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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest]

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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest] U8W6XVS

The night was dark and full of terrors. The country of Fiore had been thrown into chaos and although the government, the crown and the Rune Knights were trying their hardest to reinstall peace, the country had suffered visibly from the effects of war. Demonic rifts had been opened everywhere across the country, allowing for demons and other evil beings to escape the abyss and haunt the real world. This had led to a war breaking out between demons and the seraphim – a race of angelic beings that were equally powerful and terrifying. The war had torn the country apart and although Fiore did relatively well at rebuilding itself, there were now weak spots everywhere – weak spots which people like Nuala could easily exploit.

The Voidling hadn’t been in Fiore when the war had happened, but in Minstrel again. Finding work had always been easier in Minstrel, but hearing about the issues the neighbouring country was going through, the woman couldn’t help but wonder how far she could exploit the current situation. She had traveled to Fiore in the following weeks after hearing the news and while it seemed that the situation had subsided, she again had no trouble finding work. There were a lot of job offers regarding helping the citizens of Fiore, but Nuala had no interest in that. She knew that the people of this country were wealthy and rich – they had enough money to hire people who needed it, and the woman wasn’t one of them.

Truth be told, another reason why she had decided to come was due to how similar the situation sounded to what had happened to her in her youth. A rift had opened in the earth, pulling her inside and turning her into something else entirely. After being in Fiore for a few weeks, however, she could tell that this was nothing like what had happened to her. The beings crawling out of the abyss were purely demonic of nature and the more Nuala learned about them, the less she wanted to have to do with them. That aside, the Voidling had build up a reputation for herself and her services in the previous years and the amount of job offers that she was now receiving was seemingly endless. Due to the lawmakers being so incredibly busy with fixing the initiate threat, criminals have been able to go berserk and pillage the smaller villages and cities of the country.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest] U8W6XVS

For the time being however, Nuala wasn’t exactly interested in being hired and taking any jobs from people. She also wasn’t interested in stealing from those who had already lost so much – not because she was inherently good at heart, but because all the good stuff was most likely gone already anyways. Nuala had decided to scout the holy capital of Fiore, Crocus, instead and see if she could snatch a few things here and there that would fetch her a high price at the black market. While she had been visiting the surrounding areas, Crocus was still the main point when looking for wealth since the majority of nobles lived here and in Era. And since Era was where the Rune Knight headquarters were located at, Nuala decided that Crocus would be a better place to be at right now.

But even in spite of that, a single thief would hardly be noticed in the end and Nuala knew that. That’s why she decided to work alone for them time being. The Voidling had been to Crocus often enough in order to know where the wealthy lived and even though they were just that – incredibly wealthy – they had never bothered to install or hire extra security for their premises; they felt safe within the city walls and Nuala couldn’t blame them. While crime did in fact happen here, it was a minuscule amount compared to the outskirts of Fiore.

And so Nuala had begun wandering the streets of Crocus, dressed like a normal and unsuspecting citizen. There were plenty of areas that would make great targets but she had her eyes set on a particular area of the town. Some of the street lamps light bulbs had magically burned out the other day and of course the city hadn’t gotten into fixing it yet. This was something so minor and irrelevant that even the cautious nobles of Crocus seemed to overlook it. Everyone, especially the law, seemed so preoccupied with the war between demons and angels and whatever was left of it, that they couldn’t be bothered. But then again, the people who lived inside the walls of the capital were mostly safe anyways. Nuala had taken a look around and it didn’t seem as though much damage had been done to this area of the country. She couldn’t speak for other towns, of course, and rumor had it that some had been undone by ruination entirely. But there was nothing there for the Voidling, so she decided not to even think about traveling there – it wasn’t worth it.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest] U8W6XVS

When Nuala wandered the streets at night, she was dressed entirely in black. Her trusty cloak covered almost all of her appearance perfectly and although this may have looked suspicious somewhere else, Crocus was actually filled with adventurers and visitors passing through and the majority of them prefered an attire similar to her own. The houses in the streets she was currently at were build in a row next to each other, with each house having a designated garden area in the back of it. Rather than going in from the front or through the windows, Nuala snuck through a small alley that would lead her to said garden area. Here, she could easily jump over one of the fences and enter the apartments through the back door.

It was fairly dark inside, which wasn’t really a surprise since it was in the middle of the night. Nuala knew of the couple that lived here – rich snobs from what she was able to tell, and of too stingy with their money to get proper security. Unlocking the backdoor from their garden was no problem and Nuala quietly pushed it open before moving inside. Her Voidling skills really did help her out with this kind of profession – not only could she see perfectly in the dark, but she was also completely soundless when moving around. Unless they were awake and saw her, the chance of being detected was pretty much at zero.

When entering, Nuala found herself inside the kitchen. There was really nothing interesting here, so she quickly moved on into the living room. It was decorated quite nicely and the furniture was vintage and obviously quite expensive. Nuala wasn’t the type of thief to steal large items such as TV’s, paintings and such, but small things such as jewelry instead. Unfortunately most people kept their jewelry in their bedrooms, so that was where she had to go if she wanted to get something out of this. Nuala snuck upstairs and found herself in front of a bunch of doors. She used her hearing in order to see which one was the bedroom of the couple, and after testing out a few doors she quickly realized that one of them led into the personalized dressing room of the female house owner.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest] U8W6XVS

This was pretty much a jackpot. Nuala quickly snuck inside and quietly closed the door behind her. The dressing room had two doors, one leading out into the hall, and another one most likely leading into the bedroom of the couple. If Nuala was quiet and listened carefully, she could hear the husband snoring too. As long as she didn’t make any sound, they wouldn’t detect her – they were fast asleep after all. So without turning the light on, the little thief began digging around. She had quite a few dresses, the majority of which seemed to be of an expensive brand. But Nuala had no use for second-hand dresses, so she went over to the vanity instead.

Here she finally found what she was looking for. The vanity as filled with all sorts of beautiful jewelry and she was astound at how much the woman actually kept in her house as opposed to the safety of a bank of even some sort of safe. Because of this, Nuala decided to pick up a handful of golden rings that held mediocre gemstones in them such as sapphires and rubies. While those were most certainly worth a lot of money, Nuala was looking for something more specific: diamonds, to be exact. But there was no luck with that today. It seemed that the woman wasn’t a complete idiot as she most likely kept the diamonds closer to where she was sleeping. But Nuala didn’t need the risk – if anything, this would be plenty for now. She quickly scooped some rings and golden necklaces into her bag while thinking about where she wanted to swell those.

Once Nuala had gathered everything she needed, she quickly placed everything back together. She had made it a habit to not leave the places she robbed looking chaotic or even slightly messy. If she had the time, she would tidy things up to make them look just as they had previously, simply to avoid people panicking. Most of the times, it even took them a long time to notice that there were things missing in first place. On top of that it helped Nuala to overlook the situation easier. She could tell if perhaps she had dropped something that belonged to her or forgotten about anything of importance. Today, that was not the case so she turned around to leave.



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Citizens' Plea: Pillaging I [Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala snuck back downstairs and back into the kitchen, where she opened and closed the back door that led her into the garden. The moon was still up and the whole ordeal had taken her no longer than 30 minutes. It was a good time frame, although the Voidling had been in no hurry to finish up sooner. She lifted herself over the wall surrounding the garden and went on her merry way. She already knew a fence that she wanted to sell the items she had acquired to, but they were located across the town. Since there was no public transport available around this time of the day, it took Nuala longer to get there than it had taken her to get in and out of the house.

The fence was located in a small bar that was still open around this time of the day. Nuala entered and quickly went into the back of the bar, where the owner, a woman in her 50s, could be found drinking alcohol and listening to some music. She and Nuala already knew each other, so neither of them had anything to say: they could get right down to business. “I have brought you some necklaces and some rings,” she said, emptying the bag onto the table to display the jewelry she had stolen that very same night. The fence didn’t seem impressed, but pulled out her glasses anyways and began inspecting each and every single item, one by one. “This is decent quality,” the woman eventually spoke, “but worn off. It has been in usage for quite a few years.” Nuala arched a brow. So those were heirlooms? It wouldn’t surprise her. “So, how much can you give me for it?”

For a while, the woman didn’t respond. She continued to inspect the jewelry instead. Nuala was patient though and once the lady had finished, she pulled out a wad of cash and slid it across the table and towards the thief. “Deal?” Not responding at first, Nuala then began to count the money. Over two-hundred thousand jewels – not a bad deal. Especially for a job that easy and quick. “Deal!” she finally said while putting away the money. “Then you can leave,” the woman dismissed her and pulled her newly bought jewelry aside. Since there was nothing else left to say here, Nuala simply stood up and left the property, returning to her motel so she could get some rest as well.


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