together to fight for something greater than themselves. Greater than me, greater than Chief Leonus, greater than us all. If you are confused about why we fight, then let me help you understand..." Vali cleared his throat. "We fight...for a better future. We fight... so that those after us don't have to feel the pain... that we. have. endured!" The warriors began to get excited. Vali spoke with passion and pain, clearly visible in his voice and within his words."This battle is not about power or money... it is about something far more greater than that!" The warriors began to cheer a bit louder.

"The Iron Stars believe that we are weak and easy to control, but they have never been more wrong." Vali's voice grew louder. "We. Will. Not...Allow them...to take what is rightfully ours!!" The combined army began to roar. "We will slaughter everyone that stands in our way!!" Finally, the armies roared as loud as they could. Much to Cheif Leonus, even the Nekomatas seemed ready for the battle to come.

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Suddenly, a loud screeching noise came from about. It was a beautiful song, fitting for a moment like this one. The noise was coming from a certain dragon as she circled above the village. One could have been fooled into thinking that she was the fighting type, but she wasn't. She had not a fighting bone in her body- or at least Vali had yet to see it. Still, she was a necessary form of transportation for many reasons. When the giant beast finally landed, the Army quieted down and allowed their leader to climb aboard. They were nervous and made sure to do nothing to upset. Bunda hopped on his durable steed. They were off as Vali led the army through the forest. The Iron Star Clan would soon be faced with the mixed warriors. Some of the soldiers had horses, most would travel by foot, but the Jarl himself would travel by air. The chief of the Nekomata's was the only one staying behind. Leonus was ordered to stay in his village by his Jarl for obvious reasons.

The Cheif was a useless fighter. He'd be more useful if he remained with the civilians of his village. In a moment like this, they needed him for comfort, surely he knew how to calm them. Meanwhile, Tristan was probably just reaching Skaal. The young Desiertan could only hope that his father would make it in time. This battle meant everything to both villages. If they lost, then both Skaal and Treerin would cease to exist. That'd mean the gods really did abandon them. Vali flew above the army as they marched through Worth Woodsea, following the Nekomata beside Bunda who knew exactly where the Iron Stars were. It was a shame to say that the dark-skinned Titan still couldn't understand his magic enough to actually use the spells he had stored in his brain but he had managed this far neglecting them.

This battle would be him using only physical powers. None of this was new though, for the last few months all he had to use was the eye of the Viking King, and his own strength. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to open his third eye today, his people would go crazy if they knew the gods chose him as the next Viking King. Finally, the Jarl could see the Iron Star Clans home. It was a large place with a gate merged into a giant rock. Beyond the rock wall was the village. Instead of using wood or metals for the wall, stone protected it, as if someone used magic to create it. Needless to say that it was a beautiful place overall. Outside of the village walls, Vali could see about two hundred men and woman- giants and giantesses, awaiting battle proudly.

Patting his steed, Vali was taken to where the forest ended. He waited for the rest of his people to catch up and soon they met him. The young Jarl ordered them to line up in about six rows, then they emerged from the forest and revealed themselves. Ikua and his men stood on the other side of the open field. Nobody moved but Lord Ikua. He was the first to step forward and make his way through the field. It seemed he had something to say, so Vali walked towards him as well. When the two met in the middle it felt almost like the rest of the world didn't exist. "Vali." Ikua nodded. The Viking didn't say a word. "Did you kill Makub?"

"He is alive for now."
"You can still save your people, all you have to do is-"
"I would rather die."

Then, there was silence between them. Vali was a proud warrior of Iceeberg who did not fear death. He was sure that if he was to die right now, he'd go straight to Valhalla. Vali had fought in many battles, even to be so young. He was a Jarl- granted probably not the best one, he was still the designated Leader. With a smirk the white-haired Jarl watched as Ikua nodded, turning away. Val did the same but as he turned Ikua raised his hand and then a swarm of arrows traveled through the sky. "Vali!!" Bunda yelled, but it was too late. At least eight arrows had fallen onto Val, piercing his body as his eyes widened in surprise.

Quickly Bunda shouted "ATTACK!!!!" and the Army was off, making their way through the field as Ikua ordered his men to hold the line of defense meanwhile Bunda made his way towards Vali. The giant young leader was dragged back as the armies clashed. In seconds men were dying and blood was coloring the ground beneath them, but Bunda knew that he needed Vali alive. The Deseiertan Viking breathed lightly but he tried to get up as quickly as he could. "No, don't move Vali." The Viking Lord grunted.

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"This... is nothing." He insisted. Then, he proceeded to grab the first arrow in his shoulder. He only winced at the pain when he pulled it out. Bunda watched. "You'll die..." The Jarl chuckled. "I'm stronger than you think." he smirked, then took the arrow from his right breast, another from his rib, to from his legs, and the others from his arms. As soon as he did it, he started to bleed out. "Better show me that strength before you bleed out." As Bunda tried to stop the bleeding by pressing his hands onto Vali's body, the Jarl simply remained quiet for a moment. Then...it happened. As he focused, he was able to close his own wounds.

The Bald Viking slowly moved his hands as he realized that the bleeding slowed. He was shocked but he didn't have the time to fully process what happened. The noble nodded, signaling that it was okay for him to go. Bunda nodded and moved forward. The Desiertan stood to his feet and darted forward too, joining the battle at the front lines. Their enemies were stronger though. Vali didn't have time to think through as the Iron Stars wildly swung their curved swords at him. Val's first opponent was a giant woman. She swung her giant sword downwards trying to split the Jarl in two, but quickly he weaved. Then he moved forward before swinging his sword horizontally, slicing her head clean off.

Following up was a man with dark hair. Instead of a sword, he wielded two axes, but he was nothing Val couldn't handle. Val eventually cut through him and continued slicing and dicing his opponents. They were coming fast and strong. All around him people from both sides were dying. The skies were filled with war cries and cries of agony. Val's face was covered in his enemy's blood. He was trying to cut through to get to Ikua who stood behind his warriors with his weapon in hand. He didn't seem nervous at all. Bunda, on the other hand, roared loudly, slaying all his foes with his ax. He was too important, Val would go crazy if he lost hi, hell Tristan would too. The battle raged on but the combined Army was losing. The warriors both Neko and Icebergan were being killed off quicker than they could kill.

Though the Iron star numbers were dwindling, the combined Army was doing worse. In fact, now there were only fifty men on the field as opposed to Ikua's hundred or so. Come on, father... Vali thought as he through a man on the ground and stabbed his blade into his forehead. "Do not stop fighting!!"
he shouted to his men who seemed to be on the verge of accepting defeat. Now the Iron Stars were closing in, and any moment now they would kill the remainder of the people standing. Breathing heavily, Vali took steps back as his men followed. It must have been nice for Ikua, to see victory in the moments to come.

The white-haired mage frowned. His golden blade dripped with ruby-colored liquid. Bunda shouted, still trying to intimidate his enemy. That was what a real man was, someone who remained true to himself even in the grip of death. Ikua halted his men as he slowly walked to the front of the line. "I admit. Coming here to fight us on head-on was a bold thing to do. Though I guess in the grand scheme of things, this was the only route for you to take." Vali remained quiet. He growled, standing his ground along with the remaining twenty of his army. "I didn't think you'd still have the numbers to put up a fight, you have proved me wrong." He said. Ikua was foolish to think that this is how things would end.

Vali fixed his posture. What he was going to do next had a lot to do with courage because the gods knew how much Vali had been trying not to tap into the beastly power he had. Once he unleashed it, there was no telling if he would be able to control himself.

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Ikua and his men watched as the Jarl slowly began to shift into a monster. His hair grew and connected with his skin as his fingernails extended. His face morphed and produced sharper teeth. The rest of the combined Army watched in awe. Bunda's eyes widened whilst the Neko's trembled. Lord Ikua's men clenched their weapons, but the Lord himself remained standing unfazed. In fact, a grin stretched his lips. Vali's mind began to drift into the power that is Fenrir's. He roared- but at the same moment, in the distance behind them, a war horn was blown. Everyone on the battlefield besides Vali turned to see where the nose had been coming from. For a second there was no noise...but then an entire army of Vikings sprinted downhill, shouting and cheering for battle.

Just like that, part two would begin. Tristan rode on the back of Vali's Wyvern, surprising Bunda and everyone from the ground. "Archers!!" Ikua shouted. It didn't take long for the arrows to rain from the sky, puncturing and killing the Vikings. Still, that was not enough as soon after they collided with the First Line of Ikua's men. Just after Ikua called for archers, The Jarl raged forward with his claws ready to tear Ikua apart. However, the man hardened his forearm as he defended Vali's slash. With his left arm, Ikua drew his sword while slicing Vali across his chest. The werewolf followed the momentum and flipped backward, landing. Breathing heavily, Vali's cut healed easily.

Although Vali hadn't used any of his abilities since he obtained them, he was still powerful. His body was greatly durable to physical and magical attacks, he had levels of strength and magic that nobody else had. It was time to stop neglecting them. Ikua smirked and darted forward. Vikings attacked Ikua as the Lord made his way to Vali. The red-haired warriors had killed them easily with his bare strength. Every time one charged towards him, he simply knocked them away. The Jarl was growing impatient of waiting for Ikua to get to him, so he'd help. Val sprinted forward, throwing all of his allies out of the way, and clawing Ikua from his lower stomach, to his chest. Then he used his other claw to stop him from going higher in the air, slamming him to the ground.

The ground beneath Val's opponent cracked before Vali began to bang Ikua's body repeatedly like a wild animal. He wanted to feel every bone in his opponent's body crack, painting the ground red so that he could bathe in glory. When the dust from the dirt cloud settled, Vali slowly lifted his hands, roaring to the sky loudly- but it wasn't over. Ikua's body, hardened and nearly undamaged arose from the ground. His skin shimmered with a copper color as he darted forward with his knee, slamming it into Vali's stomach. He then grabbed the werewolf's hair, pulling his head forward before repeatedly snuffing him. After the third hit, The Jarl would take no more. He snuffed Ikua back, forcing him to break away. Within moments the two of them charged towards each other again, trading blow for blow, occasionally turning to deal with other enemies who stepped forward or just to kill two birds with one stone.

Tristan had been killing Iron Stars left and right, keeping up with Bunda as best as he could. He had aged badly over as a result of his sickness. Bunda had the stamina of a werewolf himself as if age didn't take a toll on him. "Ladders!!!" Tristan shouted as they finally all approached the wall. The men with the ladders slammed them on to the rock-solid wall. The ladders were the right size thanks to the information relayed by the Nekomata spies. Ikua wanted to turn and help the wall, but Vali was occupying him. As the men climbed the ladders, they were met with arrows, and rocks- anything that would knock them down, but it was hopeless.

Soon Bunda and a bunch of other men were over the wall, killing the archers that sat on top before making their way down. One of the men opened the gates, and as you could imagine, the Vikings poured into the Village. "Gah!" Ikua tried to back away. After fighting for minutes, the Lord was finally losing strength. Vali had cut deep into his skin and nearly tore his arm off. Both of them bled from random spots, with vali mostly having cuts on his torso area. Tristan and a few other warriors ran to Vali and surrounded Ikua. Vali breathed heavily, trying to control himself as he slowly shifted back into his normal state. The Werewolfs armor was badly damaged. The blood seeped through.

With nothing else to do, he activated his healing. "It's over Ikua." The red-haired man growled, glancing at everyone around him. He held his side with the only arm that could work. His other arm struggled to hold his sword. Ikua spit on the ground with a frown. Vali was happy to see him this angry. "It's Over..."

"Graaaaagh!" The defeated warrior yelled. He took this opportunity and tried to dash forward towards Vali. However, he was far too weak and damaged. In a failed attempt, he fell to his knees. "You underestimated me. Now your village is being torn through by savage men who know no better." Lord Ikua turned his head to see what he could. In the distance, he heard the screams of his people. Men, women, and children. Vali clenched his jaws as he tried to ignore it. Vali drew his sword and pointed it towards his fallen enemy. He held it there for a moment. It was war, there were no rules when you win- but Vali had a hard time standing the cries.

"What are you waiting for?! Kill me!" He demanded angrily. For a moment Vali watched, then he took his hilt and slammed it onto Ikua's head, knocking him out. Vali was weakened too. It seemed that his werewolf form had taken a bigger toll on him than he thought. Vali began to fall so Quickly his father moved towards him to catch him. "Aye. You did well." The Jarl's eyes shut. The fight was finally over.

Word Count: 1,500/1,500

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