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Thrill of the Hunt [Manzo]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

Thrill of the Hunt [Manzo] Empty Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:40 pm

Raquin Storvarg
She lied on the grasses of Crocus, looking at the clouds with Concord. They were point out different shapes as a normal past time her companion loved to do. The raptor girl sat and stared constantly thinking about what she had to do next. "Something the matter, Raquin" Concord asked concerned, telepathically. She stared up at him, as he was blocking the sunlight. The little creature sat up. He was as large as a Great Dane and smarter than any creature she has ever come across. Only a shrug came from her.

"Just calculating the time it will take for me to slaughter that creature" she said, in a cold tone. Concord sighed. There was not much he could change about her ways of thinking. She had the mentally of her father, but instincts of a wild animal. "Give it a rest, it's been five years. Nothing will change the fact. I am sure your grandfather and that lake monster would agree" he replied. He could only speak to her and those he deems worthy in a telepathic communication.

"That pleasent sound see that creature wither away and spilling all of it's guts and organs. Ooooo the sheer terror" she smiled in a thrill. Blood and violence were one of the ways she could enjoy her job. She loved biology, psychology, and violence. Scary. "Calm down, kiddo. Enough on the violence, I am already starting to see your raptor genes to show besides the obvious blue scale patches" he sighed. She looked on her left arm seeing the dark blue scale patches and shrugged.

"Come on, I'm hungry and ready for a fresh kill. Want to do one for old times sake?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"No. Come on!"

"Why me?"


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Manzo was out for one of his world famous walks through the woods. Though he was uncertain as to what this walk would bring. Perhaps he would find some interesting landscapes to keep his attention, and to captivate his imagination. It was something he only hoped for these days. In one hand he had his revolver, in the other a bottle of sake. Because if there were two things he never left home without, it was his gun and his booze. These were necessities you see, in his long journey searching for the island the fortune teller told him about.

Perhaps that would be the source that leads him to his great perhaps. Only a glimpse of such a thing would make him feel as though he had truly found something of meaning to keep his life going. While on his trek he sensed movement in the grass, it would seem there was some wild life afoot. Which would give him plenty of food for his journey. He quickly sent a blast of god slayer magic throughout the ground, send the deer in the grass flying into the air. Manzo quickly drew his gun, shooting them all in the head with ease, he smirked to himself.

"And as they say, dinner is served."

Thrill of the Hunt [Manzo] LGnxHvk
#3Raquin Storvarg 

Thrill of the Hunt [Manzo] Empty Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:59 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Her blood was pumping and eyes contracting to any sign of movement. Concord behind her keeping his movements silent. The raptor eyes scanned the horizion. There was nothing. She gave a huff and quietly tread lightly through the brush. It was still late winter, she expected deer or random rabbits to abide nearby. There was more variety of life in the forests of Fiore compared to the cold mountains of Iceberg. Her homeland was more dangerous with rare and heartless creatures that would easily devour a full grown wyvern in a heart beat.

Concord perked his head up and sniffed the air. "Raquin, I smell humans. Shall we turn around?" Staring at her companion, she shook her head. Without a word she continued to tread lightly. In a instant, she stopped a deer, whom was minding his own business. Preparing to pounce with her hunting knives in the ready. A loud echo of a gunshot scared the wildlife off. The deer sprang away as crows and birds cawed flying away. A loud throat growl came from Raquin. "FUCK" she screamed in Icebergian. Concord snickered a bit. She stood straight up.

"Calm down, we can find another deer to hunt. We've got a whole forest to ourselves..almost" she telepathically spoke. Quickly, he turned his head to a white-hair man holding a gun several yards away. Raquin gave him a weird look. "Is that the scent you've picked up?" she whispered in a very hushed tone.


Concord scurred off closer to the human. She hissed a little hating how curious he always was. "Will you knock it off?! Leave him alone" she thought to him. Concord gave an air calling sound like a velociraptor. Curously, he popped his head out now visible to the man. Raquin tried pulling him by the collar to make him stop, but it too late. Concord pulled her out as well causing her to fall backward on her back, now looking a the sky. "Why must you be a people person" she hissed.


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"Come to think of it, all these deer are going to be a little hard for me to carry. Gonna have to go for something smaller." He said as he raised his hand to the sky. Underneath his feet formed a black magic circle as onyx lightning rained down from the heavens above striking down all the birds in the area. This of course was a small feat, though he would not be able to fetch them all. Thankfully his wyvern was patrolling the skies for him. He quickly whistled, a signal between he and his dragon.

Ghost would quickly swoop down from the skies above and snatch almost every bird in his mouth before landing beside his master. The wyvern had grown quite well since being a hatchling all those months ago. Upon ghosts landing he let out a roar, something let his master know that he was indeed not alone out here. He without looking, pointed his gun in the direction at which Ghost had cried out. Placing his hand upon the face of the dragon to calm him before doing anything reckless. He was still young, so naturally he was still quite defensive around others.

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#5Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
Corcord scurred with his tail up and sniffing the air around him. He called again, this time louder. Raquin got up. Her eyes caught very large Wyvern and seeing the size, she knew instantly what species and kind it was. Under her breath, she cussed in Icebergian and called out to Concord. "Get back here" she hissed. Concord lifted his head and motioned to met the wyvern. Raquin was now a bit frustrated and didn't have the tool necessary to take down any large creature.

"He seems nice. Raquin come on, pplleeeaasssseee"

Without giving her a chance to reply, she sprung towards Manzo and Ghost. Concord's species taken after the reptilian family. He was the last of his species and not much known about other than they are very smart and live for a very long time. She ran after him in a panic, fearing the worst. "Concord, get back here! For the sake of my ansectors, don't make this difficult" she scowled.

"But...but a giant wyvern. I've never seen one before."

"Yes, you have seen a wyvern just like this before and we will be going."

He hissed and snapped at her to stop. Relaxing, she look at him in shock. Never snapping or hissing at her like that. She was not fond of talking to people but Concord had given her no choice. "I'm sorry. He's...got a mind of his own" she spoke, quite frustrated at Concord.


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"I doubt you've seen a Wyvern like this one before. He's the only Joyan born Wyvern of his kind." Manzo said as he re-holstered his pistol. What an interesting pair these two make. Interesting and somewhat annoying truth be told, especially the talking thing. Though now was not the time for him to be bothered with such things. He was on his journey to find his great perhaps, and these two were certainly not it for him. Not even close, but perhaps he was on the right path. Though being on the path was not truly enough, he wanted to delve deeper into it.

But in order to lose himself in the path he had to keep moving forward. Not wanting to be rude but not being able to help it at this point. He and Ghost quickly made their way past the two strangers, while it was odd for him to not give his name, he didn't feel it appropriate at this point in time. There were quite a few more pressing matters at hand than this. Such as finding that cursed island he was to seek out for his fortune. What ever it is that it held for him.

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#7Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
She was now confused. Joyan born? There were many types of Wyverns and sizes. This one was no different. She had indeed seen that kind before, but only in a book, not in person. There was no time for arguing. Raquin simply just wanted to hunt and find Nessie. Holding onto Concord's collar tight, she watch the pair walk past them. They both seem to have the same mentality. Parting their own ways, She went int into the same direction, only trying to find the lake nearby. Concord felt back for pissing her off, but he said nothing. She climbed into trees, swinging from branch to branch like a little monkey. Concord blended in with the enviroment, remaining invisible to anyone nearby.

"That was very dumb of you back there" she thought, telepathically. Concord sighed internally. "I had never seen a wyvern like that one. Sorry" he replied with their connected minds.

"Enough of the past, I want to the get to the lake nearby to see if she is there? Or to at least find some sort of connection with Nessie spiritually" she thought. Saying no more, she spotted the pair again with the lake ahead. Quickly she darted away from the in silence. On hte other side of the lake, she jumped down. The ground had fresh markers of something dragging itself into the water. "Something's here. Concord sniff it out and see if it might be her" she ordered. Concord did as ordered, sniffing about he gave a echoed call.

"Something smells fresh and fishy. Give your meditation a whirl"

Activating a blue magic circle below her, she started to walk on the water, effortlessly. Getting to a deep spot of the lake, near the shoreline. She activated a spell that let her grown gills of some kind while she dropped into the water. Concord paced back and forth still seeing the redhead meditated underwater.

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