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Let's Get Physical [Quest]

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#1Cecil Aijima 

Let's Get Physical [Quest] Empty Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:31 pm

Cecil Aijima

The park had been filled with about fifty kids. All from different walks of life waiting to serve the country of Fiore. Some were obviously in this park under different circumstances than others. The kids had gathered in front of Cecil as the Knight began by telling them all to form four 5 lines. Cee wanted each line to have ten students arm's length apart. So, the kids did just that. The Desiertan knight's voice was stern and demanding. Cee didn't usually use his voice in this manner, however, it was important to show the kids what they were getting into. The kids seemed nervous for the most part.

They probably felt like they were auditioning for something but the truth was they'd all probably become Knights if they didn't have any health issues. The country needed warriors. There was no discrimination when it came to who joined their ranks. Even daemons and vampires could join if the council saw that they were valuable. Cecil stood at the front. He introduced himself as a Knight but also as a community worker. Then he'd begin with the first part of their training. Immediately he told all of them to begin with stretching while he himself called out names on the clipboard in his hand. By the time he had checked off everyone on the list, he saw that only two kids hadn't been present. Still, Cecil would continue with the training just as instructed. After the list was completed, the stretches were done as well and now the real training began.

The nature mage began with telling all of the kids to get down and do push-ups. He wasn't good at this sort of thing, combat wasn't his strong suit and really he had only worked out to keep himself in shape. Being a personal trainer wasn't something he was into. The kids all dropped and began, counting aloud with Cecil on the odds. Many of the kids struggled to keep up with some of the others. Of course, Cecil noted which kids had been performing well. In the end, none of this mattered. Next, the kids were required to do burpees, followed by jumping jacks before landing back on their bottoms to do sit-ups. When some of the kids seemed to get tired, Cecil would allow a break but only for a minute or two as this training was also to see how much they could endure.

All in all the kids worked hard, showing a sense of fighting spirit. Some were here to prove that they were worth it. Some were present because their parents demanded them to be yet still al the kids had been trying their hardest. If this was what the new generation of Knights would look like then Cee was pleased. With a smile, he finally told all the little soon to be knights that their training was done. Hopefully, the children left feeling accomplished. To ensure that they did, the Paladin congratulated all of the children for their perseverance. Finally, he would make his way to Armin for his pay.

Word count: 500/500

- EXIT -

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