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Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] Empty on Sat 18 Jan - 12:46

Shichiro Uchida
Well, this was it, the ball he's been waiting for. After asking around for directions, a date and time, he finally found out where the ball was being hosted and decided he would attend anyways. He decided he'd dress up and attempt to look his best for the evening. Before attending the ball, Shichiro decided he would go out and rent a suit. Something that made him look nice but also for a decent price. He wasn't rich, at all but, he likes to try to look nice every now and again. After getting his measurements, Shichiro had to wait a couple hours until they tailored a suit just for him. He decided he'd make a few trips around the city to kill time in order to see if he might need anything else. Things consisting of accessories like a small bow tie and maybe some jewelry. In the end, he decided to wear just the bow toe and no jewelry. He didn't have the money for such fancy things anyways, regardless of if he was buying or renting. Finally, his suit was done and he changed into it immediately so he could go and attend the ball. He also picked up a pair of dress shoes to go with his attire.

Finally, it was Shichiro's time for departure as he made the last of his preparations before heading out. Making his way to the ball's location, Shichiro placed his hands in his pockets like he usually did but it didn't feel the same as he usually did it. The pocket felt tight and it didn't give him the comfortable feeling that he usual gained when performing this action. Giving up on that action, Shichiro made it to the ball with no problems at all. Attending the ball, Shichiro didn't really feel the need to socialize with masses at the ball. He felt as i they were all from different worlds and wouldn't find any common ground to meet them on. Eventually, Shichiro just made his way to the corner of a room where he could go as unnoticed as possible unless somebody is actively seeking him out, wine glass in hand as he takes a few swigs of a drink he picked up at random. He occasionally took some snacks and appetizers here and there when he got hungry but that was the most he would do while he attended this fancy shindig.


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Nero was in the midst of circling around the ballroom, making light conversation with everyone he could when he noticed a familiar face. The man who had mistaken him for a criminal previously in the streets of Crocus and started an altercation with him was now leisurely attending the party like a wallflower as he leaned against the wall. Nero chuckled lightly as he continued speaking with an acquaintance, glancing every so often to the side to make sure that person was still there while he wrapped up his conversation politely. When their interaction came to a lull he bid them farewell and turned to walk towards the corner of the room where his former 'sparring partner' now resided.

As he walked across the ballroom those around him took notice of his demeanor. With his looks, coupled with his black suit, accented with red lining that almost made it look like a military uniform, many could mistake him for a child of royalty. He was courteous to all he passed and respected the noble etiquette despite being both a mage and a commoner. When he was within earshot of the man he knew as Shichiro he jokingly bowed and chuckled before reintroducing himself. He bent his body forward, placing one arm behind his back, the other held in front of his chest with his fist placed over his heart as he clicked his heels together.

"Nero Walker greets Shichiro Uchida. It hasn't been long since the two of us have crossed paths. What brings you here to this place?" he smirked lightly at his formal speech, feeling that it was something that would slightly disturb the man in front of him who looked so out of place in the ballroom. It seemed as though parties like this were not his strong suit, but he could always be wrong, so he chose to test the waters with a bit of playful banter before dropping his formal speech directly after. "You don't look like the type to network with high society types like these." His last statement was spoken almost in a reserved tone, only loud enough to be audible to the two of them so as not to offend anyone who might be around. Granted the two were a bit off to the side of the grand event, but with nobles, certain standards were required.

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#3Shichiro Uchida 

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] Empty on Sun 19 Jan - 22:32

Shichiro Uchida
Glancing around the room, Shichiro was a bit lost for words. It was definitely the fanciest thing he's ever been too in all of his life that he didn't expect to be able to just walk in. Now that he was here however, he hadn't a single clue what to do for entertainment. He wasn't exactly the most social type of person and he definitely wasn't a person that enjoyed the company of large groups of strangers. This made him start second guessing his decision in coming here and was starting to contemplate leaving. Looking around the room once more, Shichiro figured he'd stay for a few more minutes before helping himself to more food and getting out of there.

Before he could, he was greeted by a familiar face that he didn't expect nor did he want to see at the moment. Its embarrassing enough that he has to recall the tale of how the first encountered each other and now, he was running into him a second time. He was greeted by none other than Nero to which the other day, he had mistaken him for a criminal with a bounty on his head. "Oh, hey...," said Shichiro sheepishly. He was embarrassed but he didn't want to be rude.


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Nero chuckled at the response, he could tell that this place was definitely giving Shichiro a bit of a hard time with how unfamiliar it was. He gestured towards the middle of the ballroom with his eyes as he turned his body to the side, so that he was in line with both Shichiro and the relic in the middle of the room.

"So can ya feel the pressure coming off that thing?"

Nero crossed his arms in front of his chest as he posed his question, thinking that something magic-related might help Shichiro loosen up, but also curious at the same time. The relic to his right was a weird creation indeed. It almost felt like it could reach out and touch him, but at the same time was peering into his soul. It was a weird first experience for Nero, but it wasn't entirely unpleasant considering that he could feel the growth his body was undergoing during the process. He wasn't entirely sure why the royal family was willing to use such a thing on the mages here, especially considering some of the backgrounds of those around but he knew it wasn't cheap.

"Whoever decided to dust that thing off must be pretty influential.." Nero let his arms loose and raised them on either side of his shoulders as he shrugged lightly, continuing his train of thought. "I mean I'm sure we can all assume the King has a hand in it, but I doubt he can make such decisions without any backlash from those who manage the royal coffers. Most likely a few here can't be too pleased with this event, or with us for that matter. I'd recommend keeping an eye on how you word things. Many things can..twisted with the right wording if you know what I mean."

Nero smirked a bit, not intending to give off the impression that he was lecturing Shichiro but more so throwing out a few pieces of advice. He was somewhat familiar with the kind that attended these balls and he didn't want to see the man before him get dragged into any petty squabbles with those who might make life difficult for him. How he perceived the somewhat veiled warning however was up to his powers of comprehension and Nero could sadly not help him any more than this, lest someone might overhear and catch on to his intentions.

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#5Shichiro Uchida 

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] Empty on Tue 21 Jan - 21:23

Shichiro Uchida
Feeling nervous about the man he confused for a different mark the other day, Shichiro decided to trail his eyes elsewhere, as if he thought not looking at the man would suddenly make him disappear. Of course, it didn't but he at least felt slightly better about himself until he began talking about the relic being showcased in the middle of the room. Taking a glance at what he assumed Nero was talking about, he thought to himself that it was a nice piece and he might have tried swiping it if there wasn't so many people in the room. Still, it was a day for celebration and he was no thief, unless somebody paid him to be one of course. 

Still stealth wasn't his forte and he had other things to consider anyways. Shichiro decided to respond to the male's first question by simply answering, "Yeah, i feel the pressure alright, as well as the value emitting from it as well." He chuckled a bit as he took a sip of his drink he had gotten previously. Listening to the man talk, Shichiro figured he might as well make small conversation with him. Listening to him, it seems there was some conflicting interests when it comes to how the relic was obtained as well as the thought of commoners like themselves attending a fancy ball like this.

Well, one things for sure, Shichiro never thought he fit in to a fancy cliche like this, given he prefers to wander the wilderness and such. Could never stay in one place too long nor hod onto money long enough to even pretend he was rich. Still, he didn't need to be told that wasn't exactly welcomed here. Shichiro nodded at the man's words but opted not to respond verbally.

#6Sir Ezio de Sforza 

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] Empty on Wed 22 Jan - 14:28

Sir Ezio de Sforza

Warning: This NPC comes with the possibility of a "Bad" ending. If you do not wish to interact with it, please state so in OOC in your next post and he will exit.

It was the day of celebration. Those from all over Fiore had gathered in the Grand Cathedral, and for the day worship turned from Illumin and instead onto the triumphs of Fiore. Those who attended represented all walks of life. There were those from the upper echelon, coming in droves to mingle with their cohorts whom they could otherwise rarely see.

What better place for backroom dealings than front and center?

As the crowds ebbed and flowed with the musics, each conversation held at a hum, a background of discussion filled the room that was noticed between the notes. The band paid it no mind, obviously accustomed to such meetings, and continued to flow from one song to the next. Through the crowds of people, those of common backing and prestige alike, one man made his way through the crowd.

He carried himself as the Nobles or Royals would, yet he seemed different. It wasn't that he was more approachable; In fact, quite the opposite. He carried himself in the same confidence and self assured nature that would be seen in King Reign himself. In a way, he looked Reign's opposite.

His clothing was of the finest wool, cashmere, and silk, fitting his body well and looking extremely breathable. The stitching itself looked to be lined with golden thread, and his shoes shined as though they wished to beat out the lights. His face held dark features, short black stubble making its way over his face and long black hair cascading down his back. His face was adorned by a single obscurity, an eye patch that covered his right side.

As he walked through the crowds, his single exposed iris made its way to specific sections within the Cathedral. To his companion, short stature and blond hair that might otherwise allow him to be confused with one of the Reign bloodline. He spoke to a tan man, hair dark and face unkempt.

He allowed his eye to wander over another of his associates. She stood tall and proud, her face bearing sharp features that made her as beautiful as it did serious. Her purple hues glanced to him as she walked by, locking on his single eye and bowing her head, taking a step back and forming a curtsy. "Ezio, it is wonderful to see you in good health." Though no one else could see, it would appear as though her eyes quickly scanned their surroundings as she turned and bowed, yet Ezio continued on as if nothing happened. "Come now, Margret. We know each other better than that. I don't have time to chat though- Please, do continue mingling."

Her eyes dropped once more, taking a step or two back before continuing on her walk through the party. She had deferred to his word, and as she did so his eye shot to the back of Leonardo. A grin forced itself to his face, but did not make itself so prevalent as to expose his teeth. To be honest, it made him look quite charming. Ahh, finally coming out to see the world? He let out an amused chuckle, continuing on his walk. As he made his way through the crowd, more often than not the pattern was the same. Those of the Noble faction would see him and make sure to step up and say a word of acknowledgment and greeting. Those of the Royal line too would smile, greeting him and then making sure to be on their way.

Yet he never stopped in one place for long. Rather than reciprocating the courtesy of those who greeted him, it seemed much more as though he were allowing fractions of his time. Never did he stop with one individual for more than a quick back and forth, and yet it felt as if his words spurred people into action.

And then, he stopped. His eye fell upon two individuals who were walking together, dressed well for commoners but abysmal for anyone else. The charming grin found itself on his face again as he paused, his mind working quicker than his feet. He fell back into motion, closing the distance between them while continuing to acknowledge the greetings cast in his direction. Then, and without warning, he was upon them.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" He spoke again, and still the age in his voice seemed to betray his appearance. While he passed as a man no older than his thirties, his voice sounded weathered and experienced. His eye turned toward the relic in the middle of the great room, and what he saw caused him pause.

The base of the relic appeared to be hands devoid of body, lacking both origin and definition, that all climbed over one another towards the basin. There, each hand stopping either just short or curving away at the last moment as if repelled from their desire, sat an oval with intricate patterning all over its surface. "It's like the souls in Hell all pined for the same prize, and yet could never quite reach. A beautiful piece, powerful and ancient. King Reign truly did bless all those in attendance tonight." His words all came out with the same reflective tone, a pinch of sincerity tossed in that made him sound like any other noble.

"Sorry for the intrusion, by the way. I am Sir Ezio de Sforza, one of the many noblemen to make their way to tonight's extravagance. And to whom might I owe the pleasure?"


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Nero took quick notice of the man making his way towards Shichiro and himself. He was already quite wary of the company around him for different reasons, so being approached was something he was ready for. However, he still knew he had to tread carefully with people who held power the ways the nobles did. The well-dressed man before him exuded a noble aura that was hard to not notice when compared to those around him. His mannerisms, clothing, and speech eluded to him being someone of importance, different from the normal mages one might meet on the streets. Before Nero was a true nobleman, someone people both revered and feared alike. He listened intently as the man commented on the relic in the middle of the room and waited properly for his turn to speak.

With a light glance to the side at the relic, Nero responded to the man's statement with the same reflective tone the man had used to observe it. "It truly is a masterful piece of work, it shows just how fickle power can be. Those seeking strength reach out for more and more power struggling to see improvement, but fail to realize that only those chosen few can truly grasp it." Nero felt drawn to the object once again for a moment as he reflected on its beauty but he did not forget the man before him who had addressed himself as Sir Ezio de Sforza. His ramblings weren't directed at anything, in particular, an assessment from the eyes of an amateur, but he would let the man before him interpret it as he wished. Having said his piece his gaze immediately turned back to the man, a warm smile overtaking his previously serious demeanor.

Nero bowed as he had done for Shichiro just moments before, however, the movement behind it was more refined in comparison to when it was done purely in jest. He felt it only right to show the man before him the proper respect for their first meeting. "My name is Nero Walker, the man next to me is Shichiro Uchida." As he finished the first part of his greeting Nero glanced to the side, signaling with his eyes for Shichiro to imitate his actions before he continued to speak. He only hoped that his acquaintance would catch on and heed his earlier warnings. Nero rose back to his full height after having introduced himself, maintaining a refined air as he continued to answer the nobleman's question.

"I assure you, Sir Ezio, the pleasure is ours." Nero smiled lightly as he gazed at the man with his bright yellow eyes, his gaze almost measuring the man in front of him with pure intent to gauge what type of noble this man was. "King Reign is not the only one who has blessed those here. For a noble such as yourself to grace us with your presence is already enough reward in itself. The relic will fall second in my mind."

Nero's words left his mouth smoothly without any hindrance as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say on this occasion. In truth, it was normal to exchange flattery such as this upon meeting a noble and was normal etiquette. Most would not fault those who didn't know, and some may brush it off as a faux pas even if they found some offense. However, etiquette aside Nero's words were actually sincere and he did his best to drive that point across as he spoke. It was not every day that a mage would have a chance to meet a noble, with chances even slimmer for someone like him who was a faulty product of magic. Having a tie to someone who could gain information that was well above his current station would prove useful to Nero who was trying his hardest to learn more about himself.

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#8Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Finishing the last of his drink, Shichiro now didn't have much of an excuse to pretend he was doing anything other than lounging around. Well, this kind of sucks, he thought to himself. Now he'd have to interact with Nero beside him. Taking a deep breath, Shichiro prepared to find something to make small talk over other than the relic in the middle of the room. He figured what had to be said about it was done, gone and it was best for them to move onto a different topic. Before he had the chance to think of something to say himself, Shichiro had noticed another appear at the ballroom. 

From the looks of him, it appeared to be another big shot in the room but something was different about him. It was as if another king of some kind had entered the room. He was dressed in some of the most exquisite clothing Shichiro has ever seen. He didn't really care much for fashion or attire but he had to admit, he was a bit impressed. Still, that wasn't the only thing Shichiro kept an eye out for. Another thing he had taken note of was they way he presented himself. It was as if he was royalty but Shichiro has never really heard of him before, not that he was up to date on celebrities. 

He figured the man to be a noble, a very important one at that. He wouldn't know what name he went by until he overheard it. Of course, he was in no mood to get approach him as he was. There was something else off about him. He was a noble but, by no means did he seem weak and vulnerable like the other nobles, no. Shichiro would have to think twice if something were to happen and yet, something about the man's chin seemed so appealing to his fist that it almost made him chuckle a bit.

Dashing away his more 'bestial' urges, it seems the unexpected began to happen. Instead of noble going to mingle with his own 'kind', he decided he would approach both Nero and Shichiro in some twist of fate. Well, things couldn't get any worse, Shichiro thought to himself. Well, depending on what happens, maybe he'd get his chance on that delicious treat he's eyed known as the chin. Nero and the man exchanged a few remarks about the reilic before the noble introduced himself as 'Ezio de Sforza.' Well, that was one mystery down. At that point, Nero chimed in and took it upon himself to introduce both himself and Shichiro. Hearing him introduce them made Shichiro give him a slight glare that disappeared as quickly as it came. 

Its not like he didn't just meet Nero or anything before coming here and now he's acting like they're the best of friends or something. Well, the good thing was he didn't have to speak much himself so there's that. He prefer to be left alone and not talk to people if he could help it. Glancing between both Nero and Ezio, he figured it would be best for everybody if he kept his mouth shut on this one. Nero seemed to be buttering up the fellow and he'll be honest, he was decent at it. Well, more so than Shichiro could ever be. Thinking back to that one self proclaimed king, he wouldn't be surprised if there was many just like him. 

Leaning against the wall still, he glanced around the room looking for anything edible at this point to shove down his throat. He was a bit uncomfortable now between the large group of people already around him, an individual he mistook for a criminal the other day and a noble with presence equal to the king.

#9Sir Ezio de Sforza 

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] Empty on Fri 24 Jan - 13:49

Sir Ezio de Sforza
The two standing before him were of a common lineage. They stood before him, dressed in their best clothes, and to the average citizen they may have even looked like they belonged. Their clothes were fitted, rounding their edges and allowing their sharp appearance. His eye jumped from one to the other, assessing them based on their appearance and making a mental note of every aspect. They both looked sturdy, likely having fine tuned their body through countless life or death situations.

One of them spoke, and Ezio's face slowly shifted to match his gaze. His chin was pointed upwards at a slight angle, which was quite the default for him. It was a habit that many of the upper crust learned, a way to simulate looking down on others. Yet beyond that, it placed a mental barrier into those being addressed. Without even noticing, people who dealt with Ezio would put him in a class above them. They would see him as someone greater than a normal man, and through his actions he had ensured that even other nobles viewed him in such a way.

These two, however, did not know of his actions. They did not know of his heritage, or who he was. And, apparently, they hardly knew their place.

His words were a mimicry of high society, obviously well versed enough to catch the nobles eye. A grin reappeared on his face, though whether it was polite or amused was anyone's guess. He listened as Nero described his interpretation of the sculpture, and a mental note was made that this one had dealt with high society before. It was something to look into, perhaps.

"Quite," he said, a way of addressing the description in an agreeable manner without actually making his own thoughts known. As the introduction was made, Ezio nodded his head politely, indicating that he understood both of their names, and sat in silence as the talking continued. Patrick or Margaret, he thought, would absolutely love this one.

"You are too kind," he began, his grin curving upwards once more. Yet again his teeth remained hidden, indicating the chance that he may have been merely trying to be polite. "But I assure you, you've no idea what sort of Noble I am." His words came off playfully, so much so that if one was attempting to match the nobleman's class that they would no doubt find it humorous. Yet there was a flatness to his tone, to his words, that would likely only be picked up by someone who was completely foreign to such formalities.

Someone like Shichiro.

His eye was on the werewolf, unblinking. If one was squeamish, they may feel as though Ezio was looking into their very soul. That was, of course, not the case.

"All sorts of people have attended this ball. Truly, it is a success. I'm sure that both of you have your own stories to add to the night; Your own guilds, your own livelihoods." His words halted, his eyes bouncing leisurely from one to the other. "As you might imagine, my life in Era makes it very hard for me to experience much else from the mundane drivel of politics and the like. I could kill for a good story or two to liven up the night! Please, both of you, tell me a bit about your life outside of tonight."

His words held a genuine excitement to them, and his gaze once again fell to Shichiro. "Please, leave nothing out."


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Each word Nero had spoken to Ezio was measured, a basic test to see what type of noble it was that he was speaking to without directly asking him his rank. It would be rude in his opinion to so directly request a persons status and he had no intention of arousing suspicion from the man who he was currently having trouble reading. Something about him was different from the nobles he had scene and interacted with so far. His words were recieved well enough and the man returned the praise in kind as was customary, but there was a politeness to it that bugged Nero. Almost the way one treats a child when they're acting arrogantly and pretending to be an adult. Treatment like that didn't sit well with Nero, although he would admit he did deserve it somewhat for trying to mimic the noble ettiquette as a mere commoner. But the feeling he got from Ezio was deeper than that, it wasn't as if he was mocking him, but more like he found his act 'cute'. Nero smirked lightly when the man's gaze turned to Shichiro, his thoughts cycling at an intense speed.

Very quickly he decided to drop the formalities to an extent. They had already gone through the customary greetings that were required of them, and from what Nero could see he didn't exactly hold this man's interest with it. It was unnecessary, and so was his need to feel nervous. His posture changed ever so slightly, becoming less rigid like a nobles and more so back to his previous way of standing when he was comfortably chatting with Shichiro. It wasn't something that would look out of place in a room among mages, neither would it seem rude to do so, but it could be easily gleaned that Nero was more comfortable being this way. With his true nature now in the open, he continued to watch Ezio speak about the ball and his interest in their stories. Nero smiled kindly in response when he was looked at in passing, his attention never waning from the topic at hand, but like Ezio, his gaze eventually fell to Shichiro as he made a proposition.

"Ah, a splendid idea." he said with a light chuckle. "Well simply put I'm an orphan, a child who was sold to the rich to pay off some gambling debts who eventually became a humble mage for Blue Pegasus."

Nero smiled as he spoke about his past, however, his face showed no hint of sorrow or much less any care for the previous events. It wasn't as if he was bragging either, he was just indifferent about it. He spoke the same way a person would if they were asked what they had for lunch. It did not seem to bother him in the slightest that he'd been sold off so cheaply and instead it looked as though it had hardened his character instead. He left out the stories of the abuse and experimentation by the Research Institute and instead chose to mention a few of his recent missions here and there. Nero still retained the proper demeanor as he spoke but he had a feeling his stories were not exactly what this man was interested in. It was only a few moments before Nero lightly turned over the topic of storytelling over to Shichiro, not intending to stand out for too long when Ezio's attention seemed to be more focused on Shichiro than himself.

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#11Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Tch, Shichiro was in the worst possible situation he could imagine. Sure, he put himself in a bad situation by coming here in the first place which was already out of his comfort zone. Then he underestimated how many people actually attend a 'ball' or what it even was for that matter. He thought it was a large fancy party where only a select few would join but it turns out it was some sort of grand event where hundreds, if not thousands, attend on a grand scale. Well, he was gonna need something for his nerves. Looking around the event, he saw a waiter walking around offering drinks. Shichiro waved him over while the two were talking about the relic in order to grab a drink. He thought about grabbing a second glass but at the moment, he was feeling vulnerable, if not self conscious, as if he had to be on his best behavior for an evaluation of some kind. Taking a drink, he quickly put the beverage to his lips, taking  smaller sips than he previously did with his other beverage. Shifting both his eyes away from the two, Shichiro looked elsewhere to see if there was anything else going on to divert attention. 

To no avail, he couldn't find anything as of note in order to relieve his feeling of uneasiness which made him shift his eyes back towards the two in front of him. He wasn't listening to most of their conversation until heard something about telling a story. Cocking an eyebrow, he looked towards Nero and then Ezio then back to Nero. He now pieced together what was said in the last conversation. Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. He had to talk about himself of all people. Pondering to himself, Shichiro had many stories about his travels around the continent of Fiore. In the end, he decided he would tell the most recent one against his better judgement. Taking another small sip of his drink, wetting his lips a bit, he reluctantly began to tell both of them about a recent endeavor he had experienced just before making his way to the ball.

"Man, there's not much to say about me, alright? I'm just a mercenary for hire. Doing whatever work i can get my hands whether its helping people out or beating up somebody that needs a beating for the right price. I guess other than work, there's a tale i can recount which started out as work but devolved into senseless battle, just the way I like it. You see, I was on the outskirts of town not too long ago when some idiot claiming he was a king with no followers in sight offered for me to work on under for materialistic gain. I was skeptical of his offer but, work had been slow so I poked and prodded at him a little bit to see whether or not he was worth working under if its going to be a long term thing. We were about to battle when suddenly, a third person showed up. I don't know who this stranger was but it seems my 'employer' knew him under the alias of 'God of Death'." Shichiro gave a chuckle at the pretentious title. "So we fought him, two on one and my partner goes down not even a few seconds into the battle. Some employer he turned out to be. Next thing you know, i was left standing with the God of Death and that's all there is too it." 

Finishing his story, Shichiro took another sip of his drink whilst looking directly at the glass he was drinking from. Whether they believed his wild story or not, was up to them. He wasn't really here to entertain people but then again, he wasn't sure why he was here at all. It was suppose to be a celebration for something that happened in the past that he wasn't apart of well. He decided to keep it there for the time being waiting for Nero to tell his story or for Ezio to give his response.

#12Sir Ezio de Sforza 

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Sir Ezio de Sforza
"Ohh?" His voice mocked anticipation, as if the words of those before him had truly stirred whatever it was inside him that he was hoping for. Yet there was something about his tone, about the way he talked and the way his eye shifted from one to the other, ever so slow. It was as though he were dealing with children, who knew nothing about about the dealings of adults. He held himself to an obviously higher regard, and his amusement became palpable on his face as Nero had answered. "What an inspiring tale!"

Then it got to Shichiro, the man of the hour. He had obviously been put off guard, the unexpected invitation to chime in obviously not being what he had wanted hear. Yet he did so anyways, and as he spoke, Ezio's facial expression shifted. Slowly the smile that had formed on his face from Nero's words had crumbled, evolving instead to a steady frown. He looked intently at the man who spoke, his eye digging through the individual as though he were staring right through his words, and into the soul that spoke them. Then, he finished, and Ezio's eye widened as if surprised. "The 'God of Death', you say?" Yet his voice was of false surprise.

The two of them had answered. Yet for one of them, they had answered wrong.

Having a 'Grand' ole time. [Open | Grand Ball] 220?cb=20180923123454

"Very interesting story indeed. Yet, I do recall asking you to include everything, dear Uchida." He spoke through unlike anything that had adorned his face thus far. The steady confidence and proud demeanor of a Noble had gone, and instead it was replaced with arrogance and malice; Both of which spawned from victory.

"What of those towns, struggling through the chaos, with which you had oh so much fun?" His words had not quieted at all, but the nobles around him had turned away as if on queue, either ignoring his words or refusing to acknowledge them. It was only then that Shichiro and Nero may have noticed that there were no mages or royals near by; They were practically surrounded.

"And you, his willing accomplice!" Ezio's voice feigned a disappointment that was not at all reflected in his face. His eye fell upon the once orphaned man. "Who knows what terrible crimes you have committed as well. Awful, truly awful. Fiore is in such a state of turmoil and strife, and we have two people here who willingly made worse the suffering. Penance is due."

With that, he froze. His smile disappeared, and his frown once again appeared on his face. "Unless... Well, us Nobles have nothing but love in our hearts for you common folk. We truly want the best for all of you; And it is only with your help that we can achieve that desire." His words came out stern, as if he was making the toughest decision of his life. If they had learned anything, though, they'd know otherwise. "Perhaps there is something I can do. Allow you both the option to repent, and with it the path to forgiveness."

His eye fell back upon Nero, Shichiro now practically being ignored. "Your thanks are truly not necessary. Just your answer."


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Nero's smile turned a bit stiff for a moment, hiding his irritation as he sighed lightly and gave Ezio a light shrug. He knew full well what would happen if he tried to argue with a man but something in him couldn't suppress the anger welling inside. He had struggled all his life due to nobles, constantly experimented on, tortured to the point where he couldn't even remember his own name. Yet here one was, expecting to use another man's bounty as leverage against him. Nero's bright yellow eyes grew cold and his smile stretched almost to the point of where it matched that of Ezio's in response, he leaned forward just a bit almost as if he was sharing a secret despite the distance between the two.

"I think you have the wrong impression here Sir Ezio." his voice grew colder as he stared into the remaining eye of the man before him. "I've never once had a reason to trust a nobles word. It's the nobility that made me an orphan. The nobility that gave me this damnable body. The nobility have never given me shit, so why start now?"

Nero's glare increased as he spoke, a tension rising from his body as he struggled to keep himself in check despite the calm tone he kept in his voice. He wouldn't stand for becoming a puppet any longer, and anything from this point on would be by his own terms. He wouldn't give Ezio time to speak before he continued on his mind fully concentrated on everything around him. He knew he was being unreasonable, and he knew this wasn't a place to make a scene either, but this was no longer his battleground. So if the man wanted to play like a noble then so would he.

"I won't speak for Shichiro, that business is his own, but I have nothing in my past to feel guilty about, nor do I feel the need to justify myself. I let the mark on my back prove what kind of man I am. If you truly care about the people I'll hear you out and decide for myself. But if all you're looking for is someone to arrest then you better damn sure I never get back out, because this kingdom is not large enough to hide from me."

In all honesty, Nero was bluffing for the most part. His intentions were true, but he knew he didn't have the power to do much of what he said. Whether or not Ezio fell for it, or was willing to back off with his threats was entirely up in the air. From what Nero could tell this man was not simple, and he definitely would do what he said, but Nero had principles. He had never done anything to feel ashamed about, and giving in to someone with vile intentions was not something he wanted to do.

Nero's Statistics:

#14Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Finishing the last bit of his drink, Shichiro was a bit more relaxed now. It seems Ezio was assumed in hearing both of their stories in one way or the other. Something was a amiss though, Shichiro knew it. His experience when it comes to reading deadly situations has be honed and fine tuned, even more so with the addition of bestial powers. Becoming wary, Shichiro set the empty glass that he was holding down somewhere arbitrary, a scowl slowly growing across his face similar to a dog when cornered and threatened.  He wasn't sure what was said about Nero's tale but he heard Ezio murmur something about the 'God of Death' leaving his lips. Well, Shichiro took it as, 'His story was too wild to believe' and he wouldn't blame if he outright sad so in the first place but that was a different matter entirely. The atmosphere felt different now, as Ezio turned to him claiming he did not tell him the full story of all of his adventures. Well, Shichiro wasn't about to tell this strange noble all of his life stories regardless if they were good or bad deeds. That was just fairly creepy in his eyes, even if he was somebody of authority.

He doesn't recall many towns struggling through chaos that he's visited. A certain one comes to mind when it was overrun but skeletons but he was there to help out out rather than take advantage of it. There was definitely a few misdemeanors here and there that may or may not have caused a bounty to be put on his head but nothing that should weren't a reaction like this. Still, he welcomed the challenge nonetheless if it was being presented to him but first there was the matter of addressing the noble that was currently threatening him. "Well, even though you said to tell you everything, that's all you get for free. I'm a mercenary but even I know, dealing in information will cost you a thing or two. Besides, you seem like you know enough about me anyway, I don't think I can give you any new information anyway," a snide Shichiro, responded when he was being addressed. Clenching both of his fists, he was ready for the worst case scenario to break out in his head when the noble mentioned some something about redemption or repenting. 

He wouldn't say he'd done anything needing repenting since he's never murdered people or even hospitalized people but, he's no saint. Giving a chuckle, he decided to respond to the man and give his honest answer despite the presumed looming threat that hanged over their heads. "Nah, I don't think I'll take you up on that 'generous' offer of repenting. Just don't feel like I need it, ya know," Shichiro said, a bit overconfident. He was sure he could take this guy no problem, on the other hand. He wasn't sure if Nero could hold his own or not and hopes he didn't drag him into a mess that he couldn't handle . Either way, time would tell.

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Sir Ezio de Sforza
As they spoke, the atmosphere in the area seemed to turn. Those around, lesser nobility for the most part, grew silent and began to glance at the three who seemed to be gridlocked in their test of wills. Ezio's smile seemed to disintegrate before their eyes, replaced instead with a frown that looked more annoyed than anything else. Nero spoke, and at the end even added a vaguely veiled threat towards the noble. As if taking the silence as his queue, Shichiro spoke next in a way that seemed as if he thought the noble before him was his equal - One might even say his inferior.

As they finished speaking, as though their little part of the room was separated from the rest of the ball, the tension became palpable. All noise seemed to stop just short of them, and this prolonged intensity made time feel as though it had dragged to a halt.

"Is that so?" His voice felt cold, as if any semblance of emotion or amusement before had been an act and reached its end. For a moment, very briefly, they would feel something truly strange. It was something that both would experience in the way one would experience becoming wet; Tangible, all over their body, as though something were dripping over them. If they went to speak during that time, they would find their words stuck within their throat, never leaving their bodies. If they went to move, they'd find themselves locked in place. And as they froze, so too did Ezio and the ones around them.

All except his face.

His face carved out once again to a grin, menacing and overly confident. His head, slightly tilted up, would once again give them the impression of being looked down on by the one before them. Finally, the feeling would vanish as quickly as it had appeared. Their body would feel normal, and once again their own. "A shame, really. I had hoped that you two would be more willing to help out your fellow citizens." His words had resumed their air of boredom and superiority, but there seemed to be something ever so slightly different about him.

Shichiro, the mercenary without much experience in such higher class affairs, would most likely only detect the vague shift in demeanor, though may have been unable to place it. Nero, apparently one with more experience in such things, would likely be able to tell that Ezio seemed annoyed and angry now, though hiding it better than most would ever hope to be able to.

"In that case I will leave you both with a piece of information for your trouble. Fiore is about to go through a great upheaval." His gaze shifted from Shichiro to Nero. "There is a natural order in this world, and those who try to upend it do not fair well." With that, he turned ever so slightly. He paused, his face changing as if he had remembered something, and then he looked back at them.

"I almost forgot. I cannot appear before the masses and leave in a forgetful fashion, now can I? You both will be getting a small gift in the near future. Consider it an additional gift for both of your efforts this long year. Please, do use it well." And with that, he left. It would be a lie to say he melded into the crowd, as the people he approached parted for him in such a way that made his path towards where Reign and the other nobility seemed to be making their rounds.

Mana: 1000/1500

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Finn Mertens
Rewards of 500,000 Jewel have been granted to both of you.

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