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Pillaging [Mini-Event][Vali]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

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For the sake of his own Insanity, Vali came to the conclusion that today would be his last day pillaging in crocus. Then, when he returned to Skaal he would set a law that'd make pillaging a crime unless it was the territory of an enemy. Viking was a big part of his culture so this was going to be nothing like music to the Skaalians ears. Alas, it was something he should have enforced long ago. Because of the violence that came with being a Viking, his people seemed to be unable to live peaceful lives. That would all end tonight. At this very moment, he was standing atop the home of a very important man.

This man was the high priest for the religion of Illumin, but why was the Titan targetting such a place? It wasn't to mindlessly kill or release the pent up rage. It wasn't to unleash his wrath upon his enemies or to feed into his beastly instincts. It was because he heard about a very special weapon, a weapon capable of wielding the sun's power. He heard that the weapon came from the Lucent itself. Imagine the King of Vikings- a pagan, capable of using the power from an entirely different god! The cursed dagger he had was no longer a weapon fit for him. He needed something stronger, something worthy. While Vali was here for his own selfish desires, by slaying the Illuminists, he would also bring honor to the Satri gods.

If he learned anything about Illumin worshipers, it was that they feared death. All men who did not acknowledge the Satri gods were foes. Nothing else would satisfy the Viking Lord more right now than stealing that sword. The plus side was seeing fear upon the face of Illumin's most beloved servants. The red-headed werewolf clenched his jaw. Vali had been fighting with himself and the gods for months. He obsessed over figuring out how the gods thought and attempted to sway his fate by doing things he thought would give him some sort of leverage. Lately, he wasn't sure if the gods still favored him as his people believed. Had they forsaken him? If they did, then surely they would forgive him after what will happen tonight.

The giant Viking swung his head back as he stood on the roof of one of Crocus' Cathedral. This building was quiet but the lights inside were on. People were inside for sure, Val thought. He could hear them pray, begging for forgiveness as they usually did. The streets were silent. From this high up he could see a large fire in the distance, and he could also see a platoon of Knights making their way towards it. This country in its current state was almost as bad as Iceberg on a regular day. With a scoff, Vali nodded. This is what the world looked like almost everywhere now. Fiore was catching up to Iceberg, and fast. However, Fiore was a much better place for the apocalypse to happen given the available resources... so, let the games begin.

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The Jarl slowly let his eyes fall to the wood beneath his feet. It was time to begin. Considering he was already standing on the large building's roof, he decided to use it as an entrance. He didn't care who or what was inside, so without wasting another moment, he leaped into the air before using his strength to crash through when he landed, causing the wood to cave in and fall with him. When he finally stood, he looked around the building. At the very front, directly in front of a statue was a priest wearing a long white cloak. In the seats of the first row were a single woman and seven children. The Jarl stood completely silent for a moment as the startled Fiorians gazed upon him.

Vali's eyes were golden and set, his body was straight and his face held no emotion. He looked like a villain, thus, causing everyone here to be scared. The Titan turned back to the priest who had been clenching his necklace. "There is a weapon here, that I want." He began as he slowly moved towards the priest. The woman whispered to the children, telling them to remain calm. For a second the giant Icebergan looked around. With his hood on and with the lack of light, they likely couldn't see his face. However, he could see theirs and it was filled with terror. The children clenched onto one another. Vali felt...guilt. For the first time in a while, he had felt guilty. He was in too deep already thought. The weapon he heard stories of was in here somewhere and Vali would find it. Without another word, he continued moving towards the Preist until the man began to speak.

"T-there is nothing here for you. I assure...th-there is nothing in this b-building, so-"
"Enough," Vali stated coldly. The Viking glared deep into the priest's own eyes. "There is a weapon here, a powerful sword that wields extraordinary light magic. Where is it?"
The priest swallowed. He leaned onto the table behind him in his futile attempt to be as far away from the villain as possible. "Sir, I d-do n-" Suddenly, Vali's hand shot forward. He grabbed the man's throat but didn't squeeze. "Bring me the sword...and you might live." He spoke once more.

#3Vali Onfroy † 

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The kids gasped as their mother held them close. The wolf's ears were tapped in. He wasn't going to harm anyone else but the priest, yet they had been so afraid that none of them dared to move. So, the Viking Lord used that to his advantage. The old man before him gasped for air before Val dropped his hand. The priest then told Vali that the weapon he was looking for was downstairs. With Val's permission, he left to go fetch it. The titan wasn't a complete monster. Knowing the priest's fate, he thought it was better for the kids not to witness it. Back in Iceberg kids saw death at younger ages, alas he knew that the children of Fiore were far too soft for death.

They would suffer from trauma or PTSD. So the Viking turned to the family. "Leave." he simply said. He couldn't look at them for long, so his eyes diverted towards the doors. Quickly the woman gathered her children and pushed them into the aisle. Then the family scurried out. Val watched, remembering that there was no reason to kill those who weren't the enemy. Especially not while the country was in this state. People were dying left and right - innocent people. For a moment, this act of kindness made the Viking feel a little better about himself. Now, all that left was the priest with his sword. Vali turned back to the front of the church, but the man wasn't back yet.

After waiting another minute, he went the way the priest himself went. Val found himself walking through a door that had stairs going lower into the building. The walls were lit with candles, though his natural night vision was just as good if not better. When he reached the bottom, he was faced with gold statues and old trinkets that looked rather valuable. If the items weren't gold, then they were silver. The Titan took a mental note. He'd definitely be taking most of what was here. He continued walking, eventually reaching a long narrow hallway in which he moved through. Finally, at the end of the hallway was a giant round room with a well in the center. On the other side of the well, the elder man stood proudly holding what appeared to be a golden sword.

It was heavy because it took both of his hands to hold it. With a Sigh Vali slowly began to move towards him, circling around the well. The priest trembled as he chanted some sort of scripture. His words were swift as if he was in some sort of rush. Suddenly, the priest swung his sword towards Vali. Clearly, he had no idea how to handle such a woman and easily Vali weaved. Once Again the priest attempted to hit Vali with the golden sword, but this time the Viking grabbed his wrist, squeezing until the blade fell from his palm. With his other hand, Val caught the sword, then glared at the priest. The man fell to his knees but he never stopped chanting those words. It didn't matter now though.

Whatever he was saying couldn't save him from what was about to happen. The noble Viking swung the sword lightly, getting used to the feel of it in his hand. Then, when he was ready his eyes would fall onto the man before him. Perhaps he was begging in an entirely different language. The Viking didn't know what he was saying, all he knew is that Odin would surely appreciate his next actions. Without another word, Vali lifted his sword and swung down onto the man's head, cutting his skull clean in half. Easy enough. The Jarl then turned to leave but before he left, he'd break the glass protecting the trinkets he had seen before, taking all they could hold before fleeing the scene.

Word Count: 1,500/1,500

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