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Bitter Tasting Emotion.(Vali)

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Bitter Tasting Emotion.(Vali) Empty Tue Feb 25, 2020 4:23 pm

Having been lurking Priscilla seemed to eventually show up, much like the quiet she barely existed around this village to start with, almost be assumed after arriving here and seeing the state of what her home was she might have hid away or fled somewhere else.

The rare times Priscilla had been in view of what she would now call her people, She had never spoken a word to anyone. Had some one tried too? personally Priscilla was unsure for she seemed numb out to reality around her.

Her house had been locked, almost no food taken to her had been touched. Needless to say to the people were most likely worried about her and Priscilla did not know it yet.

With sounds of various people outside, there where a few times knocks and that was it. Priscilla would not answer the door to just anyone, of the village one person, two if one of them was lucky.

No light linger either from the cracks of her door, in fact Priscilla's house was dark, almost completely dark for the lights of the outside creeping into the house from the outside.

Whoever tried to entire of walk in, risked quite a lot after all, there had not been signs of Priscilla moving at all, Not a single step. They had to wonder how she was getting the food.

Some of the people walking by the house Priscilla was living in often would stop for a few minutes stand still to listen if anything was moving at all there, To not hearing anything and carrying.

What exactly was going on with her? No one had answers, only more questions to the woman who was hiding away. Was Priscilla withdrawals from not murdering people finally going into it's deepest stage? was she even alive? so many things behind the door to this house.

#2Vali Onfroy † 

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Last night, Skaal had a special guest known as Lord Ikua. Lord Ikua's mission was total dominance over the north, especially where Skaal resided. When Vali refused to submit, Ikua declared war and because of that, the Jarl was up at 6 AM. Weeks prior Skaal was visited by Rune Knights led by a wind mage who was searching for Vali in particular. That Knight was the reason why Skaal was in its current state. It seemed that for whatever reason, Skaal had a target on their back. Needless to say that Vali was to blame for that. The young Leader had so many things to think about now. He had so many people depending on him, but there was one person in particular that crossed his mind the most.

When Vali first arrived home last night he was informed that Priscilla was indeed in the village...but she hadn't left her home for who knows how long. Of course, the silver-haired Viking made it his business to check on her but when he visited, she would not open the door. He knew she was there though because he could smell her not to mention she smelled much like she usually did. Perhaps she just needed space, Val thought. So, he gave her space. Now he was here early this morning to see her. This time, he would demand his way in as Jarl. A part of him couldn't think straight knowing Priscilla was dealing with something on her own.

As he walked towards her home, he was followed by a posse of two guards. Priscilla... he thought to himself. The young Desiertan realized how distant Priscilla was for a while. He went through a phase- a destructive one and in the process, he was sure that he had taken Priscilla for granted. He balled his fist up, angered with himself again. He had done so many things wrong in such a short amount of time, he had unintentionally pushed so many people away. He had been selfish... It was time to become a man. It was time to be there for the one person who was always there for him no matter what he went through; Priscilla. With a stronger sense of purpose, he approached Priscilla's door.

The werewolf turned to his men before nodding, which meant that they could leave him be. They were worried too, just as many of the other villagers were. Solitude was sacred though, it was taboo to invade someone's privacy. She didn't need any more alone time, Val thought. He needed to make sure she wasn't injured from the war with the Knights or wasn't driving herself crazy. For a moment there was silence. The tanned man put his ear to the door to see if he could hear anything, but there was nothing. Slowly he raised his hand before knocking. "Priscilla...." He began. "Priscilla, it's me." he sighed.

"Open the door." ... "Please." he said in Icebergan. Surely if she didn't speak fluent Icebergan by now, she'd know what "please" meant.


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Between him saying open the door and please behind the door there was seemed to be a few steps hear they were rather far away from the door. The door slowly open slightly, to be noted was the fact the door was not locked at all there was no click of it unlocking it, Just as easily some one could have asked in it seemed, But then again walking into Priscilla could mean many things.

As seemed as calmly Priscilla came to just open that door slightly, She seemed to be walking away slowly. Was she off to hide again? Or just sit down somewhere? Vali would find the answer to that when he walk through.

Out of sight of any windows was one sole chair in the room. There was still a small space of time before she would reach chair to sit down she did also has her back turned to Vali.

Everything else in house seemed to be the normal set of up the villagers, But seemingly untouched since the day she had gotten it all.

What could be picked up from Priscilla she seemed unchanged, Just less of her normal gear on: a gray sleeveless shirt, Black pants, No scarf, no weapons on her, even no shoes.

If Vali had not interrupted Priscilla during the time frame between her opening the door and going to return to sit down. Priscilla would sit down, her fingers were twitching in a easily predicted time of every five seconds.

When she did, staring forward right at Vali. Now the signs of what was wrong was now more visible. Priscilla seemed to have barely had gotten any sleep recently even if she would have tried to hide it, the very noticeable darken bags under her eye and under where her other one use to be.

Priscilla seemed not be focus on her state rather then something else."Who attacked the village?...I was not here for it."Priscilla sounded like she was ill in some manner not really focusing on it either.

#4Vali Onfroy † 

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The purple haired Mistress finally approached the door and opened it slightly. She didn't unlock it, which meant it was already open. All this time it was unlocked? The Jarl wasn't surprised that people didn't enter her home though, or try because truthfully there was too much going on. The easiest thing to do at this time was respect the privacy of people who obviously wanted it. Val pushed open the door, seeing the inside of her house completely dark. It was quite cold too, but nothing either of them couldn't handle. In silence the Titan trailed behind Priscilla. She wore a gray sleevless shirt, black pants and walked around barefoot.

Not even her weapons were attached to her body. Vali himself carried his golden sword on his hip, sheathed. His Vanguard armor covered his body. The last time Priscilla had seen Vali, his hair was red, longer, and messy. Now he had washed the dye out and cut his hair, feeling like himself a little more. It was safe to say that his "Mad Titan" days were over. He was no longer as angry as he was when he was acting out. Now he was much colder and quieter but still kind and proud. The Desiertan watched the woman as she sat down in her chair. There were dark colored bags under her eyes, proof that she hadn't slept in a while. The young noble raised an eyebrow as Priscilla proceeded to speak.

"The Rune Knights. They killed many of us and imprisoned others." He said calmly. His voice was filled with a hint of anger and regret. Apparently, Priscilla wasn't in the village when it happened which was probably a good thing. If she was here then she may have been killed or imprisoned too. "I'll make everything better though, do not worry yourself." His accent was still there- not as thick as before, but still there. He didn't want to give Priscilla the details of his plans at this very moment because her health was more important. "You look like you haven't slept in days. What's wrong?" He asked before slowly moving closer towards here. "Everyone's concerned." he said gently. Though he was probably the most worried about her.

Trauma...this is what it did to people.


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It seemed to interest Priscilla a small amount with what was mentioned a group, not shocking it was a group she did not personally like. But a murderer and a woman who did not follow the laws for her own desires and habits it would be not shock."Oh?....The Rune Knights you say, Guess it gives me to track down either one of the two I know."Priscilla mentioned casually. She seemed to think of it as a plan."Maybe i can come up with black mail, revenge, or use it in some manner to get them off of my trail, I wonder if they have any names for me to keep note of."It seemed so normal of her to already be thinking of what she wanted to do.

Also mentioning."Or I can track down and slaughter a few of them..."Even if Vali said he would deal with it, Priscilla was just that way, Priscilla would be easy to manage in this state, could be easy to get her to not even consider killing anyone.

With nothing to hide the answer she had might not please Vali."three and a half days, If you wanted an actual number."Which how she could be so plain about it showed it was something she had already had come to terms with.

Just wonder what could make a woman stay up this long."My problems almost seemed gone, the day i became a werewolf."It might seemed like Vali was in for a story."Bloodshed....screams of pain....to see light fade away from a person eyes,It was like the more pure form of bless I gain in life."It would explain why it all came so easily for her, Why she was shaped into what she was, who she was."There are voices that would often speak in my mind about this bottomless desire."Priscilla was starting to seem like a nutcase at this as well at least that was the judgement she feared."It seems if go fill this need after all...I get restless, can't sleep...I get these hand twitches."It was the only way she could explain it.

Murder was a drug to Priscilla and she had hid that it was to most people."All until I deal with such a need."Maybe this was now also Priscilla reaching out for help, Since she did not know any other way of dealing with it."For the safety of others, I remain here...none here should ever be at the end of what fill that need."To hold out this long showed Priscilla was far too determine to stick it out."I am left nervous along with these twitches."she was living a nightmare in a different manner, But since Vali knew what was happening she had to wonder what now would happen? was Priscilla new useless until she killed some one? or was she could to have a different fate?

#6Vali Onfroy † 

Bitter Tasting Emotion.(Vali) Empty Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:32 am


Vali understood what Priscilla was going through to an extent. When his mind was consumed by the darkness, he would twitch often too. Now, he still has those twitches but they're getting better. Twitching just meant that he was anxious and fighting his body's urge to do something totally wicked. The Jarl glanced down at her had before his eyes landed on her eyes again. He rubbed his hands through his hair and sighed. This was his fault, he thought. He turned Priscilla into a werewolf which in turn pushed her further into the darkness. He wished he could take it back because the power they had was a curse really. Especially if you weren't strong enough to control it. Priscilla needed to change her view on things- on life and death. She needed to want to leave the darkness.

The Titan shook his head. "You are not well, Priscilla. I cannot allow you to pursue anything in this state. Not now." He nodded. She was in no condition, no matter how much she insisted. "It scares me how much you enjoy killing." He admitted as his voice softened. Now that he was close enough, he extended his hand towards Priscilla and if she allowed, he would gently place his hand on her chin to bring her attention to him while he towered above her. "This is not the way of life. Killing-it's...it's not right. It brings out the wore in people." He sighed, looking at the ground for a split moment. "I have done terrible things that I can't take back. Things that did not make me feel better. I was pushing myself deeper into the darkness and I almost lost myself." Then he knelt down in front of her.

"Do not lose yourself, Priscilla. Please, I need you..." he clenched his jaws before swallowing hard. For the first time in a long time Vali felt...fear. "If you can't control yourself then I would have no choice but to..." He glared into her eyes. Sadness, anger, frustration- all could be witnessed upon looking into his orbs. Priscilla seemed blank, coarse. Vali wanted to help her, but she was losing it. The desiertan Viking couldn't even finish the sentence because he never wanted to get to that point. He hoped he would never have to kill her. "I need you..." he said again to make sure she heard it. Val couldn't stand to see her this lost.


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It seemed to have some kind of impact on her, It did seem to strike some kind of new reality upon Priscilla. after all he was right, She was not in any state to do anything. With this moment Priscilla just seemed to accept it. There was not only a comfort for Priscilla in this event, even not resisting or turning away his comfort's as well.

"I've feared becoming free from what binds me so to say."So they would talk about it now."I become fearful of what happens after I am free from these desires and urges..last time I felt i was almost free I cried for nearly an hour and feel far too weak that i feel comfortable to admit."So becoming clean of it was something she feared and Vali now knew why.

Priscilla seemed to quietly lean into Vali and just hug him."I was a ruined soul long before you chose to take me."She seem to kind of rest her head on one of his shoulders."You seem to be the few people who believes I can be different."This seemed to be the connection that they had now, Guess Priscilla really could not avoid her emotions much longer now herself, That bitter taste of keeping it normally professional was long gone they both knew it.

She wanted to change it seems."I will be free of this eventually."She sounded determine as well as sleepy. Faith with Priscilla with more in the people around her."I will be what you can rely on, I just need to get past this one step."So hiding was trying not to be a threat to anyone, She did not want to kill any of them or try to shed any of their blood.

Now the blunt woman she was would say one thing finally."I can admit, my feelings for you are far from business and work like i figured it would be."so Priscilla would not be hiding her emotions either."My feelings for you are rather personal and loving...something I thought buried away forever."Priscilla was not hiding her feeling anymore it seemed, She was letting herself just freely express it. this normally came back to bite her it is why she hid it for so long and she was breaking that boundary with Vali.

"But am I truly that kind of partner you would really want?"It seemed to be a serious question for Vali, if he answered that was entirely on him, For Priscilla was admitting she loved him, just in a blunt and sleepy way, Maybe with Vali comfort Priscilla might actually try to sleep.

"I find you and your comfort something I need just as much as you seem to need me."Priscilla would just ask him a simple thing."If it helps me sleep, will you stay by me until I do?"Priscilla was giving into her need to sleep now. She wanted him to stay the entire time. But Priscilla would not force him to stay there, because she knew Vali had most likely other things he needed to do."You may leave right after if you have other things to do."What would happen with this request, she wondered and waited.

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Vali gazed upon the purple-haired woman. She feared what she didn't know- what she wasn't used to. That fear is what kept her stuck in her ways. Priscilla was comfortable with who she saw herself as; a monster, a killer. The Jarl looked at the ground as he listened to her. Priscilla was there when he executed Nekomatas for betraying him, but she wasn't there when he had to execute his mother. This was a scary feeling...to feel like that could happen again. His mother had lost her mind, corrupted by the demons. His eyes connected with Priscilla's once more. For a moment he was lost in them. He couldn't lose Priscilla to madness, not like how he lost both his mother and himself. However, she was right. She was a ruined soul before he found her but he didn't do anything but abuse that.

A part of him felt guilty. "You mustn't give in." he simply added. It wasn't that easy he knew that, but it was the truth. Then, suddenly, Priscilla had said something Vali though she'd never had the courage to tell him. Of course, he was no idiot. The Titan knew Priscilla was fond of him and he couldn't say the feeling wasn't mutual. Vali looked at her. He truly didn't know how to feel at this very moment. The murdering mistress was expressing her love for him. She then asked if she was the type of person Vali would really want but it was a question that he couldn't answer just yet. "..." Before he could respond she even told him that she needed him too.

Her eyes seemed to become lower with every word. She was tired and definitely needed to rest. The Viking Lord slowly stood before slipping in the chair beside her. He had quickly dismissed her question but he took her feelings in. It wasn't the right time to respond- it wasn't the right time to think of such things, not when he had the battle to think about. When he would gently move her body so that she would be cradled in his arms, like a baby. "Shhhh." he'd let out lightly. The white-haired Jarl would slowly rock back and forth with her in his arms. "Rest..." he'd say as he stared at her front door.

Priscilla was important to him. More important than any woman alive. Vali would lean over to plant a kiss on her forehead...still rocking and staring at the entrance. He wouldn't leave until she fell asleep, no matter how long it took He loved her...and maybe that was the problem.


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Maybe this was moment that could give Priscilla that peace she needed to push forward with this, Vali had the people to look after her, who would look out for her too. That very fear that she did not want to face was one she could comfortably deal with here and finally be free. Even if the one thing she wished not was answered too.

The actions proved more then enough for Priscilla to be happy with."I would not be me if I gave in with out a fight,I will best this."She was far too stubborn and determine to get past it. After all she lived a long time addicted to it and with out help. So Vali now had her word.

She could relax even resting her head against him while she was starting to give into sleep. The only thing she seemed to be left to her wonder was."When will you return?"groggy sounding she seemed like she could finally be able too, It was the only thing she wanted to know at this point most likely if she knew then she would be sleeping then.

Eventually if he answered or not Priscilla seemed to have fallen a sleep with in Vali's arms. To most vulnerable Priscilla had been at this point around Vali. It would bound to happen with how long she had managed to stay awake, To finally give in must have been a wonderful relief for Vali to see, as well eventually wonderful for Priscilla to manage to sleep. It was a blessing Priscilla would not realize until she woke up it was a blessing too.

This was another stage for the both of them. Maybe Priscilla would seem a bit different after this, Even if she never got an answer in that moment, being weak like that to Vali would mean something to Priscilla.

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He may never return...that was the truth, but he couldn't tell that to Priscilla. Out of all people, he knew Priscilla was more than capable of handling the truth but she was still a person. Vali didn't want to worry her. When he looked down at the woman within his arms, he could see her slowly drifting into slumber. "Soon." he said gently. The Titan would then move a strand of hair from in front of her face, gently stroking her locks around her ear. It was odd to see how comfortable Priscilla had become with him. It was even odder for him to realize that he actually loved a woman who wasn't his mother. Time flew fast and it created bonds that only the gods understood. The gods, and the people involved. Vali gently rocked back and forth until he realized that Priscilla was fully asleep. As quietly as he could, he'd lift himself up with Priscilla in his arms. The wood beneath his feet was old and distraught. All the homes here were distraught, they didn't change much since Vali took the abandoned village.  The giant carried the lost soul to her bed before lightly placing her down. He had to stop for a moment. Before he left he needed to look upon her face once more.




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It was good enough answer for Priscilla, if she were awake to hear. To see Priscilla enter the land of sleep. If she was actually awake the answer would actually be okay with it. Priscilla did understand how things work here.

It was her becoming too hard struck to keep herself stable and around these people. This would be a change that Priscilla would be stuck rather hard set on keeping these people safe as well as Vali.

While Vali would take on last look at Priscilla, He could see one thing different with Priscilla finally sleeping there was a smile on her face, not one he had seen on her before that happy peaceful smile, Priscilla seemed like she would be okay, at least in her mind.

It would be unknown to Priscilla how long she ended up sleeping for, it would not matter since three and a half days was a long time and all it did was wear her down.

Eventually coming back to reality, Priscilla rolled over to realized she was in her bed, No one else around. Not that she was worried about it at all.Even if the only person she actually wanted around when she woke up was not around, She would find him later.

Stretching out, Priscilla felt normal now. There was no horrible need on her mind."Hmm,this is nice but..I do really owe the people a visit to ease their minds."So Priscilla then would slowly gather her things. Getting her normal attire on slowly but before getting her scarf on she then looked around to see if she had a coat, After all winter was still around and she stupidly a few time chose to go with out a coat and it did show it effected her."I will ask for one later."She said to herself After all, she was no longer scared to ask for anything in this rather sober like state, she would be asking for more then a coat.


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