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From Crocus to Worth Woodsea.(Foot Travel.)

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From Crocus to Worth Woodsea.(Foot Travel.) Empty Fri Feb 07, 2020 2:38 pm

With nothing else going on at this time, Priscilla kind of got bored and tired of just standing around and doing nothing. It felt like it was time to just return home, That seemed like a good idea because she would then be able to try a feel like she blended into  the viking group a bit more.

She was not super worried about it more and more each day had passed. In reality she also kind of missed the viking and their interesting ways of living. Maybe it was her realizing that she could finally be  normal. Maybe even if it worked right Priscilla could finally shed the Priscilla name and go back to her normal name that she hide away from many years. But it would most likely take a bit more.

Priscilla was glad Crocus had been a rather bland and almost pointless venture because she had not had to worry about getting arrested, her midn was a clear of anything for the most part with horrible intentions. Maybe just having that stale moment of nothing was a good section of reality for Priscilla to just kind of set her in a happy place.

So she would pack up her things, start on her way back to worth wood sea. Priscilla did think one thing to herself, She could really manage and actually comfortably talk to anyone with in Vali's group now, She just needed to work past her personal fears that she had been stuck in for many years now.

Thinking to herself much like Vali these people were kind of now her friends to so say, no the type of friendship she normally just shrugged off like it was nothing. This kind of friendship was one she knew very well she did not think would be from one who could abuse her.

Priscilla valued these people, Much like what Vali had tried to get her to be, Sure when Priscilla came in she was nothing but a horrible monster and did just kind of kill because she was told too. But that what made her almost blend in as well because she just kind of did as she was told and she already kind of able to kill with out that second thought of it.

It it would be a longer trip then normal for Priscilla the cold and winter might make her take her time only just to be safe.

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