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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest]

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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala snuck through the streets of Crocus late at night; she was careful to avoid the city lights just like she had been doing for the entire week. At this point, the thief had no doubt that the rich and famous of the holy capital paid no mind to their own belongings, due to simply having too many: on a previous night she had stolen a significant of jewelry from a couple just down the streets and sold it on the black market. The jewelry had earned her a nice sum and now the sneak thief was back for more – before that, however, she had made sure to see whether or not word of her doings had gotten around.

Usually, the police (when they were involved) was pretty vocal about wanting to end any sort of wrong doings, often threatening thieves and burglars with security cameras and whatnot. But so far: nothing. It almost seemed as though the couple hadn’t even noticed the theft and now that a few days had passed Nuala was wondering if that could be possible – but then again, the lady did indeed have a lot of junk lying around. One diamond-studded necklace more or less certainly wouldn’t make much of a difference.

That is unless you were Nuala. Nuala was very much planning on going in again (not into the same building of course, that would be negligent) but to an estate that hosted people of similar wealth. This time, she wasn’t working for someone either. Nuala wanted to see how far she could get without a client, and perhaps one or two items that she found would prove valuable enough to interest some new clients in her services. Occasionally though, the woman preferred to work alone. There hadn’t been many work offers lately, which was kind of a bummer. It was much easier for the Voidling to receive a contract that would pay her well when all she had to do was pick something up and deliver it to the right person.

If she worked like this, alone, she had to go through the hassle of finding someone to buy the things she stole herself – and fences could be extremely annoying. More often than not they gave her a shitty rate and tried to argue their way out of paying more, even when the item she offered was clearly more valuable than the price they were willing to pay.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest] U8W6XVS

For tonight, however, Nuala had something a little different planned. She had scouted the place and learned a lot about the citizens that lived here. Nuala wasn’t a completely terrible person, so she made sure that the people she robbed weren’t elderly and struggling to survive – the families she targeted were usually nobles, who lived in the inner ring of the holy capital and had many valuable items. Nuala was specialized in stealing small items, such as jewelry. Necklaces, rings, gems and those type of items generally speaking earned her a decent amount of money – but they were also surprisingly common. It was difficult, if not impossible to find a unique piece of jewelry to steal and so Nuala often earned less for her jewelry than one might suspect.

Some of the most valuable items, the ones that earned the most money no matter where or who she sold them to, where definitely paintings. Paintings were unique, old and often rare. Nobles owned a lot of expensive paintings that were often in pristine condition. If Nuala could get her hands on one of those, she would be able to make a crap ton of coin for little effort. If you could call it little effort, that is. Unfortunately most paintings were not only old and easy to break, they were also huge and awkward to carry. Removing them from their position was one thing, but carrying them out and then through the city without being noticed was a whole different deal. Frankly, Nuala didn’t know if she was up for it. But after speaking to one of the fences who bought her jewelry, she had learned that there were a lot of criminal art dealers that were willing to pay a fortune to have direct access to said paintings.

Usually, paintings were sold at an auction, which was the main reason for the high price. Now, Nuala wouldn’t be such an excellent thief if she didn’t appreciate a challenge from time to time. There was indeed a painting that she had set her eyes on. It was medium sized and could be carried by her alone. It was the portrayed of a woman and quite popular, currently owned by one of the richest families in town. From asking around, Nuala had learned that the painting was displayed in one of the houses offices, on the wall behind the desk of the patriach.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala had spent a few days shadowing the inhabitants of the building and figuring out how many people exactly lived inside – and there were plenty. The family consisted of the husband, his wife and their three children. The children were at least teenagers from what she could guess and often occupied with their own hobbies and such, which hopefully made it easier for her to avoid them. On top of that, there was also one butler and a housemaid that assisted in running the household. Nuala figured that if she simply snuck into the house in the middle of the night she could get away with stealing the painting without being noticed.

Like most big houses, this one had more than one entrance and Nuala planned on using the one that led towards the garden, on the backside of the building. Entering the house from the streetside would be stupid and dangerous anyways. Nuala proceeded to snuck around the entire building, making sure she took the long way around the house (through the woods that surrounded the buildings) before entering the premises. There was a large fence involved, but Nuala decided not to use it. She picked the lock to the gate instead and quickly snuck inside. The garden of the family was quite beautiful, but also filled with triggers that (when someone moved past them) would cause the garden lights to turn on.

Nuala had previously been involved with these types of systems and knew how to avoid them. Skillfully, the thief snuck around the garden all the way to the door while avoiding said light system all together. The door inside the house was quickly picked as well and Nuala rolled inside. It was completely dark, which made perfect sense since it was the middle of the night after all. Way too late for anyone to be staying up at this hour of the day. But Nuala decided to wait for a moment and simply listen. She had excellent hearing and vision so she could not only see in the dark, but also hear if there was anyone still awake and walking around or talking. But the air seemed clear.

The house was a two story building, with the living room, kitchen, a bathroom, the office and some storage rooms on the bottom floor - where she currently was - and the bedrooms on the top floor. Nuala felt relieved knowing that there would be no need for her to go upstairs where the sleeping people were, but at the same time she wondered if the patriarch had taken extra precautions with his office.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala could hear the faint sounds of snoring coming from upstairs. It was in the middle of the night and the family was asleep. This was the perfect time for her to strike. She quickly snuck through the lower floor of the mansion and took a look around. There were quite a few valuable items here from what she could tell and definitely not only the painting that would be located in his office. On the go, Nuala could spot a lot of decoration that was made from high end materials and could probably be sold. There was a map on the wall above the fireplace that looked to be at least a hundred years old. It appeared to be old but well kept and in good condition and collectors would be a decent price for something like that.

Something that Nuala hadn’t accounted for was the fact that the bedrooms of the maid and the butler were on the bottom floor, the same floor she was one, as well - but it didn’t matter. She snuck by their separate rooms only to hear that they were in fact asleep. Their breathing was calm, sound and steady. Due to being a Voidling, Nuala made basically no sound while sneaking around and therefore it would be no problem for her to not wake anyone up. She continued to move around. Nuala had gone from the kitchen, across the dining area, past the rooms of butler and maid. At the end of the hall there was the office of the man of the house. She figured he had a job somewhere in politics and that is why they had so much money. None of that was unusual.

As figured the door to the office was locked. Nuala pulled out a lockpick and did her magic and even though this one took a little longer to be picked, she eventually managed to open the door with a click. Quickly, the Voidling hushed inside and closed the door behind her. The office was decently sized and filled with a large chair and desk, as well as a number of bookshelves around the walls that were covered in books. There were also a number of paintings on the wall and some statues decorating the room. Nuala’s eyes immediately fell on the painting that she had come here for. It hung right behind the man’s chair on the wall, overlooking the hole room.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging II [Quest] U8W6XVS

As Nuala found herself within the office, she felt as if something wasn’t right. The place had an eerie feeling to it, as if there was something wrong. Looking at the painting, she walked around the desk to inspect the area. The family seemed pretty normal from what she could tell and after observing them for a while Nuala hadn’t noticed anything off about them. The desk had a lot of drawers and every single one of them was locked. It wasn’t the drawers that caught her attention, however, but what was underneath the chair, on the floor. Between the desk and where the chair stood, there was a trap door set into the floor.

She could tell by the marks on the floor that it was frequently being opened and used. Nuala sucked in a breath before she kneeled down and placed her hands on the wood. A light knock gave away that there was a lot of room below her. Maybe a basement? Suddenly the thief realized that she wanted to get out of her as quickly as possible. She didn’t know what the humans were up to, but she knew that they had some pretty twisted minds sometimes. Nuala swiftly removed the painting from the wall and covered with with a cloth that she had brought along, before swiftly sneaking out of the office and closing the door behind herself. To her relief, it was still quiet in the hallway and she was able to get out of the building without being noticed.

Once outside, Nuala took a route that led her away from the part of the city that had a busy nightlife and made sure to avoid the majority of streetlamps while she did that. With the painting in tow, she decided that she would take it back to her place first – no one knew that she had stolen it, but she had prepared for word to be out about it tomorrow. Then, a lot of requests and offers would be coming in for her to sell it. For now, the Voidling wanted to rest and think about what the patriarch of that noble family was hiding in his basement.


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