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Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Empty Sun Feb 23, 2020 11:33 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
When Tomoe first heard that he was to once more be brought into the fray to train and assist the poor and downtrodden, his skin grew pale and his eyes lose a little color at the shock of it all. Here he was, someone paid to abuse children as the public saw it, and they were going to put their faith in him once more? The Joyan wasn't one to turn down his share of money, however. Being a "mercenary" on the streets., Tomoe needed funds whenever he could get them. Nothing would stop him from his jewel mountain, where he would sit atop laughing at the peasants he had bruised and battered to get there.

Being deemed a heretic for his service to the Midnight Cult and a rising bounty in the area however, he would cloak himself once more to stop a target from being painted across his back as he merely went on his way. Being a criminal in Crocus was considered by some to be suicidal in the end, and the ronin had to admit to a few close encounters with the law or even bounty hunters. It wasn't safe to stay in the area much longer, now that the festivities at the Grand Ball had concluded and the more notorious villains dispersed.

Life had returned to its normal, boot-licking self in Crocus complete with the most annoying "heroes" that could ever feign interest in assisting the poor; faking their deeds for glances from nobility. Tomoe, on the other hand, had a true and honest desire to help people that were willing to first help themselves. Every now and again his attempts would be thwarted or at least halted by others, with the most notable example in recent history being the annoying glasses guy and his flying fertilizer. People like that he would just never be able to understand, much less respect. As the cloaked man neared the fountain where his help had taken place last time, he awaited noon when the working class citizens would gather here for another lesson.

Only a few more minutes to go,, Tomoe thought to himself in disinterest, ultimately still desiring the money more than to help.



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Even walking is more difficult it seems.

Aegis stumbled a bit every so often as he walked, as if his new height was throwing his movement off. He was still not accustomed to the changes that he had undergone. He looked more like a large injured man himself then one here to help. The lack of need for food as sustenance and sleep were another thing that was becoming very odd as it not gave him more time to get things done, he felt sleepy from time to time, but believed this was more habit than anything else.

His stature was only half of the problem. People seemed to treat him worse then before, though this was to be expected as he knew this would be an issue from the get go. Even from mere sight people would try and run away and this wounded him as he was just there to help or just going about his day. While he knew his choice was fair in line for the results he wanted and was prepared to undergo, It didn't make this feeling of seeing those and being repudiated subside.

Aegis headed down the oddly empty street, hoping to see some of the children he had helped before and was longing to see  if their state had been better since last time he was here. None of them were to be found, or many others for that matter. Still hidden by his dark cloak, a seven foot tall man stumbling through the street would seem odd to anyone given the circumstances.  He kept Theo out of sight just in case, because being recognised in this form so early would only lead to further complications he though.

This will be a rough day he thought to himself, as he wandered towards the center of the district.

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#3Tomoe Tanaka 

Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Empty Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:44 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
The ronin's gaze was downcast, obscured by his hood. There was little that anybody could do to surprise him at the moment, being a wanted criminal who was constantly on edge. While he still thought himself a good person, Tomoe was constantly demonized and painted as a villain for his methods in helping others. The Joyan realized it for what it truly was: people were soft in Fiore, and the most that they could do for one another was to whisper sweet nothings and empty promises. They didn't really want to be saved or to discover the ways in which to preserve their own lives; they merely wanted to be coddled, babied, and treated as if they deserved compassion and respect by default.

It was in the middle of this train of thought that Tomoe turned his gaze upward with a concerned and sharpened glare. For one, the people brave enough to endure another day of his training had shown up. Once more they limped forth and used each other for balance, worn both physically and mentally. It was barely the crack of dawn, and while the Joyan endured this fatigue after having his body taught how to for many years in his homeland, this was not a trait shared by the commoners of Crocus. Tomoe tried his best to hold in his disappointment, and that disappointment faded when his vision met a very large, very dark and very imposing man walking down the street towards the very location that everyone was set to train at.

Clank. Clank. Clank.

The man's movements were unfocused in a way, as if belonging to a baby learning its gait for the first time. Clumsy, yet still filled with intent and a destination in mind. As his movements drew closer, Tomoe could only assume the worst at first. Seeing the nervous faces of some of the children and other onlookers, the ronin sighed and began moving to meet the man before he could reach the citizens, knowing that they were just barely more threatening than a puppy with all four of its legs removed.

"Hey, buddy. Just a trainin' circle goin' on here. You mind movin' along, or do ya have some business here?", Tomoe spoke with a nonchalant yet still firm voice, not antagonizing nor submissive.

Still cloaked and wreathed in robes and a tattered cloak of his own, the interaction would assuredly become a strange sight to anybody else as two men wreathed in cloth stood before each other.



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Looking down in front of him was a man about a foot or so shorter. The man seemed a bit off, but he had a firm stance and seemed to be confident enough to know what he was doing. Aegis seemed to remember the man from the last time he was here, but from the sort amount of time they had interacted, plus his memory still being a bit fuzzy, made the recollection that much harder. "I am here to help teach them." he said with a deep voice that was oddly menacing but yet felt both soothing and resonating. He looks down towards the man, slightly tilting his head as he does so.

"Have we met before? Your presence seems... familiar."

His body straightening out upright as his height started to seem more imposing, as one could see the outline of broad shoulders embracing dark but shining platemail underneath his cloak if they looked with keen enough eyes. He did not seem to be armed, but strength in size was a worry in and of itself. The cloak was a dark blue, almost midnight color, and had a light flow through the air to it and made it seem almost as if it was made of smoke.

"Are you one of the people I am currently contracted to aid today?" Pondering to himself, and looking him up and down with almost no head motion. "You seem well and fit however, I doubt that get me to come out here for just yourself." He took a look around himself and noticed that the people that were in the area seemed to have mostly left, not sure if it was due to the strangers presence and demeanor, or his own. He left out a heavy sigh, but with out lungs he wasn't all to sure where or how he did so.

Things will be harder until they know and respect us he said to himself, still not being too worried about the person in front of him, but still cautious and at the ready.

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#5Tomoe Tanaka 

Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Empty Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:43 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe raised a brow under his forest of cloth and rags, invisible to anybody but himself. His posture would tell a different story, however - one of a man who had yet to let his guard down. Though this giant didn't seem intent on immediate harm, Tomoe didn't let up. He didn't even question that in the moment his concern was for the safety of those behind him against a potential dark guild wizard or wandering psychopath. It wasn't as if he cared for their lives or anything of the sort. Rather, they were money that would be deducted if harm befell them. Truly, that was all he saw the damaged citizens of the city as... didn't he? Flashes of Magnolia and of an orange-gold insignia entered into his mind, but he pushed those thoughts away to focus on the immediate problem.

"Uh. Nah, buddy. I don't think we've met at all. I'd remember a brute like you whether I'd want to or not, believe me.", Tomoe blurted out with a familiar voice that would likely refresh the cloaked statue's memory.

Afterwards, the Joyan pulled away slightly, put off by the fact that the giant was so casual and, despite an imposing figure, concerned for the people? Somehow.

"No, you want those bozos.", Tomoe continued, pointing a finger behind him towards the citizens that were dispersing.

Still, some did stay behind. A few children, as well as adult men to shield them from Tomoe himself. It was then that he heard something muttered under the giant's breath, so faint and yet Tomoe's rogue ears would make out the sounds just enough to understand.

"Respect you...?", Tomoe muttered in response in confusion, unsure if the cloaked colossus knew that he had spoken aloud.

Regardless, intrigue set in for the lonely warrior as he awaited responses from his conversation partner, still as cautious as ever in case he would try something.



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“My apologies, no disrespect was meant.”

Aegis looks over to the younger citizens that are still around, still being protected and watched by the older countrymen behind them. The tension and fear was easily seen in their eyes and bodies, almost making it a auditory and palpable sensation. While still looking over the people in front of him, Aegis talks to the figure beside him.
“Are you here by chance? Or are you also here to train them?”

As the voice of the stranger reminds him of someone he met the last time he was here. although he didn’t show it, a light flutter of concerned came into his mind as he remembered that he did not necessarily agree with the methods being used to train the civilians from their last encounter. Though after his observations, it didn’t look like many of the individuals were more injured than before, which he was happy about. Not having extra injuries to turn to was always a pleasant thing in his mind. Although it didn’t look like they had even done training yet at this stage, so he took stride over towards the people standing by the side lines.

Some of the adults, still intimidated by him, held the children closer. One of the children however, who Aegis recognized from before, was the girl he had been healing last time he was here, along with her brother. Aegis went up to her slowly and went onto one knee to try and bring himself took her level as much as was feasible without being ridiculous.
"Don't worry, i'm here to try and teach you how to protect yourself and your brother." He said. As he knelt down, She noticed something odd in his coverings. Suddenly her head cocked to the side, and most of the anxiety and fear from her eyes was gone. She came closer slowly, and just simply walked up to aegis' side and using a small hand clung to the bottom of his cloak. The older of the audience was were very confused by this, but seem to feel a little bit better when he stood back up and didn't dismiss the child or stop her from clinging on.

"Shall we begin?"

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#7Tomoe Tanaka 

Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Empty Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:39 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
"Disrespect don't mean shit to me, at the end of the day.", Tomoe muttered, maneuvering his finger through cloth openings in his hood and digging wax out of his ear in a manner most nonchalant.

"Nah, I'm here to help these people out. If we're the same with that, we'd better earn our keep, eh?", the cloaked combatant questioned, cracking his knuckles with passion as he looked towards those that stayed behind to participate.

The numbers were far less than before, and those that remained had less than enthusiastic reactions upon realizing the direction that their training would soon take under the thug's tutelage would be painful. However, this uncomfortable atmosphere was alleviated somewhat at the presence and actions of the tall man, who seemed to be gaining some favor with the commoners present for the training. Tomoe's shoulders relaxed, believing that at least for the immediate moment he wouldn't have to protect these defenseless souls from some murderous behemoth. Moving over to stand next to the man, Tomoe looked up at him and gave a nod.

"You can do the honors. Seems like these people want a change of pace, so feel free to try something new."

Tomoe took a step back, awaiting to see what the man had planned. Being somebody who thrived off of brutal training strategies and punishing his body for mistakes, the ronin had to admit to himself a sort of curiosity for what another training method could potentially look like. He crossed his arms and once more gave a nod, handing off the first lesson to the giant. Tomoe's face was obscured and thus no reaction could be seen, but underneath was cautious approval mixed with intrigue towards whatever might happen next.



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"Alright then, let us begin with a basic trial."

The first test Aegis would put them through was a test of strength, not not one that they were expecting.
"Please lineup in front, and use an orderly fashion." most of the people hearing this listed to the tall man, but most were still watching with weary eyes as to the intent. The small child beside him tugged slightly on his cloak, "I want to stay here." He looked down towards the small human at his side. "Fine child, you may. But be aware, you won't be immune to this test, yes?" she nodded towards him as he fixed his gaze back to the others.

Barely noticeable at first, the noise of the town faded into the sound of a far and distant squall. There was a small ripple of cold that could be felt in the air, not anywhere near freezing as the temperature on your skin, but one felt into your bones and being like an ice spreading through your marrow. Suddenly two of the fellow citizen there failed the challenge Aegis had laid before them. They looked up and him, eyes wide open, then started to run. They ran slowly at first, as if it was slow motion and they were taking their time to build up speed. But soon after the were far down the streets, unable to stop looking back toward the source of the dread that they just felt.

He could see some of the others were also starting to buckle their knees and were starting to waver. Still standing at that looked like a statues attention, his eyes drifted down towards the child. "How are you holding..." She was fine, looking up at him with no fear. One could almost hear a single noted laugh as he looked back towards the others.
"You will not be outdone by a mere child will you?" He said in a deep, serious, and challenging tone. "You are here to protect them are you not?" He took a step towards them. "You dare to betray your duty to those that come after you?" Another heavy iron step, leading to more leaving. "This is your Trials, not theirs. They have to prepare for the ones to come in their time!" He now stands looming over the people that still remained. Bright blue eyes could be seen glowing even through the heavily applied midnight blue colored cloak. None of them moved a muscle. They all stood there frozen still, but even so flight had not yet set in.

Just as quickly as this experience had started, the town seemed enormously loud again. Most of them looked around, seemingly in a dazed stupor. "You all will have what it takes. I will be back to teach you further. You have earned my basic respect today. Sleep, and rest well. For there will be more to come as I return and train with you." He looked down and gave the girl a simple pat of the head. Leaning down to her he whispered "You did extremely well. Your brother would be proud." She shone a beaming smile and a "Thank you!" back to him before running off, most likely to explain to the sibling what she had just seen and accomplished.

Aegis began to walk off in the direction of what he has planned as his new home. He gave a short glance towards the swordsmen, nodded politely, then continued on his way.

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Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Yaga-f12
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#9Tomoe Tanaka 

Training & Helping Those In Need 2 [Tomoe, Aegis] Empty Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:08 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
A bead of sweat dripped from Tomoe's forehead as he witnessed the display before him. A training regiment unlike any other he had seen - one more of mental fortitude than physical. Allowing the man to take the stage, he had turned it into a test of mentality rather than physicality. Upon seeing the reveal of the man's glowing eyes, he felt the urge to reach for the sword under his cloak. Perhaps the giant really was somebody to take down after all. That was until he began to speak, and his words seemed to cut to the heart of the matter in a way that the Joyan himself was unable to. Not being particularly one of careful diplomacy, the man was gentle yet stalwart. He meant no harm to these folks, only to test them.

Test them he did, as he began to train them not with his fists but merely with his words. It was a sight to behold, and Tomoe merely watched as people either stood their ground or retreated in failure. While the Joyan didn't claim to be afraid, there was a degree of caution to be felt in his heart around the blue-eyed giant.

After all was said and done, Tomoe returned the nod in exchange with one of his own. Whoever he was, the colossus was far more effective of a training partner than the last guy. It was a mindset he could get behind, but he still wished that they would learn more through actual combat. At the end of the day, he didn't question more money in his pockets. Tomoe took off down the street after ensuring that nobody had suffered a heart attack, grateful that he didn't need to be the one running the show for once. The more often that somebody else could take the spotlight away from him, the better.

"You are here to protect them, are you not?"

The words resonated inside of the ronin's mind as he turned a corner and down another street of the city. Something about that line clung to him, and Tomoe couldn't get rid of the idea that there was more to it. Was this something he once knew, some time ago?


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