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Solace Walk Home.(Foot Travel to Magnolia.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Solace Walk Home.(Foot Travel to Magnolia.) Empty Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:00 pm

Judith Karlinius
In her blank despair Judith knew at least one thing, She should go home, Go to her husband....To the children she cared for. It would all make it go away she would feel normal again, It was all she wanted.

She would give herself a break from chasing down Judina and checking up on her. for now she needed to put herself into a solid spot to try and not worry about everything she saw before her today and everything she believed in her mind might happen.

Surely if it was true just for one of them, She would be spared from suffering. Judith did expect fate to kind of just turn that way to her for what she did to help but did just want to believe she made it through all of it.

The walk would help Judith set herself into place, To return home in the afternoon to her smiling even if she was holding back her own emotions and just to smile so no one else around her would notice that Judith had that moment with she left her house for.

Judith then would talk home eventually find Tanya and Anton, Embrace them and have a moment to take into her mind the enjoyment she felt around them. Would find her husband and embrace him as well in a moment. She avoided talking to him about it only because it would make her feel better about it. It was over in Anders mind. This was all gone and there was nothing to worry about. She would then quietly find somewhere to sit and enjoy the peacefulness around her for up until the evening, It was that what she was holding on to that was keeping her from considering anything brash and harsh, After all her nightmares are just nightmares and not reality.


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