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I need Booze! (mission)

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#1Joshua Graham 

I need Booze! (mission) Empty Fri Jan 31, 2020 3:20 pm

Joshua Graham
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I need Booze! (mission) HZRhvbw


Joshua had made his way to the docks already, he hadnt wasted much time after getting the mission from the barowner, however, when he had arrived he had found the ship was running a bit late. But in the distance, a faint singing could be heard as a familiar craft approched the docks. Joshua couldnt help but smile as he recognized the ships design and the singing of the men on board. As the boat came within distance, Joshua stood and joined the voices in song. His voice spent on playing the harmonica, a instrument he ahd perfected on the travel from his own country.

Some of the men turned, and seeing Joshua on the dock they laughed and hollored, until the entirety of the ship, save a few who were anchoring in and getting ready to dock. The Sailors and Joshua exhanged insults with the same energy friends who ahd not seen each other in a long time could only manage. Joshua laughs and ran up the stack of boxes, jumping to meet the boat even as it docked. he landed on the dock and busted into song. The men joined in as they set to work hauling off the ships delivery of good. Joshua helped roll the Barrols of Booze down the walkway and onto the dock, before lifting and putting them into a cart that belonged to the bar.

The entire time, he and his friends sang shanties as they worked. But once the work was done, Joshua smiled and greeted them as friends. He said his good wells after catching up, and told them where he was staying. He got on the cart and with a wave, he made his way to the bar. But as he did, a figure landed in the seat next to him. A young boy, barely more then 13, his face was still dirty, but growing to be handsome. Joshua laughed and hugged the boy. "Luis! you scully rat!" he said as he gave the young teen a noogie.

"ow ow ow!" luis screamed "Cut that out Joshua, it hurts."

"Oh your still soft. A soft boy cant be a Sailor."

"How would you know? your not even a sailor!" Luis said with an annoyance in his voice as he eyed Joshua. He grabbed at his new cloths and searched his pockets. "You look like your a rich guy now, so where the cash huh?"

Joshua struggled against him. "H-Hey! get out of my pockets damn it!" he head butted the young teen then continued of his journey, both sitting in silence, luis rubbing his head. Joshua couldnt help but crack up. "Your a good kid Luis...You been keeping up with your studies? I dont want to hear my time on the ship was wasted." he stopped the cart infront of the bar, and began to unload it, the helpers taking it to the proper storage area as Joshua and Barta talked. Soon, money was echanged, and Luis followed Joshua without any notice as the cowboy began to walk away.

"Nope! not wasted at all. Captain says im the smarted one on the boat beside shimself." he smiled and laughed as said that. "When are you coming back to sail with us? The whole crew misses you!"

"Aye, i bet they do." he said witha cheeky smile. "But i cant sadly. I might be close to finding what i came here to find. I cant jsut leave it be."

"Yeah yeah, your 'Dragon'" he said with air quotes and a smirk, Joshua smiled and pushed him. They continued to talk for a while, before Joshua handed Luis some money.

"Go on, the Boys will be at the Docks tavern no doubt. Thats enough to cover a room for a few nights while you guys get your port time in. Ill see you around okay?" Luis nodded with a gapetoothed smile and walked away after saying goodbye, biting the money to make sure it was real. Joshua smiled watching after him as the wind blew harshly and coldly behind him. he turned and looked out in the direction the wind had come from. "And then once im done with this dragon..." he raised a hand int he shape of a gun as he pointed it almost in challange to something far away. "Then im coming for you three, I havnt forgotten about you yet." He stood there a moment before putting his hands in his pockets and walking away.

However, after he had left, the shadow of a nearby pole shifted and shook, as a small impish creature with black skin and pupilless eyes smiled and chuckled. "My my~ seems he will be a bother for the Masters plans after all. This will be fun i think." it sank back into the shadow and dissapeared.

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