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My Booze! [Quest]

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#1Cecil Aijima 

My Booze! [Quest] Empty Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:56 am

Cecil Aijima

Cecil had only noticed how quick winter was moving. In another month, spring would be dawning upon Fiore. Finally, the flowers would come out of hiding. It had been far too long since the young Paladin had seen his unicellular friends. With a light smile, the plant mage walked along the docks. His mission today was to retrieve some alcohol for Batra. It was a much better option than being a cook like he was the day prior. Believe it or not, being a cook was hard- especially in a fast-paced restaurant. Batra's job wasn' easy either. Running a popular bar and restaurant had to be demanding almost all the time. Cee walked along the docks acknowledging how people without the capability to use magic had a much harder time making something more out of themselves. Although Batra was probably more than happy in his predicament. Hell, he was definitely making a lot more than the multi-racial politician was.

Cee couldn't help but ponder on how much more he wanted from life. Although he could use magic, he hadn't been living up to his potential. He should be out there fighting villains and physically protecting the underprivileged- because he was given the gift of magic. "Hey!" He heard as he stopped in his tracks. A woman with light armor and a dagger on her waist waved towards Cecil. The paladin smiled and approached the woman. "Aren't you the one here to pick up the booze? Bats said a black rune knight was coming to pick em up," she asked. "Yes ma'am. Sorry, I was in deep thought." Cecil rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. He probably would have walked to the end of the docks had this woman not noticed him. "Yeah, I see that..." The woman paused before quickly analyzing the man in front of her. Her long blonde hair sat atop her shoulders.

"You look like you're one of those nobles, all that gold. What the hell are you doing picking up booze for Bats?" Good question. Truth was, Cecil really hadn't been making much money with his current occupation. Plus, he was always looking for honest work, it humbled him. "Oh? Why can't I just be a man who likes jewelry?" He asked playfully. "I'm no noble, that's for sure. I'm just a regular person who enjoys the little things." He concluded. It probably sounded like a bullshit answer, but he wasn't very comfortable talking about his personal life with a stranger. "Huh... well, stop thinkin' so much or you'll drive yourself crazy..." The woman said. Her voice was almost demanding. "You look like you think a lot." The woman began as she picked up the box of booze, "Less thinking, more doing." She said as she stepped down to hand Cecil the package.

Her words meant a lot, whether she knew it or not. She was right. Cecil really wasn't doing enough. "Aye. That's somethin' I need to practice more." He admitted. Though he had done a lot for people already, it really didn't feel like enough. It was almost too easy for him to be doing what he was doing. Reaching over, Cee grabbed the box and stepped down. With a genuine goodbye, he left the woman and began to make his way back to Batra's business. Who was that woman? Perhaps someone close to Batra? Then again, she could have just been a delivery woman. Whoever she was, she sounded pretty sure of herself. Cecil decided to breathe, and shake the things he had been dwelling on off his mind. Soon he had arrived at "Bats" bar and gave him the booze. Satisfied, Batra handed the Knight his money and Cecil departed.

Word Count: 500+/500
- EXIT -

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