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Let's Talk [Manzo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:16 pm

Lee Nakamura
The kitsune was tired of hiding in the shadows. She was sick of watching the people she love wither away while she stands there, helpless. She had lost her brothers, her parents, her adopted family due to stress and change. She felt as if she was nothing without him. She dashed around people and crowds. Not stopping. Zalor took the skies while her and Salem to the land. The cat clung to her shoulders clinging for his life. "Slow down! What's the rush? I would like to not die thank you" cried Salem. LeeAnn screeched to a halt and whistled for Zalor to take a break.

Her head sharply turned to Salem with a serious stare. "I am changing my life! I have to find Manzo. I am sick of loosing people and feeling helpless. I need to tell him how I feel" she told in a serious tone. Salem had never seen her like this ever. She gave Zalor a signal to to east towards the forest as she could pick up his scent. Salem dung his claws more into her shoulder. LeeAnn was too focused to really care about the pain. "How do you know exactly he would be in Crocus? He could be in Magnolia, Oak, or even still in Era hiding in your house" he spoke. She sighed and stopped, letting Zalor fly ahead.

"I-I don't know, Salem. It's a gut feeling. If I know Manzo, he likes solitude. Forest is the first place. The exact city is just my instincts" he explained. She headed straight for the forest. Climbing the trees, she ran from tree to tree to catch up quickly with Zalor.


Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:29 pm


It had been about a day since he had arrived in this city. Though he had not given the city much of a look before absconding to the forest on the edge of it. Of course it was nothing personal against the city, but his body was a tad bit sensitive since reverting to his original form. While most people would only know him by his white hair, now it was if he would blend in anywhere. Even if his bone structure was more recognizable to be Joyan. It was his eyes that would fool them all. Brown hair and brown eyes, a very common combination here in fiore.

He stretched out from under the sleeping bag he could be found in if anyone had been watching him carefully. But why would they, he just simply looked like everyone else now. All except one thing, the god slayer tattoo that adorned his right arm, even that would be covered up very soon. He reached for his black shirt to cover his body from the elements. Shortly after that he would put his white windbreaker on, zipping it all the way up. Black pants and running shoes graced his lower body.

Perhaps he would do some fishing today, he thought to himself.

#3Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sat Feb 08, 2020 7:42 pm

Lee Nakamura
Right above, Zalor searched below looking for anything white. The griffen eagle eyes everything until he found something. He circled a few times before going to find LeeAnn. She was worried about him. A lot could of happened in this short amount of time. The kitsune stopped. A loud screech came from above. "He found something. Okay boy, let me climb up" she called. Climbing more of the tree, she was reached the top. Zalor waited until everyone was safely on. LeeAnn gave him the confirmation to take off. Salem sat in her backpack.

"Good boy, you're more reliable than most men" she smiled. The griffen flew for a few minutes the top speed he was capable of. It seemed he knew how important she must feel about all of this. Below she saw white, but not white hair. Giving her griffen a strange look, he squawked quietly with his head tilted. "Are you sure that's him?" she hissed.

Zalor nodded.

"Okay let's land" she sighed. Gently, they landed nearby. He probably heard them coming which was fine. She shifted into a wolf thanks to the ring and trotted over to where Manzo was lying. She picked up his scent which smelled of cheap cigarettes. "Manzo!" she called, standing front of him.


Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:27 pm


The god slayer turned his head in the direction where what sounded like wildlife could be heard, though he would simply shrug it off as he would take his earrings out of his velvet carrying pouch. Upon changing his appearance, would seem that the holes in his ears where is earrings once sat had healed up in that amount of time. Which was quite odd, but perhaps this was a normal thing. He had only done this once before and that was long before he had acquired his jewelry. But it truly could not be helped. He took a breath before shoving them back into his ears.

The pain wasn't too bad, but it certainly didn't feel pleasant that was for sure. As he was wiping the blood from his ears his gaze was quickly averted to someone, or something calling his name, and with familiarity. But it was a voice he didn't recognize, perhaps this was another side effect. Though hopefully it would ware off sooner than later. Because if not this interaction could certainly get awkward. He placed his hand atop the wolfs head who was now before him. "What?" He said as he stroked the speaking dog. Perhaps he knew this creature before he had shed his old skin.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:42 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn stood there in front of him really confused. It was probably because she was a wolf at the moment. Salem trotted behind her as the griffen landed. The cat looked confused. He scratched her behind the years. He seemed clueless, quickly her heart sank to her stomach. Slowly, she shifted back into her human self. Her fox tails and ears showing.

"It's me, LeeAnn? The kitsune? you slept in my barn for months? You saved my life back in Astera? Have you forgotten me within a day?"

She really hoped this was not the case and it was someone else. The black cat sat down and gave a smirk. "Good job, fox breath. You got the wrong guy" spoke the cat, sarcastically. Zalor whipped his tail upside the back of the cat's head. LeeAnn paid no mind. She sighed and plopped to hte ground. "Do you remember anything or am I wasting my time" she spoke. The redhead hoped to god it was just wrong person, but her gut was telling her otherwise. Her mixed matched eyes stared at him, wondering if this was Manzo, how he changed so much within a day or two.


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What a very strange predicament to be in right now, he thought to himself. But then again life was strange, so anything could happen. But as for her question he was not certain how to respond to her, simply because there were too many variables. For now the only thing he could know for sure was that the potion was certainly stronger than he had once believed possible. He would get up from his spot where she had basically cornered him against a tree. Slowly he would wake over to where his things were kept and picked up a fishing pole and a tackle box.

"I'm going to the lake to do some fishing. You and your friends are welcome to come along." He said as he began to walk in the direction of said lake. It was still early enough for most of the fish to be biting so that he could properly prepare himself a bit of breakfast. Which was key to starting any day, but today he did feel a bit more peckish than usual. Perhaps it too was another side effect he was unaware of. Either way there was truly no time to waste.

#7Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:14 pm

Lee Nakamura
She was right. LeeAnn felt as if she was stabbed right through the heart. He didn't seem to mind this random behavior and was perhaps more friendly than he was originally. A loud, heavy sigh came from the kitsune. "Sure, I will be right back. Salem, Zalor you two stay with him. I need to be a alone for a bit" she spoke. In the most calming manner, she got up and walked away. The kitsune headed deeper into the woods. It took a while for it to sink in, he didn't remember her at all. Everytime. This always happened. People she was close to were gone in one way or another. Hans. Hikaru. Her own family. Now this, LeeAnn found a large tree. She climbed it until she could over see most of hte forest.

"This is it huh?" she spoke. A pathetic laugh came from her. This was the most painful yet. "Is this a fucking joke? Yeah...figures" she laughed. Laughter was the best way to deal with things. It prevented pain, but it was too late. She felt pain all over her body. Looking down at her hand, the parasite was starting to come back. Her eyes widen and sighed. She sat there, alone for what felt like hours. Zalor and Salem were smart enough to handle themselves. Silence was all she wanted. Away from her thoughts and emotions.


Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:52 pm


While he did understand that she would certainly be hurt by this news, there wasn't much he could do about it. Because his brain was still in the process of recovering from the change. He began to walk with the cat and the griffin in the direction of the lake, funnily enough this particular scene reminded him of a book that he read as a child. A young man and his friends set out on an adventure to go to the lake, but of course it being a book a grand adventure ensued. No such thing would occur this time around. It would be as simple as fishing today.

As they arrived to the lake, he would gaze out looking for a place to set up for the afternoon. A nice place to build a fire and pitch a tent. He would indeed find such a place, it had a nice little inlet for fishing which was perfect for him. He took off his white coat and hung it over the branch of a tree. His god slayer markings on full display in this moment. He paid it no mind for it was time to remove his shoes and roll up his pant legs. Upon doing so he waded into the water, and began to cast his line.

#9Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:17 pm

Lee Nakamura
Salem and Zalor walked with the man claiming to be Manzo. It was unlike LeeAnn to leave them like this. Salem really didn't mind. She was capable of handling herself. The griffen was very nervous about his owner. She had her moments, but this was something new. Though, he was told an order and had to follow it. The sight of water and the thought of fishing made Salem's mouth water. "Fish! I haven't had fresh fish in ages...Zalor go get Lee! I need fish" he demanded. Zalor squawked and rolled his eyes. Instead, he decided to go fishing with Manzo be using his lion-like tail to catch the fish back when he was wild.

A calming scene was painted upon the lake. Meanwhile LeeAnn took off her jacket, revealing the more of the mark on her right arm. "Shit! Stress...that's what causes this. No wonder" she whispered. Her ears picked up on something, but dismissed it. It was probably wildlife or something. She was not upset at Manzo, but at the whole situation. It were times like these she wished Hikaru were still around. The actual thoughts made  things worse. She needed something mind numbing. She found a tree nearby the lake slight visible to the others if they really looked. She watched Manzo and the others enjoy themselves leisurely.

In a low tone, she started to hum a melody while watching them. She started to let herself go with singing in a soft tone.

Love, can we meet again soon in the bluest of skies,
Where a tomorrow waits for you and I,
So hold me tight one more time, but dont kiss me goodbye,
Cause I know that I'll see you on the other side,

I will think of our song When the nights are too long,
I'll dream of you For that's where I belong,
Love, can we meet again soon in the bluest of skies,
Only...in my dreams that we do meet again...."

She had no idea what she was singing, but it really helped her calm down a bit. It had been a long time since she sung in private. Used to, it was a form of self-expression and aided to help her numb some of hte pain, but forgotten it. "Enough feeling sorry for myself" she whispered to herself. LeeAnn quietly emerged from the treeline. Salem had heard everything that was sung. He looked a little stunned. "Welcome back redhead, care for a swim" he smiled.

"No thanks Salem, I'm good. You know I cant swim" she smiled. She stared at Manzo and sighed. "Catch anything?" she asked.


Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:29 pm


"Not yet, but fishing is a patient man's sport after all." He said as he ran his fingers through his now brown hair. Under his breath he began to hum a fisher mans song from his childhood. One his father used to sing around their farm. Something he had once thought lost to the annuls of his own warped mind. For now it seemed as though he was able to see things like that quite clearly again. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he was no longer hiding behind a mask.

One up until recently he wasn't aware that he was wearing. Things began to feel a bit more normal with each passing moment. At that moment he felt his line twitch a bit, something was beginning to bite. "Nani?" He said in response to his line tightening. For a brief moment he had lapsed further back in time where he had only his mother tongue. This was all very new to him, but old as well. Old things become new again, as the old adage goes. He began to real in his catch, emerging from the water was a decent sized bass, enough to feed them for lunch.

#11Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:41 pm

Lee Nakamura
"I forgot. I am sure it is" she spoke. She just gave up at this point. Nothing was going to change the fact he lost his memory. Zalor had caught a few small bluegill and a sunfish. He brought it over all of them to share. LeeAnn knew she had to start a fire at least. She grabbed some firewood and paper from her diary  for the kindling. The redhead was sort of aggressively pulling out everything from the small book them just tossed it into the firepit. With a snap of her fingers, she lit a nice fire. Watching her thoughts and feelings melt in the fire, she speared the few fish Zalor had caught and a place for Manzo for the bass.

LeeAnn remained her distance from the other still angry. A bit of her old self was starting to show. A temper. The fiery redhead was starting to get even more fumed. Her emotions were much like a volcano, built up over time and a huge eruption. She was trying to not blow up at Manzo, reasons to not hurt him. "That's a nice size, bass" she commented. She was actually pretty impressed with the size, but wasn't hungry. It was for hte best to not say much.

#12Lee Nakamura 

Let's Talk [Manzo] Empty on Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:24 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn sighed, knowing this was probably a sign from the world that love was not meant to be. As a last ditch effort, she pushed herself ground and stood up. "Zalor, Salem, we're leaving" she barked her orders. Zalor listened, but Salem grew surprised with a head tilt. She never really barked orders at either one of them unless she was angry. He couldn't tell if she was angry or something else was contemplating in her mind. She thought to go home and return to the Nakamura family. Home is where her heart was always.

"Lee, what are you doing?" Salem trotted over to her with a concern glint in his eye. "We're going home. I am coming back to the Nakamura family" she whispered. Salem agreed it was probably for the best that she was around people she loved and cared about even her cruddy older brother, Ryu. LeeAnn didn't say anything to Manzo as she was tired of trying with men in her life. She got on Zalor's back, with one last glance at the person she loved, she turned away and patted her steed. Salem was in her backpack. "Come on Boy, lets go back to Hargeon, I think we need to think about some things" hse whispered. Zalor flew into the skies towards the port city leaving the kitsune's mind in a frazzle.


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