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Dauntless [Finn]

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS


If there was a faint sense of familiarity in the name, it was all lost on Nuala; the thief held on to a crumpled piece of paper, reading it over and over until she had memorized its content. With a flick of her wrist, the contract was thrown into the fire and the flames sizzled as they burned the ink to ashes. Nuala rarely stole weapons – too high was the chance of a risky encounter, of a victim turning into a dangerous opponent. But the reward was sensational; someone was willing to pay a large sum of money for a sword that was neither guarded by monsters and spells, nor was it hidden deeply inside a tomb. Instead, it was owned by one person – a human.

And he was here, in Crocus.

Nuala’s cloaked frame was pressed into the shadows; the darkness swallowed her whole, concealing her body and putting a damper on her aura. When she moved, she moved with silence. Her amethyst eyes never lost their focus – and how could they? The human’s blade shimmered beautifully under the moonlight, its colour reminiscent of rivers of gold. Perhaps this, the very material it had been crafted from, explained its worth.

Nuala had been told that he, the human, was not its wielder but rather a lucky adventurer who had come across Durendal (allegedly a precious family heirloom to her current client) during one of his travels. Nuala doubted this, but the blade had already caught her attention and the Voidling was intrigued by the mysterious energy it radiated.

Durendal... For a moment her thoughts seemed to linger on that name. Had she heard of it before?

The current owner himself was rather innocuous-looking. Nuala saw a human male in his early twenties, a little taller than her, but she doubted that he – as long as she kept the sword out of his hands – could prove much of a fight. Naturally, however, the Voidling knew better than to underestimate a stranger and so she prepared herself by skillfully tailing him until he returned to his chambers, which were a number of rooms he had rented in one of the larger inns in Crocus.

By the graciousness of her client, Nuala was able to grant herself access to said chambers and familiarize herself with the outlines while the young man had been strolling about. The entrance room was small and provided a few pieces of furniture. It lead to a separated bedroom which, in turn, led to a bathroom. There was a small space dedicated to the wardrobe close to the entrance door, which cut the bedroom out of its direct line of sight. If she wanted to be bold, Nuala could make her way through the only door available without being caught, provided that he left his sword somewhere near the wardrobe and excused himself to either the living space or his private chambers.

From Nuala’s personal experience, however, those who wielded weapons rarely left them out of reach, ever. This complicated things.

Her best chance was to sneak inside and wait until the human had fallen asleep before she made her move and went on her merry way. She could hear him, but he couldn’t hear her. Nuala re-considered this plan many times, but after hours of following him around town, the woman had noticed a sort of restlessness about him that she couldn’t quite place.

He didn’t seem like someone who slept. At all.

Now, that didn’t make much sense and Nuala assumed that her client, if he wanted this as badly as he said he did, would have told her about potential dangers in order to increase her chance of success. And because of this, Nuala waited. She waited and listened until the sounds coming from inside his room had fallen silent. The lock was picked in just a few seconds and the door didn’t creak, because she had oiled its hinges the afternoon before. Swiftly, and with a rogue’s grace, the female thief had slithered inside.

The lights were off, but Nuala had no trouble seeing. She peaked around the corner and saw the bedroom door not entirely closed, with Durendal placed upon the round living room table.

Nuala tumbled forward and quickly reached for the sword; it ended up being much heavier than anticipated and once she made notice of this, her glowing eyes shot up towards the bedroom door – which hadn’t moved an inch. A long sword was a two-handed weapon and the weight decreased not only his nimbleness, but also hers significantly. As Nuala moved the blade quietly and with utmost care, her glance fell upon the ancient runes adorning the metal. The Voidling was far from ancient herself, nor was she a scholar, but she understood enough of this world's magic to recognize it when she saw it and despite herself, the blood in Nuala’s veins began to freeze.

It’s enchanted! It’s an enchanted weapon–

That fact not only increased the worth of the sword, but also shifted it entirely from its material to whatever magic it possessed. Furthermore, Nuala no longer doubted that the human was also its rightful owner – if you couldn’t wield it to its full power, there was no point in keeping it, especially considering that they sold for large amounts of money.

She had been deceived after all.

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Finn Mertens
Finn was born and raised a predator.

Ever since he was young, his first memories had put him pitted against entities that saw him as no more than a food source. They wished to kill him, not due to any malicious intent or desire to cause pain, but survival. The creatures were bigger, stronger, and faster than he was. That had caused him to rely not only on the protection and support of his family, but also his ability to detect his surroundings. His senses had to be as keen as humanly possible; To pick up on small details that others perhaps would have never considered. A broken branch on an unformed trail, or a clearing whose only sin was its different smell, was his thin line between life and death.

As his prowess increased, one thing that became obvious was that power was subjective. A creature that could rip trees from the earth would be felled by a single bite from a venomous snake. All it took was being caught unawares and even the smallest threat could expose your weakness. One would think that acclimating to humanity would lower this risk, but all it did was change the vectors. No longer was it the rogue, venom ladled creature that would avoid confrontation until it was forced to strike at the titan.

No, they were all snakes. And Finn was considered an unsuspecting target.

Even now, well over a decade later, Finn was extremely cautious. The smallest changes, or alterations in his surroundings, caught his attention. Of course he had noticed the fact that his once loud, and still heavy door now moved silently upon its hinges. Perhaps there was a part of him that had noticed the lilac hair. Yet in a city full of snakes, he had never even processed her as a unique threat. Despite the residence he was staying in having changed such a major, and one could argue obvious alert at his entrance way, he paid it no mind.

And while he had heard no footsteps entering his abode, he had certainly heard the creak of the living room table as its weight shifted significantly upon its frame. Perhaps the mistake was his own, thinking that even for a moment he'd found a reprieve from the threats outside his home. He had been naive to consider this temporary lodging as a residence, though. Of course it was subject to such threats. And now, as he stood in the doorway leading from his bedroom, he saw another with their hands on his weapon against the threats that sat in wait.

"That doesn't belong to you." His voice held a certain gravitas that matched the stern gaze which found itself upon his face. His fists clenched and eased, his mind processing how to handle this situation. Part of him had immediately gone the route of identifying her as a threat, and that seemed to honestly be the safe decision here. Yet there was a part of him, as distant as it was, which urged some level of patience.

So, for now, he conceded to that voice.

"And I suggest that you put it back where it belongs." He would give her a chance. He fought the nagging voice in his head that mocked his decision, taunting him with the idea that it would bite him in the ass. Instead, he decided, he would try via non-violence. It would be up to her now how this interaction continued. Truth be told, he was hoping the voice in his head was wrong. This time, at least, he truly didn't wish to escalate the situation.

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS

Nuala’s head raised up when the human moved to stand in his doorframe. His eyes, much like her own, had an interesting color. They glowed almost golden in the dim light; a hue that was reminiscent of his sword. He seemed unhappy about the interruption to his evening and Nuala supposed it was as normal a reaction as one could expect. The Voidling noted neither signs of aggression nor annoyance and when he spoke to her, his voice carried a certain undertone that might have demand respect from fellow humans – but she wasn’t like that.

The streetlights gave a faint glimmer of light through the windows, brightening up Nuala’s dark hair and the purple markings on her face. The black cloak she wore concealed all else.

Nuala, for the time being, placed the sword back onto the table and rose to her full height, which was (much to her chagrin) a little shorter than his. “So I have been told the same thing,” she responded after a little silence, and although Nuala’s voice was clear and perhaps also quite pleasant, it sounded foreign when she spoke – her accent almost artificial. “That it doesn’t belong to you and I am to return it to its rightful owner.” Nuala’s words were followed up by a head tilt, not to display innocence but rather indecisiveness. Should she move on with her mission, even though she had been caught and this would surely end up with a fight, or drop it and leave this place?

The sword was worth a decent amount of money, but money was the smallest of Nuala’s concerns. She demanded honesty from her clients and this one had lied to her regardless; even if Nuala dropped this deal, it wouldn’t be a loss – she couldn’t be working with someone who was willing to both endanger her an put the item of interest at risk at the same time. It wasn’t often, but occasionally the little thief would punish a lying client by simply disappearing with whatever it was that they wanted, either keeping it for herself or selling it away elsewhere.

It was never meant to be an honest business anyways.

“How did you come to acquire such a weapon? And would you be in the favour of selling? If someone is willing to pay me to steal it, they will pay you as well.” She had noticed how his fists clenched and relaxed repeatedly and to be frank, his movements (even though there were hardly any to begin with) had made her quite uneasy. It was like he was in the middle of deciding whether or not he was going to assault her or remain peaceful, changing his mind about it with every passing moment.

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Finn Mertens
The moonlight came into the otherwise unlit apartment, reflecting off her markings as if they weren't tattoos at all. The woman before him had a unique appearance about her, he noticed. Her skin was pale, an off hue of what a normal person would look. Her eyes were of the same glowing amethyst as her markings, yet Finn didn't consider for a second that she was anything but human. He had seen enough variation within his own kind to not find such minor differences an indicator of anything overly unique.

She spoke to him, responding to his words in kind and reflecting his accusation back at him. She had a confidence about her that he could not quite place. Was it in her abilities to fight and escape, or in the situation and its chances of escalation? His eyes narrowed, but his annoyance seemed to have dissipated mildly. She was willing to address him, and had made no sudden movements. There wasn't a reason for him to be the one to escalate now. A vague image of what would have occurred had he not returned so quickly to the room flashed before his eyes, but he decided not to focus on what could have been.

"Do you believe them?" He spoke only after she had directed her questions t him, offering to take it off his hands if he were to only name a price. Yet despite his own inquiry, he did not wait for an answer.

"My brother and I fought many battles. In one such battle, at the end of a long abandoned ruin, this blade was there. Supposedly it has had quite the history." His eyes were locked onto hers, as if daring her to find falsehoods in his words. "It left my ownership while I traveled the continent, maintained by my friend and guild-mate until I returned and it was put back into my possession. I am the rightful owner of that weapon, and it has chosen me as such." He was referring to his appearance, changed by the blade. Yet there was no reason to give such a story to one who didn't know what he looked like to begin with.

"And I have no need for more jewels. It's not for sale, and I will continue to swing that weapon until I die."

"Now," he began, crossing his arms and staring at her. "Who are you? Who paid you? And are you willing to let this matter go with just our discussion here tonight?"

Dauntless [Finn] C47FSON
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