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~An Embarking, Fayre's Prelude~ [Crocus to Astera]

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~An Embarking, Fayre's Prelude~ [Crocus to Astera] Empty Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:05 pm

A new morning in Crocus would queue for the travels of Fayre to begin. He awoke to the sunlight shining violent upon his annoyed face, with furrowed brows facing the clear window. It was a day of departure, one that would be to begin returning home to a town called none other than Hargeon, a port town. South in the lands of Fiore lied the port town of Hargeon. However, Fayre would first visit the town of Astera. It was a city of white buildings, looking over the sea. Little did Fayre know, during his travels that trouble would ensue within Fiore. Fayre would have to visit home for reasons other than just visiting the place dear to his heart that was known as home to him. Yet, that would matter very bit to the current time.

He would set out on that morning, traveling to the small city of white. A story would begin to be told there, beginning with the war against evil and Fayre's determination to become stronger and more adept at his magic. He would cook and eat well during his travels, coming to many small towns along his merry way. Only in the end after quite a while of traveling by foot would the potential of Fayre begin to shine in the small city that is Astera. He would arrive there one cold night.


~An Embarking, Fayre's Prelude~ [Crocus to Astera] 23a6e7d45c8cb0bcaf81c5cd755b26596bde29a8_00

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