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Orders given are orders made.(Foot travel to Worthwood)

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Orders given are orders made.(Foot travel to Worthwood) Empty Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:38 pm

So now Priscilla would be off to go as she was told. She was not exactly some kind of slave of Vali but for loyalty and home Priscilla would not fail or not listen to orders, At least unless it put her life at risk or was illogical. Having trust in Vali and maybe a bit more feeling beyond trust in Vali to have that never happen Priscilla would at least focus to start her orders.

Part of her wanted to put it off just to spend sometime alone with Vali, But she realized that she was no longer focusing on work and task set before her."Focus.....focus....You don't need to linger on these feelings now." Priscilla mentioned a bit bitterly to herself.

She had plans for the clothing and other details while she was going towards her home, towards the camp of Worth wood Sea. She had yet to hit the stage of caring about the area enough to worry or be stuck about this area being home, Since she had no had never had one for long periods of time. it was a still slowly processing in her mind still.

Being a werewolf so far, did not feel all that different then being human, She expected it to be different. She had yet to change into her Werewolf form. It was a part of that she had in mind about it. She really wanted to avoid it for now it seemed like giving into something a bit more unknown that she did not want to yet anyway .

She would eventually arrive to Worth Wood, With out problem, Walking into her house first to just allow herself to freshen up, prepare herself to be in place and ready for all of this. She then would be ready.


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