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What is Asked, Is Retrived.(Foot Travel to Crocus.)

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What is Asked, Is Retrived.(Foot Travel to Crocus.) Empty Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:41 pm

With what she was asked to amass coming to arrive with her Priscilla would waste no time coming back to Crocus, she would barely try to rest as she went and did as she ordered. It would be an interesting return to Crocus.

Internally Priscilla felt nervous, These larger scales things only seemed to leave her on edge most of the time. Only because there were far too many risks that she generally did not enjoy. But she would not say her disliking to it at all.

It was a grand ball for a king. Just not her king, Maybe they would turn into one for her king rather then their king. With putting her nervousness aside it seemed rather daring and interesting to do all of this.

Maybe this path in her life was guided at this Fenrir that Vali and his men talked about, Maybe Priscilla actually had to do some reading later to learn about this god they followed, Still being glad she did not have to be forced into it.

Unintentionally Priscilla kind of just did not pay attention to if anyone was trying to speak to her or wanted had questions. Priscilla just always seemed to be on focus of the goal.

While they would just about be in Crocus, Priscilla would look off of their path. She would then signal two of the Nekomatas towards her. Breaching off slightly.

She would pick up the various outfits they would need for this mission. Priscilla had been to Crocus' markets before and knew who to talk too. Collecting them just outside of the city before entering, Just to ensure everything was just in place.

Then going back on track with the 40 other people there was a main city to arrive to, A party to go to and a mission to be had."We have arrive to the Capital, We will have an order before."

{exit to Crocus.}

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