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Pillaging [Mini-Event][Vali]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfory, The Mad Titan, son of the great Tristan Onfroy, Jarl of Skall, Vessel of Fenrir,  and The chosen King of Vikings stood defeated in the darkest part of Crocus. There was a barrier on the other side that separated this side of town from the safer parts. and it was for a good reason too. This side of the capital was war-torn. Homes were completely destroyed, and especially since it was nightfall, all different types of people were running rampant. The Titan himself was here for one reason only; to rage. While the thirty men he had with him had plans to raid before returning home, Vali was angry.

Vali was angry that he hadn't been able to find any openings for an attack at the Grand Ball, and even angrier because he felt weak. Compared to the god of war and even Shichiro, his close combat skills weren't up to par. It was as if Vali didn't know himself. He had been humbled in more than one way during his time in Crocus. Each experience had only succeeded in making him lose a piece of his confidence. The gods had given him nobility, and power...what was he doing wrong?

Val shook the thoughts off of his mind quickly before turning his head to the side. His men stood thirty deep behind him, waiting for him to allow them to raid. He could feel their anxiousness and lifted his arm. Facing forward he frowned, then he dropped his arm. "ATTACK!" He shouted. Then, all of the warriors shouted with their weapons and shields raised, diving into the madness before them. The Viking watched. The people bold enough to roam the slums of Dahlia were running for their lives. Alas, the warriors of Skaal were too strong for these folk. Vali watched the chaos.

He watched his men be free; destroying and taking whatever they wanted. A chuckle slipped out of the young noble's mouth, but soon the chuckle became a maniac's laugh- and it would not stop. Soon the first row of houses had been falling apart, and one of the houses caught fire. "Kill them all!" Vali shouted. It had been a minute since he actually raided anything. When he first came to Fiore, he made a promise to never do any of the things he had been doing now. Life had taken its toll, yet it would not seem like so to the former elf- at least not yet.

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There was hate in his heart for more than just the country that had stripped his brother of life. He had hate for the demons, the Seraphim and now... deep down inside, he resented himself. He was weak. Far too weak for his liking and far too weak to be the leader he wanted to be. He needed to work harder than ever before if he was going to avenge his brother. Vali clenched his jaw, then suddenly he began to move forward towards the commotion before him. Unlike his peers, he wasn't scavenging for food, money or other supplies. He was here to blow off steam. Fiore had shunned the people in this part of Crocus, which meant they were no more important to the country than his own people were. With a frown, he had extended his arm to reach a man running for his life. This was new for the Titan; consciously killing an innocent.

He turned the man, holding the back of his neck. When he finally faced Vali, his eyes had watered up. It looked as if he didn't know what to say. Though no words came out, he begged with his eyes. For a moment Vali embraced his fear. The Jarl looked into his deep green orbs and began to feel something... Suddenly he began to squeeze the man's neck, watching him choke. The man gasped for air, kicking and punching Vali but doing nothing to faze him. The Lord of Iceberg was enraged, and this poor man would feel his wrath. With a growl, Vali's eyes began to glow a vibrant yellow. Something deep inside him was aching to get out. The Viking refused to allow it, yet he still dug his nails into the man's neck, causing him to drown in his own blood.

This man was nothing. He was Fiore's to spare, not Skaal's. Vali darted forward into the action, hungry and ready to destroy anything he could get his hands on. With only his strength and nothing else, he tore down civilian after a civilian. He was searching for something...something he thought would be hidden in these innocent people. So he continued to claw them down. Ripping, snapping and throwing men all over the place. The People's screams filled the air. Everyone was afraid. There was power in that, the young Jarl thought. The warriors of Skaal were happy. It was clear that months of not being able to raid and pillage brought them great frustration. The young leader was happy to see his men happy, yet still, something didn't feel right.

The Jarl found himself drenched in blood as his large boot slammed onto the floor of an empty house. The lights were off and it was cold. The power of his nose had detected human flesh on the second floor. With a twisted smile, Vali slowly stepped up the stairs. Each of his steps causing the wood to creak. His ears could hear the heavy breathing of a being. Finally, when he reached the second floor, he was met by a little boy in the center of his parent's deceased bodies. He shivered in fear. The boy would have to live with what he had seen for the rest of his life, but at least he would finally see the world for what it truly was. Vali simply stared at the boy. Soon three warriors entered the house, scavenging until they made their way upstairs finding their leader staring blankly at the child. Vali immediately felt a sense of guilt.

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After a moment of silence, one of the warriors spoke. "Jarl Vali..." Immediately the young Desiertan warrior broke out of his gaze. His fingers twitched as he raised his hand, still pondering on something. "Take the boy," he demanded before leaving the house. As he walked away the boy began to scream, crying as loud as humanly possible as the ruthless Vikings snatched him away from his dead parents. The blonde headed little boy was lucky he was even living. He would thank Vali one day for sparing his life...maybe. While the three warriors were handling the boy, the Mad Titan moved towards the barricade that separated this part of Crocus from the rest.

He was only a word away from wreaking havoc in the dead of night upon the "safe" civilians. As much as Vali wanted to march all the way to the Castle, he knew better. He only had thirty men, and they were probably exhausted already. Plus, he wasn't strong enough to fight efficiently- especially not a king's guard. He would be foolish not to assume that the King's personal warriors were stronger than a lot of mages in this country. Grunting, he turned his back towards the barricade and quickly moved back to his old position on the other side. "þing!" He shouted. The raging warriors began wrapping up their fun to assemble before their leader.

Suddenly, in the distance, the Viking Lord could hear footsteps approaching the area. If he had to guess, he'd say it was Rune Knights. Vali remained silent, and his men had been waiting anxiously for his command. The young noble twitched as he attempted to make a decision. After hearing the marching stop, Vali spoke up. "If it is our enemy, we will stay and fight." Cheers erupted from the thirty men behind the red-headed Titan as they dropped their findings. In the distance he could hear the barricade beings destroyed, then moments later the marching began again. Slowly, the Knights revealed themselves, marching down the middle of the torn city. Vali's eyes lowered as he soon began to realize how many knights stood before him.

There were about 90 Knights, ready to kill their enemy at all costs. Leading the Knights was an average looking man with a giant shield and a dagger-like weapon. He looked weak but Vali had learned to never underestimate an opponent. "We are outnumbered Jarl Vali." One of the men behind him stated. Yet the leader remained silent. He watched his enemies closely, reading their mechanisms. "Vali." After a moment of silence, the Jarl shook his head. "No..." he began. "Langr!" he shouted. The men looked amongst each other in confusion but hesitantly followed orders. "LANGR!" Vali boomed angrily. The warriors had quickly done as told.

The Knights had commanded their ranks as well. They raised their arms, ready to engage in battle. "With respect, m'lord, you may live to see another day but we will all die if we fight," Vali said nothing. He was well aware that his people believed the gods had wanted him alive. However, Vali didn't know if the Gods had a hand in his face anymore. Instead, he wondered why his enemies had not marched forward. Perhaps they were too weak to engage in a fight and wished only for the pagans to leave. The Titan's hand shot up, demanding the man behind him to stop talking.

After a few moments, the Titan spoke once more. "Retreat," he stated. The lives of thirty men were worth more than a meaningless fight for the sake of his pride. He and his men had picked up their earned rewards before fleeing into the woods behind them.

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