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Training and Helping Those in Need [Amenra & Joshua | Mini-Event]

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Training and Helping Those in Need [Amenra & Joshua | Mini-Event] Empty Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:35 pm


Amenra had been enjoying his stay in Crocus with his newest beau Sage. The two of them were like a seething fire that couldn’t be extinguished by the downpours of others judgement's and hate, and he could feel their souls bonding in a timeless knot. It fueled his desire for growth, to always be enough for his beloved and so he was back to work.

Armor clad skin walked the bustling streets of the city he was visiting, realm of the royals and visitors from afar. If not for the cold biting at his exposed face he might have considered the land to be the perfect future home but he was more into tropical lands and the heat. A place where the sun could shine down on him and warm his warriors derma.

Sword in hand, Amenra was stationed to look out for more demons that may be showing. Remnants of a war once fought with the opposing intruders and he was more ready than before. The gift the ball had bestowed to him and all its party goers bringing his magic and prowess to unforeseen heights and he embraced the suns power fully.

It wasn’t until he was walking on a nearly empty road that he could see a swarm. A dark mass in the snowy backdrop that gave birth to 10 of the malicious beings that threatened his earthen home and he was ready. A loud battle cry that would ring out to give warning to the demons and other magi who might have heard it as he dashed forward.

Thrusting a hand downward, a red and gold magic seal suddenly formed under his feet. Engulfing his entire body with golden sun fire that quickly formed into a pair of large feathered wings on his back. Hard-light making up the body of the wings while intense orange fire that composed the feathers with fire on his feet as well.

With this new found mobility he was soaring through the air, a contrail of sun fire behind him, before bringing his blade down onto one of the demons. It’s body splitting around the blade, spinning without the ground stopping him to behead another of the demon-kin. Leaving 8 of the would be 10 to deal with.

Without hesitant the beasts would begin to swarm him forcing the mage to endure a series of scratches and gnawing at his armor before he quickly descended. Flying until he was just above the ground and shifting direction to make his 5 attackers slam into the earth beneath, snow rising from the impact. The other 3 had set their sights on someone approaching from the distance and Amenra was hot on their trail to keep the newcomer safe.

If they are a mage they would have plenty of time to take down two of the incoming attackers. If not he would just have to fire off a projectile based attack and endure the swarm behind shrouding him again.


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#2Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Training and Helping Those in Need [Amenra & Joshua | Mini-Event] 6b34eb7d1b369d24295b950fcfac4f93

The quiet dark city streets of Crocus were cold. But Joshua was used to that by now. He was on patrol again, having taken to walking around nightly even without the orders of a guild or a group. Joshua hummed to himself softly as he made his way through the pathways. The large Cloth covered cross on his back stuck out like a sore thumb.

The young man made his way forward, as a sudden warning and bright light caught his attention. He turned to face it, and found the light flying in the sky before slamming something into the ground. But more then that, he saw the three demons flying toward him. Joshua smiled and grabbed the cross, the covering of fabric fell away with ease as he aimed the large Cross toward the Demons.

He pulled the trigger three times, as a red magic circle glowed on the Crosses middle piece. Three flame bullets fired out and hit one of the demons, sending him falling to the ground dead. Joshua tisked to himself before turning and slamming the cross into the Demon that reached him. Its skull shattered as he planted the cross into the ground, kicking the third demon in the head as he dodged his savage attack.


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Eyes of amber would look on curiously as the man he'd moved to save would unveil what looked to be a massive cross, the cloth hiding it's frame falling to the earth below. Amen'ra of course would continue his pursuit of the beats until three shots finally rang out from the weapon. A magic glyph showing he was using a form of fire magic that quickly cut through one of the hell spawn while the other two still closed in. It was with pure strength that the man slammed the religious fixture into the cranium of one demon to crush it's skull before planting a solid kick into the other.

A kick which Amen'ra capitalized on without hesitance, swinging his blade through the air and bisecting the winged creature while turning to face the others moving in. He would quickly flex his wings to bring them closer to his body and land float right next to the man before crossing his own arms into an X in front of his body. Suddenly, a gold and red pair of magic seals would form underneath him and without warning a solar conflagration would arise.

"Burning Dome!" He howled, prompting fire and light to form a spinning dome around the duo. causing the five remaining cretins to disperse before hitting they could hit them. Instead regathering themselves in the skies a few meters away, moving like a flock of bats to swirl overhead before beginning to descend onto the duo again. Sword in hand, Amen'ra would look to the new comer and give a small nod as wings of flaming light flapped gracefully behind his back.

"I didn't mean to get you roped into this, but it seems you're more than capable of fending for yourself. How about we finish this together?" He'd ask before awaiting an answer and then ascending to fly overhead his unlikely companion, twirling his blade while anticipating contact with the other aerial combatants. It was only with the introduction of a shadow ball escaping one demons mouth and nearly beheading him that he gasped in shock.

Luckily the mage had leaned backward, shifting his weight to perform a somersault and dodge the blast that had cracked the pavement behind him. He turned to look at the affect before looking back to his opponents with confused eyes and throwing his sword forward to cut down the projectile firing demon. Rushing to slam himself into the gremlin and pull the smoldering blade from it's belly, only to find himself punched to the earth by a heavy fist.

His weapon clanking to the ground and falling away from him as he was left in a small upheaval of dirt and snow, groaning from the impact. Amen'ra hadn't been hit that hard in a long time, good thing it was a body shot or for sure he would of been done for. Eyes clinched and holding his ribs despite wearing armor, he would look up to the four demons looming overhead and begin to crack his neck. They didn't seem to want to come down, waiting for the men to come to them, but that wasn't how this was going to work. Luckily his companion had a few ranged tricks up his sleeve.


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#4Joshua Graham 

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Joshua Graham
Joshua had already dropped to the ground, and while sitting on one knee, he aimed the punisher toward the flying enemies. A ear perferating noice could be heard, as Joshua fired off a volly of bullets, trasing after the enemies as they tried to flee, But the bullets were holy magic, converted from his own fire magic thanks to his weapon. the holy mana ripped through the demons bodies with ease, as strong as they were, their bodies werent designed to handle holy magic. He smiled as they fell, Only for a much larger threat to make itself known, the giant demonic hand luncged toward him through the fog and nearly got him, had he not rolled to the side quick enough.

The demon walked slowly, its hooves knocking on the ground, then the sound of long sharp claws scratching at the ground could be heard. out of the fog, came a demon resembling a half rotted man, and a horse combinmed by twisted magics. Joshua lost his smile quickly. He turned and yelled at the man. "Watch out! its roar can--" he didnt get a chance to say it, as the creature let loose a ear splitting roar that caused windows to shatter nearby. Joshua was thankfully outside its dangerous area of effect spell, but his ears still rung from the noise. anything inside would have been paralyzed. He wrapped the cloth around the cross and around his shoulders, helping him to hold it steady. "Great, This is gunna suck."


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Amen'ra smirked on as his allies weapon came to life with holy light, wasting no time in turning the demons to purple swiss cheese. Their lifeless forms falling to the earth to be soak to the snow in their crimson life force, impressive he'd say but things were getting much worse. And fast! The appearance of what could only be called an ungodly mix of man and myth, Wait, he's read about these before... he didn't exactly remember a name; but he knew the basics.

So without warning his wings would burst into action once more to lift and drag him from the range of the beasts cry, thankfully with utmost urgency. Landing beside The howl ringing out to shake the area and the sun mage standing to prepare himself for the fight at hand. Without getting close the two of them had to put the creature out of it's misery, which shouldn't be a problem for them.

His ears still rang from from the sonic attack, but he wouldn't let that deter him from taking the life of the demon in question. "That sounds like a bit of an understatement" He'd reply to Joshua before cracking his neck and hovering over the ground slightly, formulating a plan. Maybe if he attacked from the skies while Josh kept it occupied they could kill it in one fell swoop?

"I'll stick to the skies, hit it and move" Amen'ra stated before taking to the skies, flying up to his max height of 5 meters and raising one hand into the air above himself triumphantly. Summoning a gold and red magic seal in the air above the beast, birthing a beam of flaming light that would shower the equine demon in a 4 meter diameter. Burning it with B rank magics causing it to shriek in agony. The ground around it barren and steaming from the attack while Josh hopefully capitalized on the distraction.


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