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Finally going Home [Travel->Worth]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

Finally going Home [Travel->Worth] Empty Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:18 pm


It was the dead of night now. The moon was vibrant but hidden behind the thick gray clouds. The Jarl wore a cloak over his armor, throwing the hood over his head as he trooped through the forest with Raquin, concord, and Sven. The trio had been walking through the forest on the outskirts of Crocus for twenty minutes or so, but they weren't exactly traveling to Skaal. Vali was the only one who knew the way to Skaal, thus he led the pack. However, his friends wouldn't know that they were going to be riding a mythical beast there. "Won't be long now." He spoke to them, referring to his Dragons location. During this time of night, she was bound to be resting somewhere in these parts, away from civilization.

"You guys alright?" he asked making sure they were all able to keep up. The forest was very rocky, plus they were walking uphill for a while. The Jarl had his nose tuned into the world around him. It was obvious that he was looking for something as he often turned his head and sniffed. It was the only way for him to find his sleeping steed. Usually, she could feel his presence and would come to him. The Titan would glance over at Concord wherever he was, wondering if he'd be okay around his dragon. Quickly his attention shifted to Raquin, swiftly glancing at her arms remembering that he had to see scales.

Suddenly, his strong nose picked up a scent before his head turned towards the direction it was coming from. It seemed that his giant Wyvern had sensed him as well because she seemed to be coming right towards him. She was beautiful and big and would approach in seconds. She was excited to see her master as she stopped directly in front of him before landing and nuzzling him. Vali smiled, petting her as she nearly crashed into him. "Hey girl." he said lightly. The wind around her would blow dirt around when she finally landed, then Vali would turn to his peers. "This is "This is Svartr, she's gonna fly us home." He smiled before hopping onto her.

"Well? Don't be shy, let's go." he grinned. Once his friends would climb on top of her, they'd head straight to Worth Woodsea.

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