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Tales from the Beast [Open]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:23 am

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin chewed her pencil with her sharp canine's while thinking. She stared at the Crocus newspaper reading the latest incident. It had been a while since the Grand Ball was last held. She gather enough information for her studies. Humans were complex creatures and reading everything she can could help her better understand how they worked. "Guilds. What's the point in them? I never understood Fiorians at all. A place where they all gather for similar interest and work. More of a glorified club. Perhaps joining one would have me acquire more knowledge" she spoke to herself. Lately, she had been off on her own more and more to help make ends me.

She may of been a noble back at home and in Minstrel, but she had to leave all of that behind. The thoughts about that dark past made her shiver. She had seen a lot of creatures, but nothing comapred to that one from long ago. They were tricky and seldom shown themselves to their prey before consumption. No one ever made it out alive from those hideous beasts. She aimed to find every single one and slay them. They were nothing but evil.


She opened her father's creature journal. It was filled to the brim with detailed drawings, diagrams, fur scraps, blood samples, feathers, almost anything you could think of. He speant his whole life documenting all the creatures he encounter, all but one. She opened to that page as it was blank.

"Figures. No one has ever seen it and lived to tell the tale" she spoke. Nessie would of been more help if she hadn't been so afraid of showing herself in human society. That beastie taught her everything she knew about magic and creatures her father never even knew about. Though, she was no where to be found. Grandfather was ditto too. A lot surrounded her mind. An attempt to lighten the mood, she decided to read about Leviathans and order a drink of water.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:46 pm

Judith Karlinius
As she always was Judith was on the casual walk to search for the interesting, the new and out of place. who else would learn so many interesting things about so many other people. Then again Judith was also fearless for the small woman she was, Fearless in her own way she was the kind of person who would more forward in meeting new people then anyone so far, So back in Crocus it would not shock to anyone who knew of this woman, That Judith was roaming around to meet new people already.

It would be given in time that Judith would meet some one. What soul would be bound to deal with this oddly confusing yet comforting woman? Well Judith seemed to have actually found that person.

This interesting looking woman seemed to have interesting shade of red hair and green eyes. She would be mentioning the idea of how guilds confuse her.

So in her own choice and odd way of talking to new people Judith would actually start a conversation. Standing not too far away easy guess would be that of one foot away Judith would just say."A guild can be many things to a person, It is a mere matter of what the guild means to the person." Judith said happily to this new person. Yes she was weird and having a conversation with out saying hello but there is more to it.

"Some may not be in the place too have people of the same mind set, A guild with the same way of acting can allow a person to live easier."
Was one point another one was."Some case, A guild raised them rather then a family, Some event happen that the parents were never around or not often around."Judith also mentioned."It is how each person, views and feels about a guild...It could even be a second family." With that Judith would said to see what would happen.

#3Raquin Storvarg 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:43 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Out of nowhere, a voice made her jump out of her skin. She was so intuned with reading her father's book. Her velocirpator-like eyes stared a small, gentle woman. Raquin was not a people person, but she wasn't one to be rude. This woman looked to be innocent and kind. She wasn't going to be harsh with her. It would be rude of her, plus she held a lot of information that would be useful to her. Much like her mother would say, she was a sponge for learning. Anything interesting she could put forth to help her in the future.

"Come sit and let me buy you a drink. It seems you have a lot of experience with this specific subject. My name is Raquin Storvarg" she introduced herself. She held out her hand to shake as a formality to greet. Her thick Icebergian-Minstrese accent made it hard from soem people to understand her. She had been in Fiore since she was 16 living with her Grandfather. She ordered a glass of water and allowed the nice woman to order what she wanted. Raquin took her father's book back into her backpack and took out a rough-looking leather journal. She opened it with a lot of diagramns of animals and human body parts and facts. Opening to a clean page she wrote down he reasons behind a guild.

"So what your saying it, guilds allow a person or being to grow in some shape or form, mentally, emotionally, physically or in abilities? Reason I ask, I study Psychology and Biology with different creatures and races. I am always love to learn about cultures, ways, and anything inbetween" she mentioned.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:06 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was a moment of great joy for Judith with this situation it even brought a slightly larger smile on her face than normal. Then again it was most likely because Judith for all of her four foot nine inches in height and all was more of talker. She would at least shake her hand."I do not need anything too cost of a drink if you really want to buy me something I just prefer tea or water."So if anything Judith would not really cost much to keep content.

"My name is Judith Karlinus."
She did not forget that part still Judith still had manners that she forced into her children."I have a knowing of various subjects, Just happens the current one is one of them."Social, plant life, motherhood so many subjects maybe enough time to talk.

Judith seemed to understand."To understand people will be complex, For everyone's standing in life is unique in there own ways."It seem a really basic starting point."That is exactly what I am implying."So that part was out of the way."One example is one of my sons."She had to come up with at least one personal example and easy to recall.

"He went from a extremely reclusive person feared interacting with new people for a long time."Waylon was an interesting son who kind of went back to hiding in some manner."Joined a guild, Starting learning that he did not need to be so reclusive or in reality did he really had wished to for a long time now."Judith was hoping she explained a good example for Raquin.

If not she would explain more."Friendships form from guilds, Love can form from guilds as well. Many possibles can happen with in a guild, Just as much as the many connections of human nature."It was for the most part pretty basic.

But Judith then said."I've seen scared people unsure of where to go in life, With no goal in life as well, Step into a guild start learning so many things."Judith at this point was just enjoying explaining many things she noticed."A person nervous and on edge, even board lining on being hostile to other people, Change into vastly different people when joining guilds."She would take a moment and stop to see what her conversation partner would say, Or well allow her to take note and ask questions

#5Raquin Storvarg 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:20 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Everything this woman was saying, she was clearly taking notes of. It was interesting what people had to say about many of these subjects. Guilds were a new thing for her to learn when she first moved into this country. They weren't a common thing in Iceberg. Minstrel was out the question. Her mother never talked about her homeland, but only taught her the language. "Various subjects such as what, out of curosity? I study Biology and Psychology for the sake of my job" she smiled.

Raquin remember in her life that she was her father's pupil. Trained from a young age that emotions were nothing but baggage. Her father was passionate about the family business as much as she was. While her mother on the other hand, was worried for her daughter's sake. Emotions were hard for the hunter to handle at many times. It was best to control them and act things out. Concord was the only one to see any of her true emotions with forming a deeper bond than anyone could imagine. "I see. Depending the type of situation and the individual themselves. Interesting" she confirmed.

She jotted down notes and drawing diagrahms. "Seems others treat non-blood people as their own kin. In Iceberg, your kin was your pack. It's more of pack mentality than anything. It seems to be the same here only on a much greater scale" she mentioned. A small smile came across her face seeing that she was fond of people. This could be good!

"I will be honest, I am not too fond of people, but you sure are very sweet. I appreciate someone with good manners. I think you're the very few I can enjoy a good conversation with" she smiled.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Thu Feb 06, 2020 2:23 pm

Judith Karlinius
Not a woman to waste time Judith just said."Motherhood, Gardening, Cooking, Singing and healing magic. Off of the top of my head."So more homely and rather wholesome things.  Judith assumed that would be rather boring conversation to most people, But for some one new to actually take a interest, Judith had to figure out to make sure how she did not sound like she carried an ego, but it was a minor worry.

Judith found this way of conversation just as interesting."A part of the world I've never been, I have never been outside of many places...Marigold, Magnolia and wherever was house when I was a hermit was."Judith had not seen much of the world it seems, But she was not hiding it either.

Judith would not view it much the same why she did, But Judith found it like it could be just how another part of the world was like."I've looked at many people after I joined a guild as a caretaker for their guild hall and it's members."Judith would continue on about herself for the moment."you cook and serve drinks to enough people you learn a lot of things." People did tend to open up with the comforts of food and drink.

But it would be time to point out."Some people just need time to open up to emotions and feelings, Even if it seems a bit annoying to deal with."Judith just casually mentioned it was not a short at the lady she was talking too it was just how she was viewing it."It is a grander scale then a pack. But it is also always shaped by person to person." That would be nice piece of information even if it was an easy guess.

But Judith was not just any normal person you would really see she would even mention it."I do thank you for your compliment, I was raised it being strict on manners, Any of my children would have the same I do."But Judith really seemed to have one things on her mind that she just would kind of just express that one way she would fit that greater scale."I treat everyone like kin, Here is a good example of it."This tiny woman would get off of her chair and walking over to where her conversation partner was, Growing a plant that would get her tall enough to be able too and hug Raquin, Yes it would be nicer to ask but Judith also  did seem to be super odd and would not be the type to be asking to be sure it was okay first.

#7Raquin Storvarg 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:02 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin had never thought about it. A good meal had made her more vulnerable with this mother. She instantly wrote that thought down:

Meals give humanoid races a vulernable moment to open up a bit more.

Note: Does not work on creatures as well

She clearly wrote that note into her journal and closed it. Raquin could hear her grandfather's voice echoing inside her head giving her a lecture to stop taking notes as people talked. It the form of habit she had after a while. "I noticed that. I have become more vulnerable to you with a drink and/or meal. Interesting! Excuse me, as my grandfather has lectured me to not get too carried away with my topics of interest. I take way too many notes on everything. I am a sponge for learning as they say" she smiled, sweetly. She taken another sip of her drink before speaking again.

"Something like that on that grand of a scale will have different situations depending on certain factors" spoke Raquin. She knew the woman in front of her was not being rude, but speaking the truth which she very much preferred out of someone. Quietly, she listened to Judith the rest of the way. She thanked her for the compliment. Raquin only gave a sweet smile with a combination of a small nod.

"Of cours-"

She was caught off guard by the hugging plant. There was not time for her to react. Really, she was never embraced like that as the Raptor girl had no idea what these new emotions were. Hiding her worry, she awkwardly hugged the plant back. "Thank you, I really appreciate it."

#8Judith Karlinius 

Tales from the Beast [Open] Empty Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:12 am

Judith Karlinius
This seemed to be an experiment of both ways. Judith seemed to be expecting a something like this of a reaction."I do get carried away with magic sometimes."Judith then would just have the plants go away just as quickly as they seemed to show up."But you have just as much reaction as my husband seems to have out in public to that."Judith then would just go back to her chair and sit down.

"At least when we first met anyway, He changed overtime."
So they both were entertaining one another at this point. Just in different ways. Hopefully there was much more to learn."You can gauge reaction from what you learn from understanding and building relation with other people."Which maybe was another thing of note for mention Judith would be some kind of well spring of some information.

Judith would just say."Family teaches you a lot of things to base your life off of from starting to near the end of it."back to there conversation, Mostly of one asking questions and another endless speaking almost more of instinct rather then logic and study, Both were beauty in their own ways.

But Judith would just mention."And here i have always told my children there emotions are nothing to hide from."She had to mention that a few times, But Judith was a very loving and expressive woman, So that kind of lesson might be a given from her."To hide from your emotions and desires will eventually make it worst for when they come out in the open."That also seemed to be kind of advise to dig into."For normal people sometimes are slaves to their emotion and desires too."Judith only could mention that because she was such a slave for desire and emotions but she did not hide it either it was just a bit more held back.

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