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Translate The Note [Quest]

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#1Cecil Aijima 

Translate The Note [Quest] Empty Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:55 pm

Cecil Aijima

Cecil was growing tired of doing all of these meaningful quests. While he wanted to partake in a quest that would help him build his magical abilities, all h kept getting assigned to was these stupid missions that didn't matter. Alas, everything had a lesson. No matter how small a quest was he knew he could learn a thing or two. Today he was making his way to the local library with a note in his hand for one reason. He needed to translate what the words meant. Cee looked down at the paper trying to figure out what it could have meant, but unfortunately, he wasn't fluent in any languages besides Desiertan, Stellan, and the common tongue so this was out of his range.

He did recognize the language though, it was ancient, something he crossed sometime before. Facing forward, he finally entered the library and would begin his hunt for a Valan Runic dictionary. It shouldn't have been that hard to find since he easily made his way in the language section. Though as he walked, his eyes scanned over other very interesting books, all of which he would probably be better off taking. Later though, he told himself. For now, he just wanted to translate the note so that he could get paid and return home to smoke. It's been a whole day since he had a spliff. His superiors made it clear that they didn't want him smoking on the job because it looked unprofessional, but a little Marijuana didn't harm anybody. Still, he had to knock the weed for a little while if he wanted to keep his job.

It wasn't like he needed the job though. He had money, his parents were pretty wealthy, and he had his own organization too. If he wanted to he could have quit working for the Rune Knights. However, this was good on his resume. It would mean something in the future when eventually he did leave the Knights. After all, he wasn't exactly a big supporter of the government- he was an activist first. There it was; the Valan language dictionary. Cecil pulled the heavy brown book out of its space and brought it to the nearest table to study. He gently placed the book down and opened the note that was in his other hand. A part of the Knight hoped that this note translated to something amazing or mysterious.

Perhaps it was a secret message of some sort and by translating in he would gain valuable intel. With a writing utensil and a paper, he began translating. It didn't take him long to find the first word which translated to "Hare meat". Then he went on to find the second word which translated to cabbage. When the third word translated to potatoes he realized that the note was only a grocery list. How disappointing, he thought as he continued translating the words. Finally, the last word was Ox hooves. Of course, it wasn't some special note, just ingredients for a hefty meal. Once he was done he closed the book and brought the translations to the librarian. The client would pick it up from there.


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