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Escorting, Guarding & Warding (3)

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Well, it was that time again. Shichiro figured he was doing too much pillaging and robbing for his own good and decided he should lay low and do some good for a change. Sure, he liked gaining money quickly but he also didn't want people to think all he did was do shady jobs. He was a mercenary, whether it was clean or dirty jobs, he swore he'd do them both in order to get the reputation he wanted as a whole. 

Well, it would tank his income briefly but he'd have to even out the types of gigs he had to do so he figured he'd go out and find a citizen he could help for the time being. Roaming around the streets of Crocus, he kept an eye out for something to do. Placing his hands into his pockets, he turn his head from left to right as he walked to see if there was anything to take. So far, nothing yet until he came across a small business ran by an older gentlemen. He didn't come off as filthy rich but he still seemed wealthy enough. 

Observing the man's clothing, he seems to be wearing a pricey shirt made of fine cotton with silk patterns sewn in and pants with materials that mirror the shirt. From the looks of it, he was in distress and so Shichiro smelled opportunity. Approaching the distraught merchant, he asked the man what was the matter. The merchant looked towards Shichiro and finished when startled before realizing he was there asking him what was wrong. The man explained at night, ruffians come into his shop and steal his wares from right under his nose. He can't do anything about it since the rune knights were always busy with 'bigger problems.'

Heh, Shichiro chuckled at that line since it seems as if no matter where he roams, things never changed. Rune Knights always too busy to do their jobs it seems. Well, that settles it, even if this man doesn't have too much to offer, rather, refuses to offer more than than he'd like, he still decided he would take the job nonetheless. The merchant then smiled brightly as he nodded and showed his gratitude. Shichiro told him this would be a verbal agreement and he would help defend his shop for a few nights before moving on. Suddenly, the man had a bright idea and decided he would hire two more mages that happened to pass by. 

Shichiro was a bit offended at the idea and voiced his opinion that he could take care of such a small, trivial issue himself but the merchant was having none of it. Giving in to his whims, Shichiro folded his arms in defeat and decided to let the man have his way. Whether other people came to help or not, one thing was for sure, he'd get the job down whether it was with a team or not. Well, regardless a job was a job no matter who was present. 

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Nero had been roaming around Crocus looking for work, things with the guild had been pretty slow recently. But luckily for him Crocus was a boiling pot for requests, be they good or bad. It wasn't long before he was stopped on the street by a merchant who looked to be struggling with a hard decision. Seeing Nero looking at him with curiosity he beckoned for him to lend an ear to his struggles. Apparently he had been dealing with robbers recently. People had come in the dead of night to steal his wares and he had no way of stopping them since they appeared to be stronger than the average thief and he himself was a simple merchant by trade. His story seemed pretty interesting, and Nero had never actually been on a stakeout so he readily accepted without too much thought.

From what he was told after accepting the job would be pretty simple. He was only required to watch over his shop during the night to ensure that no one stole anything, and if they happened to show up they should apprehend the criminals and deal with them personally. Nero smiled at the thought of an altercation in the dead of night. He had dealt with hunting animals before in the dark forests, but it would be a first for him to deal with a human in the quiet city of Crocus. With a light chuckle, Nero shook hands with the man who offered him a room in the back of his shop as a place to rest until night came so that he could be ready for the long night ahead. He readily accepted and was surprised to walk in and see a face he recognized. The man known as Shichiro Uchida whom he'd seen around here and there was also going to be involved with this night watch.

Nero smiled and waved lightly to him before explaining the situation to the client. He was happy to know that they were acquainted and with that, he left the two of them to speak with one another while he searched for the last candidate for his mission. "Guess we're gonna be watching this place overnight? Seems interesting." he said nonchalantly as he found a comfy chair to rest on. He got relaxed and kicked up his feet as he glanced over at Shichiro. "I'm gonna catch a quick nap before the sun sets. Can ya wake me up when it's time to close up?" Nero spoke in a relaxed tone to Shichiro, different from the somewhat formal speech he normally used with others. It was a sign that he was used to conversing with the man and in turn, was also trying to be more open. He trusted that Shichiro would get his attention if he needed something, and even if he didn't he was still vaguely paying attention to things around him as he closed his eyes to rest. It was bound to be a fun night.


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Juni Anastos
Ylva could count the jewels she had on one hand, and that wasn't something she was too happy about. The newly blond-haired woman would have to buckle down and make some hard cold cash today. She knew her search for work wouldn't be too hard as Crcous was a pretty big place. The Rune Knights always seemed far too busy to take on most of the " smaller " jobs in this city, so it was up to the mages to pick up the slack. Ylva could feel a chuckle coming up as she remembered a friend of hers teaching her that the Rune Knights were shit. It was one of the first few words she learned when she was still fresh face and doe-eyed in Fiore. Back then she didn't know what that had meant but she did now and she would have to agree, that yes they were indeed shit. That chuckle that was coming up ended up coming right out when she let the thought truly settle in her mind. She could only wonder where that man was now. These days finding people like that to call a friend was hard. Ylva wouldn't be able to think about the man she knew as Erebus too long before her eyes caught a man coming out of a store and waving her down.

" Can I help you? "

Ylva was quick to respond to the man's presence as she was always trying to hide her own.  Being one of the people to retrieve one of the heroes relics, it always seemed someone was trying to approach her for better or for worse. This bit of fame had forced Ylva to always carry the spear wrapped up while it was strapped to her back, it also forced her to change her appearance as drastically as she did. The man who approached her appeared not to have recognized her, which placed Ylva in a great deal of ease. This man needed some help with protecting his shop as during the twilight hours it was regularly broken into and he was regularly stolen from. The Rune Knights were too busy to help him so his only options were asking people on the streets for help.

" You seem to be in a jam. I'll lend a hand. "

Ylva smiled at the man and followed him into the store, and as she did so he explained that she would be working with two others. Ylva didn't mind working with others as doing so made the work easier and less tedious. This was also a great opportunity to meet some new people and perhaps make some new connections. As she walked into the building her violet-blue orbs would take in the two people she would be working with. One person she recognized right away and the other was someone new to her. Forgetting that she was practically a different person from the blue-haired, blue-eyed, angel face that Shichiro knew, Ylva walked up to him with a smile.

" Hey, Schichirro. "

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Waiting on the supposed hired help, Shichiro decided to kick back and relax a bit since he was needed for nightfall instead of the day time. Placing his hands behind his head, he decided he'd relax until the merchant decided to hire two more people for soemthign that sounds like a simple job to him. Even if they were suppose to be the tough 'ruffians' that may or may not outnumber him, Shichiro was still confident he would have been able to hold his own. Well, it didn't matter. Regardless of who was hired, most likely he'd be the one to have to take them out himself, which was fine with him either way. Folding his arms, he waited to see what kind of people the merchant would be hiring. Little did he know, he was about to be accompanied by not one but two people he had met and come into contact with multiple times. The first one to arrive on the scene was Nero, a nonchalant man he had first met in the very streets of Crocus. He had confused him for a wanted criminal whose name escapes him at the moment but nonetheless, was a pretty embarrassing moment for him.  

He was usually on top of his game with this sort of thing. The man walked passed Shichiro without a care in the world, only stating what the objective was gonna be for the night planned. Yeah, they were staking out the shop at night but he didn't think he was on wake up duty either. Shichiro scoffed a bit at the man's wild request but surprisingly he didn't openly deny it. He figured he'd probably just take care of things himself if things got out of hand. The next person to arrive was a woman he had met named Ylva. He was more acquainted with her as he seems to keep bumping into her frequently. If he recalled correctly, he met her in the town of Era, lashing out on some demon in the middle of the town. She was very subtle about it either as she would have scared half the town to death over wanting to throw some kind of tantrum. Well, he was glad that's over and done with know, he hoped. Overall, maybe it seems like both of them were capable fighters and he wouldn't have to worry too much about the request failing. At the same time, he was worried about his fun ending on a short notice unless the enemy brought a very large group. 

He hopes the latter was the case as he could use a good workout out but ending it quickly was fine too, the faster he could end this, the faster he could find a better higher paying job that will continue earning him major income. Well, let's get this over with.  He scoffed at Ylva as his way of greeting her but stared at her a bit wondering when she got a makeover. Her appearance may have changed but he was a werewolf now and he would always remember her scent regardless of the physical change. Continuing to keep his arms folded, all they had to do now was night for night to fall and take their positions. 

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Nero leisurely rested for a bit thanks to the help of Shichiro, it wasn't often that he could have a restful sleep around the company of others. That rest however was interrupted by the appearence of a new mage whose name Nero didn't quite catch. He opened one eye lazy and smiled before giving a light wave and heading off back to sleep. He had no intention to be rude, but exchanges could be left for later in the night when they were on duty.

He did notice however that Shichiro happened to be acquainted with the woman and that information piqued his interest. He couldn't deny that Shichiro was relatively strong in comparison to most people he'd met while traveling and he didn't look like the type to enjoy the company of those who weren't at least at his level. He could confidently assume this woman held some semblance of power if she was joining them without Shichiro opposing it. Nero chuckled internally at the thought that this mission was getting more interesting as time flew by.

Thinking about it based on what he knew they must be guarding a pretty important shop or a decently rare merchandise. Something that would cause people like the three of them to be requested to gather for something as simple as a night watch. Even Nero had to admit that firepower wise it was overkill. They were machine guns being set out to hunt deer under normal circumstances, and with that in mind he could bet that whoever showed up tonight would most likely be way stronger than a deer. If it was a lion instead Nero knew he'd get to stretch his legs a bit.

Without worry for the night ahead he closed his eyes and continued to drift off back to sleep, still keeping himself open to the surrounding and giving the two before him time to freely converse without him interrupting.

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Honestly, she was surprised that Shichiro recognized her. She didn't even recognize herself this morning when she looked in the mirror. Her brain began to work overtime about how this could possibly be. The potion she took restructured her bones, changed her hair and eye color, filled out her body in ways that really shouldn't have been possible from drinking something like that. While her mind tried to put together a reason another thought popped in her head.  She didn't think about it before but because of Shichiro, she could only wonder who else would notice it was her. Walking over to a comfortable looking chair that sat directly across from the other gentlemen in the room, Ylva smiled in his direction. She decided it would be best to get introductions out of the way but after their employer left.

The well-dressed man who decided it would be a good idea to pull strangers off the street to protect his store looked around the room. What he had done might have looked stupid in the eyes of most and no matter how one sliced it, his choice was questionable. The man who introduced himself as Mr. Magoo informed them that of their task again but this time he made it a point to note not to destroy his property in the process of doing so or else they wouldn't get paid. Ylva hoped that with the three of them in the shop no one would be bold enough to break in, but she could feel that tonight would be full of surprises.

Mr. Magoo with his neat clothes and slicked back hair left his number on the register. They were to call him if anything did happen, once the problem was dealt with of course. With nothing more to say to the trio, he made his way out of the door of the shop. Turning her attention back to the man sitting across the room from her, Ylva smiled at him once more. She noticed that his eyes were closed and wondered if she should bother him at all. Removing her wrapped spear from her back and taking a seat in the chair she had been standing in front of, her attention rolled over to Shichiro. It was funny how the two kept running into each other. They hardly knew one another but once again here they were in each other's presence.

" I didn't see you at the ball Shichiro. I was hoping for a dance. "

Her voice had something playful to its tone as she spoke in a joking manner. She remembered their last interaction was in a church and the two meant to get food and drink together but were blindsided by the grand ball in crocus. Ever since she had made her way in the city she wondered when she would bump into the tall and broody looking man, lo and behold it always seemed they were fated to meet up in these strange circumstances. Of course, she wouldn't complain about it because at the end of the day he was a familiar face to her. Something she welcomed wholeheartedly nowadays.

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The crew had been assembled for whatever the task at hand was. Still brooding over the fact that he was accompanied by people who may or may not hold him back, Shichiro stood in the far corner of the room, leaning against a wall and staringout a window in case something were to happen sooner than expected, or so he had hoped. Now that he learned the name of his suppose employer, he could carry on his duty without a care in the world and send him his bill later. It seems as if the man had other matters to attend too and left his shop in the hands of people he just met today. Well, Shichiro was used to this kind of work but he wasn't sure about the others. Still, he wanted to collect a sort of 'tip' if you caught his drift but now he couldn't because the shop owner employed two more people to 'help out.' The more he thought about it, the more he became irritable. Inhaling before exhaling, he calmedh is nerves a bit and dropped his arms from his chest before turning to the others. Clearly he wasn't gonna get his wish so he decided to just give up on it and decided to address Ylva's question. Looking her up and down, he never really noticed how drastic her changed was. Dragging his eyes up and down her frame, Shichiro chuckled a bit as he noticed how 'big' the changes were. 

"Yeah, well, I'm not too big on parties. I showed up, 'mingled' and then left. Same theme, new venue these parties, I swear," Shichiro said as he continued to eye Ylva, curious about why she had a drastic makeover. He was not subtle about it at all, letting his eyes crawl over her like that before he averted his gaze to the sleeping fool over there. Luckily, they weren't in the wilderness or he probably would have left him there on his own if things went down. At the same time, Shichiro considered that he might have the right idea as it was the middle of the day. Walking over to a nearby chair Shichiro decided he too would close his eyes for bit and rest. He wouldn't fall asleep in an unfamiliar area unless he really had too so he just kept his ears perked up. Some time had passed and night had to fallen. This was around the time most people of Crocus would be safely tucked away at home. Despite what he had said earlier, it turns out Shichiro had fallen asleep briefly anyways but he still managed to get up in time for night to settle in. According to the shopkeeper, it was around this time where the ruffians would try and break in. Shichiro decided  to take the initiative, turning off all the lights in the shop and decided to wait in total darkness. Now, Shichiro would lie in wait for his unsuspecting victims to come and stir up some trouble. 

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Night fell rather quickly, and with the lights shutting off Nero's eye shot open. He knew there was nothing going on aside from Shichiro turning them off, but he was still somewhat excited for the night ahead. He rose from the chair he was resting in and began to stretch his body, he started from his arms grabbing his right and crossing it over his chest and tugging on his elbow. He felt the muscles in his shoulder and back stretch out slowly as he applied pressure, giving it time to properly extend before he released it and swapped to his other arm. He then moved to his legs, spreading them well past what a normal person was capable of until he reached the floor. His legs rested on either side of him as he leaned forward and felt the slight burn that he had grown accustomed to when practicing splits for flexibility. When he felt fully ready he brought his arms up on either side of his chest, placed flat on the ground and purely from the strength of his core he raised his body up starting from his waist. His whole stretching routine had taken but a few brief moments but now he was raising himself up into a full handstand before pushing off the ground and flipping himself right side up. To some, it may seem like he was just showing off, but as a Rogue, this type of routine was something necessary to maintain an agile and flexible body.

Whether or not that was picked up by the other two was something Nero didn't really consider, nor did he care too much. He knew he was different from most mages, and it no longer bothered him. It was something he'd dealt with all his life in different ways. Regardless of what he felt through his head was clear and he smiled lightly towards the two. "Nice to meet ya, guess we'll be workin together tonight. Name's Nero." he said to the girl he had seen previously but had not yet been acquainted with. He had noticed the look Shichiro had given her earlier and chuckled a bit. He didn't know the particulars behind the situation but he simply assumed he was interested in her or something of the sort. "So he does show his emotions a bit" he thought to himself as he assessed the situation. It was somewhat adorable honestly, but he knew better than to tease Shichiro for something like that. He'd probably end up face first in the dirt for embarrassing him more than necessary. He'd simply stick to his usual playful banter and not cause a scene. With his introduction out of the way he listened intently to the woman in front of him, whose reply he expected to be similar to his introduction and while doing so made sure to stay vigilant of everything around them. He didn't want to be caught unawares while talking during a mission. Not only would that not look good to the client, but future jobs could be in jeopardy for such a fault. He would keep his replies short and professional for the remainder of their time if need be so that he didn't cause any trouble.

After having spoken to the woman he decided to voice his plan for the night ahead which would consist of him doing his usual roguelike things. He intended to drift into the shadows, hiding somewhere within the shop where he could get a good vantage of everything around them while still remaining hidden from anyone who might enter from a place other than the front door. He wasn't sure where these guys may arrive from but it never hurt to be too careful. With a light wave, he slunk into the dark shadows of the room, his eyes having already been adjusted to the darkness since they'd remained closed up until Shichiro cut off the lights. With the light of the moon as the background, he stealthily hid and watched for any movement, keeping as silent as possible.

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Juni Anastos
Ylva couldn't help but notice that Shichiro couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She took no offense to his obvious interest in her body but she also didn't make it a point to call him out for it. Ever since her body changed she had been getting looks like those from lesser and weaker-minded men, so this didn't bother her all that much. Her eyes would meet his, letting him know she could see what he was doing. He wasn't being subtle about it at all. Standing up she pulled her gaze away from Shichiro, removing the black cloak that she wore to hide her figure. It was getting pretty stuff in the room and she wanted to be comfortable if something did go sour tonight. With the cloak of those in the room could see that she was wearing a pair of black jeans, some black boots that only gave her already tall figure an even more imposing height, and a black halter top that showed off her midriff area. Her physique was curvaceous yet toned, a few scars on her pale skin but nothing too serious. She wasn't much to look at before but now it would be hard for even the most devout man to look away. As she did this Ylva would only shrug at Shichiro's response to her comment. For a little while that she had known him, she still couldn't put a finger on what he was like. Ylva knows she should really spend some more time with the guy, for all the running into each other they did they might as well work towards being friends.

As the day went into the night, Ylva waited with her spear in her lap. The spear was unwrapped at this point and she had already activated two of the boost from it. Anyone paying attention to her would see an image of a cheetah appear behind her and then fuse within her, a moment later the same would happen with the image of a lion.  She sat the closest to the door but she was well hidden within the shadows that were cast in the darkness of the room. Her focus was completely on the door and she didn't notice when the other gentlemen had gotten up and begun stretching. With each passing moment, she was more and more hungry for something to happen and with this sort of tension pilling up her head snapped int the direction of a voice in the room. It was from the other male, he was introducing himself. Ylva quickly got her feet and responded in kind, giving her first name and saying how nice it was to work with the two even if she found it odd that their shared employer would hire three people off the street. She wouldn't have been able to get much more in when the door of the store began to jiggle and some rough voices could be heard from the other side, urging whoever it was to be quiet. Ylva gripped her spear tightly with both hands, ready for whatever or whoever thought it would be smart to enter the shop this night.


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And so, it began. There as Shichiro waited in the dark, nine figures started to appear one by one outside of the shop they were sitting in. All of them were eyeing the shop in a greedy sort of manner and that was all the indication Shichiro needed to know it was them. "Well, its time people... Get ready," Shichiro said, as he got up from his seat, heading straight for the door. Well, this wouldn't take long as Shichiro had planned. Upon stepping outside, the nine figures all turned their attention to him and whoever else exite the shop with him. Giving a sneer, Shichiro clenched both his fists, raising them at the unsightly bunch in front of him. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart and taking one step back with his right foot and orienting it so his feet are at right angles to each other. His left leg was relaxed, with the majority of his weight on their right foot, keeping his body straight but maintained the same angle. He brought his hands in front of his face, curling them whiling lean his head forward behind them for better coverage of the face and holding his elbows forward so he could maneuver his arms to block body shots to his ribs or liver. This was a basic stance for a person that primarily used kicks in fights because it lends itself well to kicking and allows for greater mobility and stability.

He was now in his favorite fighting stance, watching as the group of ruffians unsheathe a bunch of crude material to use as weapons such as pipes, loose glass and metal bars.  A couple of them actually had daggers but nothing of note. Shichiro was about to take a step forward before he forgot to say the obligatory 'protagonist' line. Rolling his eyes, Shichiro said in a disinterested manner "Yeah, so here's the part where I say i don't want hurt you, yadda yadda, turn back or forfeit your lives Etc. Etc. So are you gonna leave?" Of course, the group of ruffians responded with laughter before inching towards them with their makeshift weapons. "Didn't think so," Shichiro  said as he stomped the ground three times with his left foot.  He then fired three earthen spikes filled with magma towards the group having struck three of them and is now just watching it burn them slowly. He didn't want to kill them so once it started to make contact with there skin, he dispelled his technique. There was only six of them left but Shichiro figured the other two need to pull their own weight. He walked back into the shop and decided to wait for the man's return. After sleeping off the rest of the night, he awoke to the shopkeeper getting ready to come inside the shop. Shichiro informed him of the events that transpired list night before getting his pay and heading out to the next job. He figured he may as well just take Nero and Ylva alogn for the ride if they decide to follow.


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With the arrival of nine robbers, Nero knew that he had picked a fairly decent job, this was definitely going to be interesting. With quick movement he traced behind Shichiro's shadow, his body still cloaked in the shadows of the night as he circled around the nine men who intended to attack Shichiro now that they felt he was by himself. Nero suppressed a light chuckle as he watched what proceeded next. Without much effort Shichiro proved himself to be the better of the fighters between him and his assailants, easily taking care of three without much effort. It was almost laughable how easy it actually was, and with that in mind Nero knew he couldn't fall behind. He quickly weaved through the night, sliding along the ground with agile movements as he sliced the ankles of three of the men and watched as they lost their balance.

They struggled in vain to fight back, and constantly glanced around to find him but they couldn't deal with how often he drifted in and out of the darkness surrounding them. In a panic, they attempted to group together, a laughable response to the attack when they realized that even though they all stood with their backs facing one another that they couldn't find him. Above, on a flag pole, he was perched with a somewhat mocking grin, his eyes gleaming in the light.

"Pathetic.." he spoke with a light clack of his jaw as he grinned. He was rather pissed off tonight due to some recent events and while he didn't think too much of it during the day, fighting still managed to make the events resurface in his mind and overall sour his once joyful mood. One of the three men even remotely reminded him of the reason for his frustration and with leering eyes he leaned backwards and rotated on the flag pole to the point where his head was now facing downwards, with great force he pushed off and shot forward, his blade dragging down the back of one of the men. It was an injury that would definitely leave him reeling in pain, but would merely incapacitate him. The other two were also not lucky. After having landed the man realized his pain and attempted to scream, but before he could Nero shot upwards, dragging his dagger back up the other mans back and upon coming back down from his leap slamming the remaining man in the shoulders with his bare fists. Their bodies crumpled instantly and hit the ground hard.

It was easy to see that they were not coming back up at this point. However, Nero was not heartless and he knew it would be quite sometime before the owner came back. After dressing the wounds of the three men he downed, having focused entirely on them while Shichiro and the blonde-haired woman took care of the rest. With his job done he watched over the remaining men after having helped tie all nine of them up and keeping a lookout for the rest of the night. He would sleep when he got home after his payment so he didn't mind waiting.

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It had been a long time since she'd been in a fight, and the last one she was in wasn't really much of a battle. Unlike the other two, Ylva wasn't an experienced fighter, in fact, she had none and relied on her magic to get things done. She didn't even know why she relied on this spear for anything, she didn't even know how to use a spear at all. Ylva didn't know about stances, positioning, she knew nothing as far as melee and weapons go. Even as this was so Ylva figured that whoever she would be fighting wouldn't be much of a challenge anyway. People who did petty crimes like robbed the same store over and over again probably weren't all that smart to start with. It was also to note that she was not alone, and she figured if she struggled with any of the people she had to fight then the other two would help her out...She hoped. Ylva could make out the figures beyond the door, there were nine of them and it looked like whatever they were doing with the door wasn't working. Her eyes narrowed as she saw the figures back up some but she snapped to when she heard the voice of Shichiro telling them to get ready and leading the way. Ylva watched Shichiro and then Nero before following behind them out of the door of the shop.

Once outside Ylva quickly moved from behind the men, the door to the shop closing behind her. Her partners quickly dispatched three of the goons, leaving three of them left. The men might have been stupid but they weren't suicidal. She could tell in that there was a mixture of fear and confusion in their eyes, this was not apart of the plan. No one had been guarding the shop before so why now right? Ylva moved forward towards them, her spear gleaming in the moonlight. Unlike her partners, she would kill these men or at least that was the plan. Like cornered rats, the three men backed up, daggers up but clearly no longer the aggressors they once were. " Honestly, it would be best if you surrendered. You might be stupid but I'm almost certain you don't want to end up like your friends here. Unfortunately unlike your friends, I will kill you, so I never have to deal with your kind again. So your two options are..Give up or get your head lopped off. " Ylva smiled, she wasn't the savage sort but she also had to learn real quickly that taking care of a problem permanently was the best way to never have that problem again. One of the men clearly didn't care about his life and charged at Ylva. She might not have known how to use a spear properly but she had a pretty good idea. Quickly she raised her weapon so it was on a level with the man's neck before swiping it across the air, hitting the man's neck and hitting bone-deep before she pulled it back. Blood from the wound and her probably hitting a few veins caused it to gush all over the other two men. " Oh. "  Ylva whispered as the other two men dropped to their knees along with the foolish and heavily bleeding man. She wouldn't dress his wounds, she would let him die and call it self defense. The night came and went, the body was cleaned up and the rest of the men were hauled off, she got paid and was thanked.

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