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A Night To Remember [Amen'ra]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

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Sage Meilyr
It was a lovely day, Sage was preparing himself for the night. He had already planned a date with Amen'ra, something they thought of doing to spent more time with each other. Sage agreed immediately, he simply love it to be beside his lover. He was combing his long white hair so that it'll flow smoothly behind his back. In front of the mirror, he would see his black turtleneck sweater, over it a navy blue coat along with black gloves to go along with it. His pants was khaki in color, his shoes brown. It wasn't a fancy looking outfit but he felt like it was just nice, plus his face was good looking enough.

He looked outside, the sun was over the horizons, and he noticed something, white flakes were falling from the sky, it was snowing again that night! Oh how perfect it was, Sage thought. He went outside, while grabbing a red scarf and covered his neck with it. He went right towards the place where they had agreed to meet, in front of a cute little cafe just across a park. While walking, snow had already covered the streets, the night sky was pretty too, and magical. He can't wait to meet Amen'ra.


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Amen'ra was more than eager to spend yet another night with a man he was falling deeper and deeper into. The way he walked, talked, even thought was all something the sun mage could admire over and over and still not convey his point. It was just a feeling akin to destiny that their paths intertwined and they'd found themselves head over heels.

Sliding easily into a red wool knit sweater, with blue denim, form fitting jeans to keep the look softer than his usual style. A silver chain with three ornamental sun pendants latched onto two belt front and back belt loop, an insulated black leather coat would complete the look. Aside from the black choker he'd thrown on and silver rings he had displayed without pattern on his fingers, he'd tussle his messy hair in the mirror once more before smirking at his appearance.

Honestly he could of dressed up for the date, but where they were headed needed a flash of style to lighten the mood. Running out of his inn room with a smile plastered to his model like features, headed straight for the cafe they'd decided to meet up.

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