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To Muster The Words Given.(solo)

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To Muster The Words Given.(solo) Empty Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:50 pm

So eventually the quiet obeying shadow would even if do what she was told to, Show to the people she was now a part of what exactly it was would happen when she came to give orders to other people.

First Priscilla would find one of the few people she remembered by name Chief Leonus and simply just say."I have a few things for you."Priscilla did not waste much time, Mostly because she just wanted to get back in Crocus quickly."We will need 40 people brought to Crocus."

She would find the Icebergans of mention gather the group of 35. With the coldest and emotionless stare she said."You have been order to Crocus, You will be well groomed when we arrive. You will be given clothing to match the people of the guest of a king's party." Priscilla mentioned to them as getting in line with said vary orders as well as prepared for what was to come.

Next would be the Nekomata's that she would look into what was brought before her, She would kind of just eye glance judge the five she asked for. So far Priscilla seemed at least satisfied with all of this in front of her.

Priscilla would just nod."This will do."Was unsure if it would all work out for her she would be listened to, She feared judgement for being an outsider still, Even if she was not one."Now off to Crocus, With me."Priscilla would mention with what she was told to gather and being forward. She would travel with them to Crocus as well, only because it was simple for her to try to blend in and kind of take the moment of leading, Even if she was far more of doing things herself like she did for so long, What was she to judge.

For as much as she did, They had things to prepare for, with much different goals in mind then her. All for one man as well. But it all mattered that a task was to be done. Everyone would have time to settle in when they arrived.


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