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Shopping Spree [social]

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#1Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:46 pm

Iris DuPage
Following her recent removal from the ranks of the Rune Knights on the surface, she was still technically in service, but, here she was, free from the shackles, free from the cuffs, free from being given small meals, she was free to be her, and she was, well, smiling for once.

Having cleaned up, her hair was no longer a matted mess, it was well combed and taken care of, funny what a little bit of water and soap will do after an hour of scrubbing from lack of attention given to it! And she wore something more relaxed than a potato sack believe it or not. It was like a long tank top, a low neck line, her arms free to swoop in and out of her top with a tight black sports shirt beneath it with barely any sleeves to speak of. Around her waist a pair of shorts of the same sport material. She didn't have a lot to go off of for clothes, and, that was the purpose for today.

Sitting on a bench in the middle of Crocus, she wiggled her feet in her flip flops, this wasn't the best outfit, but, hell, it was better than the potato sack, she was brought out here by Noyiah, her adoptive mother, for an emergency shopping spree. It was still winter, and she didn't have any clothes save for the woolen gloves and hat she wore given to her by a woman named Judith, that big fuzzy blanket she kept as a hide back poncho, that she got from some guy in red.

She needed to get some winter clothes bad, but, really, she didn't mind the cold, now that she had that special book of hers tucked away under her poncho, and, the warmth of a couple of people that cared about her enough to want to help her out, hell, they adopted her, and all of her problems, but, she didn't tell them her problems, she didn't want to burden them with that just yet, while they were still in the process of investigating her past crimes and trying to clear them up from the rune knights' corruption!

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:40 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Walked along the streets, she wasn’t extremely bundled up herself as she brought a two small cups, one with Coffee and the other with Hot chocolate, she wasn’t sure what Iris would prefer, but she would get first pick and Noyiah would take what was left. As she approached the meeting point, she would quickly spot the top of her Gorgeous red hair. Her feet the only other thing visible, as she wiggled them about Noyiah cracked a Smile.   It must have felt so good to be free, at least Noyiah could only imagine that the weight of shackles was heavy and without them she likely felt so light.

Noyiah wore a Large Purple Baggy sweater over a Black Sleeveless shirt. Paired with a short baby blue skirt, a pair of Black/grey leggings underneath them, and he usual boots, a small brown pair of Soft leather boots with a empty sheath on the inner side of the left boot.  She had a large Grey Scarf around her neck. Her Brown and grey Satchel she often had, full of papers  over her shoulder as well.

As she got closer she would smile a little wider “ Wouf~ she exhaled “ sorry about that the line was a little longer then I thought it would be” she would then offer out both cups. “Which one would you like, Hot Chocolate?” she asked lifting the right cup slightly “or Coffee, two milk, no sugar “she said offering up her left hand.  “ either one should warm you up,  I know it’s a little warmer today but you should dress in a few layers, you can always take things off” she said  using her Free hand ( now that the cup was taken) and untied her scarf with a  flick of her wrist. Her Scarf unraveled with a pull and she handed it over to Iris.

“so, where to first?”
she asked, “Will it be cloths, shoes or accessories?” she asked trying to get a sense of which one she might be drawn towards.

#3Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:08 pm

Iris DuPage
"It's fine Noyiah, I don't mind waiting. I'll take...I don't know, I've never had either." She said while looking between the two. "Coffee please?" She asked while holding her gloved hands out. Taking the coffee, she would take a moment to get a feel for the warmth of it. Leaning over she cautiously pressed her lips to the cup and tipped it back,s ipping softly on it while shivering, it was hot, oh so hot, it was almost too hot. She flinched, reeling back, but kept the liquid from spilling. "It's bitter! But, I kind of like it." SHe said before going back for another long sip.

"As much as I would like to dress in layers, you know I don't own much, we JUST came here." She said callously, before correcting herself, lowering her gaze for a moment, she looked back up to the woman, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap."

SHe sipped some more coffee, sitting back and exhaling in to the air, making a little bit of a vapor cloud from the cold.

"I say we go get some clothes first, those are kind of super important." SHe said before getting up to her feet, dipping her head back as she downed the rest of the coffee in one swift gulp, having cooled down a bit from the cold air and the milk in it.

"SHould I keep calling you Noyiah? Or....mom? I'm a bit...confused." SHe was struggling to find the right words to say about all of this, this whole scenario. She went from pariah to prisoner to adopted, and, her world was different and spinning.

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#4Noyiah Dashi 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:24 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would hand over the coffee and take a sip of the Hot Chocolate. The Warmth seemed to counteract the weather, as she felt a temporary relief from the cold.  Watching Iris take a large drink of the hot beverage she winced slightly  A mouth too full for her to warn her.  But she seemed okay, her only complaint was how bitter it was,  finishing her mouthful she would then explain “ Most people put Sugar in it to cut the bitterness, we might have to try a few different methods before you know how you like it”

After she had scolded her for being in such light gear, Noyiah immediately felt ashamed, she had forgotten that they hadn’t made it for a complete shopping trip yet, mostly small things here and there,  but being a page she had to pace out what they could buy at what times. “no, no your right I’m sorry I forgot”  

Noyiah had offered out a bunch of ideas as to what they would go towards first, And Iris picked cloths and Noyiah figured she would, especially after the bit of a blunder with her not really thinking.  Iris Shot the Coffee pack the sound of it all draining out of the cup made Noyiah smirk, she was going to be really Wound up now. But Noyiah Smirked and offered out her Cup “here try and hold on to this for a bit, its far sweeter but it will be warm on your hand until we get to the shop.” Noyiah said softly.

Iris had a Valid concern; it was not something that she had really considered.  But a response quickly came to her as she widened her eyes a bit a warming smile would form upon her face “Just call me whatever feel right, though I’m your Guardian, I don’t have to be your mother if you don’t want to. “Noyiah understood the vast changes to Iris life, or at least she thought she understood most of it, but it was something that they could adjust to in time.

#5Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:50 pm

Iris DuPage
She looked at the drink, and then at Noyiah, "Sugar is pretty expensive though, I'd, you know, rather save the money for something better. It isn't that bad anyways." She said, just holding on to the cup of coffee for warmth now instead of drinking it down like she had never been given liquid to consume before!

After her little apology, she got one right back, and she felt even worse then. lowering her shoulders down, she looked up at the woman who was basically her mother now, "Still, I'm sorry, I'm not used to having parents, or anyone that cares, I'm trying my best to also forget you're a dirty stinking rune knight." She commented, not bothering to veil that at all.

When Noyiah offered Iris her cup of coffee, she shook her head, and produced that book of hers, a cyan cover bound book with a strange property. She cleared her throat and brought her left hand up while holding the book open with her right hand. With her index and middle finger together and glowing, she swiftly wrote the word LANTERN in the air before swinging her hand across through the air, "Now add fire!" As she commanded, the book spewed out the letters F I R and E.

LANTERN formed around in to the loose cage for a metal and oil lamp lantern, the L and Ns and the T forming the body of it while the E and A formed the floor and roof. The R served as a handle for her to hold. The letters for FIRE all flew in to the lantern and formed in to a nice bright light, and an actual lantern, albeit made out of letters, was in her hand. "I can do this now, so it's fine."

She smiled, a genuine smile, she had most of her old magic back, and she was so excited for that!

"I know exactly what kind of clothes I want to get! I think, I hope. I know! I don't know where to go though. But, I will know it when I see it! I saw some people jogging around town in it."

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#6Noyiah Dashi 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:28 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded slightly, Sugar could be expansive, but it wasn’t something someone on a knights salary wouldn’t be able to afford.

Noyiah nodded again in understanding, she knew it was a big adjustment and Noyiah wasn’t attempting to push things too much. Her eyes widened a bit as she was called a ~Dirty Stinking Rune Knight~ a slight scowl formed and there was a bit of confusion in her eyes, but she took a deep breath and held her tongue, after all Iris didn’t have a good experience with the knights, and Noyiah could understand where she was coming from. Choosing to just dismiss it altogether she shook her head and let her facial features rest, before she would offer out the cup and smile again.

When her offer was Declined Noyiah’s eyebrow would raise in question but as soon as the Cyan Colored book showed up she started to understand, though unfamiliar with Iris’s magic it was an interesting feat that she possessed, and despite her knowledge on magic, she was still just a magicless detective. Noyiah watched a little amazed by the utility the magic provided, before she said “ I wouldn’t go around using a ton of flashy magic, after all not everyone is comfortable with magic.” She warned. Not that she minded though she certainly believed it to be unnecessary. After all magic was a tool and a weapon, and it shouldn’t be wasted on things that were fixed with common Solutions, or at least that was her view point.

Noyiah would hold her tongue once again on the magic as Iris seemed quite happy and proud of her creation “ Neat” Noyiah would respond with as she swept her bangs from her eyes, when they decided upon the cloths first Iris seemed to have a look already in mind and Noyiah would Nod as she proceeded to walk. “ is that so? “ she asked more so to stimulate conversation, as they walked towards the shopping district. Noyiah had a Rudimentary understanding of the layout of the city because her Grandparents had spent most of their lives her and the odd trip here and there gave her a very basic understanding. “ do you mean like exercise cloths?” she asked as they crossed the street Noyiah would take a drink of the hot chocolate and glance at the lantern every now and then, it seemed safe enough but it Definitely odd.

#7Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:41 pm

Iris DuPage
As they walked, and Iris' lantern kept them both warm, they got a few side long glances at magic being used in such a way, but, also in the way it was being used. "Well, Solid Script magic is rather rare, because it is simple and easy to use, people often over look it. But, because of the nature of the magic, it can be pretty useful." She said, trying to talk up about her little weaponized wording.

When Noyiah pointed out exercise clothing, Iris thought about that, "Yes, it's material like that. It's exactly like that. Like, there's this top that has a zipper, but, it starts up at the shoulder on one side, and goes down to the neck line at the other side, so you can get an ascot look out of it. It's really neat to look at. And I could see myself moving around in them more. The warmer the material the more heat built up when moving, so, even in these winter climates, i could wear just that." She said while going on and on about her clothing preference.

When they got to the shopping area, she dispelled the lantern and fire, and hurried over to the first store, she wanted shoes, she really really wanted shoes. Turning as she looked from the window to her mother, her adoptive mother, she called out to Noyiah, "Over here! Over here! I don't know what to wear, but, I wanna try so many! I haven't had shoes in so long." She mused out happily.

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#8Noyiah Dashi 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Wed Mar 11, 2020 7:07 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as iris explained the jogging suit to her, it seemed odd to her that someone would want to go from a Prisoners Grab to something that though, was far more comfortable, would look similar and feel similar to that of the prisoner outfits.  But she nodded nevertheless and smiled happily because of how excited Iris seemed about it.

As they entered the higher populated area iris dispelled her lantern and Noyiah felt a little more at ease, not that she thought that iris would hurt anyone without cause but, being in the same town controlled by the royal family, your reputation here was the most tangible.  If people started talking about a girl that matched the description of the criminal caught with the royal jewel, it wouldn’t be long before complications would follow.

Her thoughts were dismissed as Iris Excitedly  called out Over here!~ her enthusiasm and happy tone, made Noyiah feel a little better about her position as Guardian, after all this was her first time as a ~mother~ as well and she wasn’t sure how good she was going to be. “ I thought you said clothes first?” she teased poking her tongue out at iris before Noyiah would move to the door and open it up, as if to say go on in “ lets limit it down to 3 pairs if we can, a pages paycheck isn’t as nice as someone might think” she smiled amused by her own statement.  Though it wasn’t a great pay Noyiah knew how to save and when to splurge, and she had been saving up for a bit to get the new place with Kazimir, dipping into that a bit wouldn’t hurt too much.

As they entered the store Noyiah would smile and nod towards the owner before she would look about the store, the racks of shoes seemed almost endless, the few that were prominently displayed were quite nice, but after breaking the heels in her mission she was also looking for something new.   Between combat boots and flats she didn’t have too many other shoe choices anymore.  over the year’s things wore out or broke so she slowly had her collection dwindle down.

#9Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:57 pm

Iris DuPage
As they filed in to the shoe store, Iris would eagerly start darting about, collecting as many shoes as she could to try on a hodge podge of different unmated shoes, just wanting to see what styles she liked. Out of everything she picked out, a pile of discarded shoes to one side and a smaller pile to the other. She did not have a single fancy shoe befitting a ball, or anything with heels. Most were normal every day wear or much too casual for someone not going on vacation, like the type of thing you would see the middle class wear. And to her, they were some of the most amazing things she could ever imagine wearing.

SHe favored shoes that covered her feet completely, letting her not have to worry about the wind, dirt, or the cold at all. She had set aside only two pairs of sandals, had mostly flats or wedges set to the side in her choice pile and one pair of boots with fur fringe lining. Trying the boots back on, she stood up and walked around with them on for a moment. "These, I like these ones."

Pointing out the sandals,s he had a pair that would lace up her shins to almost her knees, the other pair would hug her ankles. "I can't decide between these, what do you think? I kind of like the longer ones, so that my ankles won't get chafed by the normal ones?" SHe surmised while tilting to the left, leaning to the right, trying to get through the choices by looking at them.

Then there were the gym shoe or casual loafers that one could put on or just fit in to easily. [color=teal]"There's too many of these for me to decide between!

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#10Noyiah Dashi 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:47 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah entered the shop with iris but put a limit on how much they could get, just so they didn’t go overboard. Iris seemed quite Excited as she quickly went off to find a few pairs, Noyiah had stopped at the high heels but dismissed the selection, nothing caught her eyes the way the high heels she had on at the ball did.

As Iris returned with a few sets of shoes and divided them into piles Noyiah sat down on a bench and watched, as iris tried on the Fur lined boots, as she proclaimed her love for them Noyiah nodded and offered to put them aside “ Here I can hold them while you find your others” after she handed them over Noyiah would tuck them beside her on the bench and wait for her next set.

When iris went for more sandals she watched and listened, when Iris Asked which one Noyiah would immediately point out the Laced up set, “ They have better Arch and ankle support, Surprisingly good for missions and straining activities. “ she would explain as she reached out for that pair as well. Leaving her with one more option before they were going to head to the next store.

As iris hit the next Dilemma Noyiah would smile, “ get something Comfy, you have a pair of boots for warmth, knee high sandals for training. Now you can get something for comfort, flats are nice for walking around” she would point out to a pai of grey ones, “ these ones would be a good choice, they are a natural colour so they can go with almost nay outfit.” She would explain before standing up and getting ready to pay.

The two Bounced back and forth between a few different shops through the evening, picking out new outfits, some accessories and a few other unneeded items, but over all Noyiah had felt she bonded with iris over the few hours they spent together. If this was what it was going to be like to be a mother she was excited to see what the future brought.

#11Iris DuPage 

Shopping Spree [social] Empty Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:56 pm

Iris DuPage
With clothing purchased and several outfits put together, they were having a good day. ANd it drew to a quick close as quickly as it began. For Iris and Noyiah, they would bond, if only a little bit.

Were there some form of grading for this, they would have a C rating support at this point!


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