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Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura]

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#1Ri Brighte 

Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura] Empty Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:32 am

Ri Brighte


Ah, yes, the capital of Crocus. Such a large city, with such a bustling population. It seemed to never sleep, and frankly, Ri wouldn't have it any other way. Actually, this bustling and restlessness is what brought Ri to where he is now: with his theater mates in a pub, drinking and happily singing away after their show. Clearly, it was a total success, if not plain from just how much noise the mage himself was making. Truth is, he doesn't remember the first time he's gotten this drunk before. Probably from the fact that he's been downing some more heavy stuff than usual. He wouldn't be drinking this stuff himself, actually, if it weren't for the other guys making him feel a bit self-conscious. And probably because he wanted to have more fun tonight than other times.

At one point, he patted one of his co-artists on the back, and motioned towards the counter, mumbling something about getting some more. He stood up from the table, but didn't leave yet. He took a deep breath as he felt his vision move from side to side, as if someone was pushing the table back and forth. He took a deep breath, threw his buddies grin, and pushed himself up, before making his way to the counter and sitting down on one of the stools. He handed the bartender a few more jewels and before he could even mumble what he wanted to drink next, he felt a heavy force push him to the side.

Just as expected, he clattered to the floor with a groan of pain- From both the fall and the dizziness in his head. He squinted his eyes at the person, before frowning at the sight before him: It wasn't anything outrageous. Actually, it was the opposite. A guy in a suit was looking down on him, sneering.

One side of his brain told him to stand up and go back to his place. The other told him to stand up and deck the bastard in the face. But, of course, Ri listened to the more logical side of his brain.

The moment he stood up, his fist made contact with the guy's face, small sparks of electricity emanating from it as he did. The man was easily sent off of his chair and onto the ground, but he wasn't deterred. He quickly gathered himself- mostly because unlike Ri, he wasn't drunk- And took a fighting stance.

And so did Ri, quite ready to throw hands, even in his drunken state.

#2Shimura Shigaraki † 

Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura] Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:04 am

Shimura Shigaraki †
Crocus was such a dismal and annoying city to Shimura. He found the ball to have attracted too much attention, and that there were too many people within the capital of Fiorie. It would not have been the first time that Shimura had seen something of this magnitude. His family made it a tradition to hold fancy and elaborate birthday parties that would attract the attention of anyone desperate for opportunity. From warriors to philosophers, people would come in order to impress his Lord father, and to earn his favorite. Shimura had always thought of them as belligerent fools, as he did with the people attracted to the ball. No doubt, there were some people seeking to prove themselves in the ball and gain the favor of the King, or worst, the Church. Though he could not say much, Shimura himself was looking to use the ball to his advantage. 
It seems that the ball had also attracted the attention of troublemakers as well. Apparently, some young punk was starting to cause some problems  within a local bar, and for some reason, the knight that he currently was talking to what too much of a coward to kick the punk out. “You a coward do you know that knight?” Shimura growled “But I’ll go see who is causing this trouble, and I’ll be taking the credit.” He shoved passed the other knight that he was talking to.

After a few moments, Shimura arrived at the bar that was having some issues. He noticed that a young man with blonde hair was fixing to get into a bar fight with another bigger man, the bigger man had pushed the young man down, and Shimura leaped into action knocking the bigger man down. “I believe that you two would need to leave.” Shimura would threaten at the bigger man, who was down the ground. He turned to the other man, the younger man with blonde hair, and he sneered down at him. “Time to” the young man sprang up and punched him in the face, causing Shimura to stumble and fall to the ground.

Shimura stood up, anger clearly painted onto his face. “Okay, we will play this game kid.” People started to circle around them, eagerly waiting to see this fight. The young rune-knight got into a fighting stance, but he realized that he was in a wooding building, thus if he wasn’t careful, he could harm other people. “Damn it.” He cursed under his breath, “Why don’t we take this outside boy, so I can teach you some manners.” Shimura stated as he moved to attempt to punch the stranger in the gut. 


#3Ri Brighte 

Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura] Empty Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:47 am

Ri Brighte


Ri's eyes seemed to narrow when he saw that his fist had landed on the wrong person. Oops. Well, all he needs to do is apologize, right? To stop this stupid fight? No? No?


Why? Well, mostly because Ri was too wasted to actually figure out that he was fighting a law-man, and his first thought went to the probability that his new "friend" called his buddies over for a hand. Of course, Ri wouldn't allow them to overtake him. What he failed to realize, though, was that the large man had backed away as soon as he saw Shimura, and people started to gather around to watch said fight.

The punch came way too fast for his drunken state of mind to register. He was sent stumbling back, dizziness aggravating with every passing second.

"F-Fuck..." He muttered, holding his stomach and trying to gather himself. Alright. This guy ain't playing around. If he wanted to play outside, that's what they'll do.

In what he'd call a "straight line", Ri charged right for the lawman, and aimed to wrap his arms around his middle, pushing the both of them outside. Of course, their audience moved along with them, most cheering at this sudden turn of events.

If he -did- manage to actually get the man outside, he wouldn't last long on his feet. Stumbling, he'd fall down, with the mage right below him. Probably. He groaned as he felt the impact to the ground though, suddenly hit by a headache. As if the distant feeling of sickness wasn't enough, he now had to deal with that as well. A few seconds passed where he just stood on top of the man, trying to gather himself.

Were the other to use these precious moments it didn't matter, because one way or another, Ri was getting off of him. Punched or not, the mage tried to push himself away from the lawman, and stand on his feet. Which was a tad hard, given that he could barely sit.


#4Shimura Shigaraki † 

Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura] Empty Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:38 am

Shimura Shigaraki †

Obviously, Shimura was not prepared for the stranger to charge directly in front of him. Therefore, when the drunken idiot grasp onto his waste and started to push him outside, it was to late for Shimura to shrug out of the other male’s grip. But he wasn’t completely helpless or unaware of his situation, and therefore, Shimura would clasp his hand together and slam his fist into the back of the other male. He could have transformed into magma right then and there and burn the stranger all to hell, but currently that was uncalled for. As the two men fell down onto the ground Shimura groaned a little in pain and waited for the idiot to climb off of him. He played possum for a little bit, so that the drunken fool wouldn’t kick him while he was down, but then suddenly he leaped up like some kung fu master and wiped the dirt off of his clothing. 

"Is that all you got? I am thoroughly disappointed" 

He would call out to taunt the stranger. Shimura crossed both of his arms and had his head titled out in a condescending manner. They were outside, away from most of the people and the wooden bar, and therefore Shimura was a little free to use his spells. "Surrender now, and I will let you go freely" he paused "Or continue to defy me and get annihilated." 

Summary & Statistics :

#5Ri Brighte 

Cheers, mate! [Ri|Shimura] Empty Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:46 am

Ri Brighte


The moment the other's fists collided with his back, he let out a groan of pain, but continued in his mad dash to get the both of them outside. Instead, it only made him fall down sooner with the young cop still in his grasp. Still, he managed to get himself up, in a wonky stance and waited for the other to do so as well.

As he stood upright, through the use of perception, the Rune Knight could easily see Ri swaying lightly from side to side, but his vision always trained on him.

Truth be told, Ri could go and electrocute the hell out of him, but he knew that even in this fight (maybe) for his life, he shouldn't have to seriously hurt someone. It was, after all, just a bar-fight. No need for things to get bloody.

Seeing him possuming on the ground, though, slightly worried him. After all, all he did was push him onto the ground. He wasn't expecting it to be this easy. Slowly, and just as wobbly as before, he approached the other and leaned down, trying to see if he was still alive. Suddenly, he leapt up, and Ri yelped quickly backpadelling, and falling back down onto the ground.

Clearly, the man's taunting did his drunk mind no good: how dare he? Ask Ri such a question. He'll show him who's the better fighter!

"I'll show you!" Just as thought, he repeated outloud, maybe a bit too loud for comfort. Still, he slammed his foot in the ground, and sent himself forwards, in a sudden lunge towards the other mage. A bright yellow ring formed beneath his foot as he did, throwing him with lightning-like speed to the target. Mid-flight, he reeled his fist back, and sent it for the man's jaw, landing behind him afterwards, in a stumble. His vision ran side to side for a few seconds before he gathered himself, back still to the Rune Knight. Damn. He should've stopped drinking a while ago.

Welp, too late for that now.

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