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Flip Em [Quest]

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#1Cecil Aijima 

Flip Em [Quest] Empty Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:35 pm

Cecil Aijima

"Here you go. Everything you need is here... and you said you're a good cook right?" Batra asked with an eyebrow raised. Cecil smiled nervously. "I'm decent." he chuckled. Batra nodded with a shrug, "Good enough. Just make sure everything is thoroughly cooked, follow the recipe and you'll be fine." Cee nodded as he rubbed the back of his head. Cooking for people was a lot of pressure, but Cee had cooked for his family a bunch of times. According to his younger brother and his mother, he was a very good cook. So without wasting another moment, the Desiertan put the apron around his body before tieing it. When he was done, he'd look around at everything in front of him. Burgers, chicken wings, baked potato.

The multi-racial Knight hated the way Fiorians cooked food so he would add his own flavor into what he made today. Fiorian food was always lacking in seasoning like they were afraid of salt and shit. Cecil hurried to ready his area. He found a spatula, flour, eggs, the fires, the burgers, buns, hotdogs, and the potatoes. Then he turned the deep fryer on and made sure everything was where he could easily reach it. After setting up his station, he the ball over the counter dinged. Batra then came to tell him the first order. It was an order of two orders of breaded chicken wings. Cee began immediately with his eyebrows arched. It was time to get serious. First, he began by dipping adding seasoning to the egg yolk before mixing it.

Quickly he turned to the bread crumbs and added a bit of seasoning too- not too much though since they were already lightly seasoned. He dipped twelve pieces of chicken into the egg yolk before laying them in the bread crumbs, then he'd drop the chicken into the deep fryer when suddenly *DING* Another order. This time it was an order of french fries. "Easy enough." He murmured to himself as he turned to get the bag of fries. He then dumped the entire bag into the other fryer which wasn't occupied by the chicken wings. Hopefully, Cecil wouldn't have a busy night. He had never worked in a restaurant before and he really didn't want to get used to it. This would be the first and last time he participated in something like this, especially since the money wasn't that good.

After bout six more minutes, the chicken wings and the fries were both done. However, they were two different orders. So Cecil separated them accordingly before sliding them through the window. Next, he had five hotdogs, three burgers, and one baked potato. Quickly he threw the patties onto the giant pan, then dropped the hotdogs in the boiler. The Baked Potatoe was easy and only required the oven. Soon he had finished with those orders and sent them all separately through the window. 10 burgers though? He wondered who ordered all of that. Still, he did not leave his station. There was work to be done and apparently, he had until midnight. So, Batra gave him orders every five to ten minutes it seemed. Cee had worked his ass off all night until finally, his shift was over.

"Good Job, man," Batra stated before giving his temporary employee his money. "Thank you, Batra. I don't ever look forward to doing this shit again." he joked. The two men laughed before Cee left. What a long day.

Word Count: 500+/500
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