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Dauntless [Finn]

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS


If there was a faint sense of familiarity in the name, it was all lost on Nuala; the thief held on to a crumpled piece of paper, reading it over and over until she had memorized its content. With a flick of her wrist, the contract was thrown into the fire and the flames sizzled as they burned the ink to ashes. Nuala rarely stole weapons – too high was the chance of a risky encounter, of a victim turning into a dangerous opponent. But the reward was sensational; someone was willing to pay a large sum of money for a sword that was neither guarded by monsters and spells, nor was it hidden deeply inside a tomb. Instead, it was owned by one person – a human.

And he was here, in Crocus.

Nuala’s cloaked frame was pressed into the shadows; the darkness swallowed her whole, concealing her body and putting a damper on her aura. When she moved, she moved with silence. Her amethyst eyes never lost their focus – and how could they? The human’s blade shimmered beautifully under the moonlight, its colour reminiscent of rivers of gold. Perhaps this, the very material it had been crafted from, explained its worth.

Nuala had been told that he, the human, was not its wielder but rather a lucky adventurer who had come across Durendal (allegedly a precious family heirloom to her current client) during one of his travels. Nuala doubted this, but the blade had already caught her attention and the Voidling was intrigued by the mysterious energy it radiated.

Durendal... For a moment her thoughts seemed to linger on that name. Had she heard of it before?

The current owner himself was rather innocuous-looking. Nuala saw a human male in his early twenties, a little taller than her, but she doubted that he – as long as she kept the sword out of his hands – could prove much of a fight. Naturally, however, the Voidling knew better than to underestimate a stranger and so she prepared herself by skillfully tailing him until he returned to his chambers, which were a number of rooms he had rented in one of the larger inns in Crocus.

By the graciousness of her client, Nuala was able to grant herself access to said chambers and familiarize herself with the outlines while the young man had been strolling about. The entrance room was small and provided a few pieces of furniture. It lead to a separated bedroom which, in turn, led to a bathroom. There was a small space dedicated to the wardrobe close to the entrance door, which cut the bedroom out of its direct line of sight. If she wanted to be bold, Nuala could make her way through the only door available without being caught, provided that he left his sword somewhere near the wardrobe and excused himself to either the living space or his private chambers.

From Nuala’s personal experience, however, those who wielded weapons rarely left them out of reach, ever. This complicated things.

Her best chance was to sneak inside and wait until the human had fallen asleep before she made her move and went on her merry way. She could hear him, but he couldn’t hear her. Nuala re-considered this plan many times, but after hours of following him around town, the woman had noticed a sort of restlessness about him that she couldn’t quite place.

He didn’t seem like someone who slept. At all.

Now, that didn’t make much sense and Nuala assumed that her client, if he wanted this as badly as he said he did, would have told her about potential dangers in order to increase her chance of success. And because of this, Nuala waited. She waited and listened until the sounds coming from inside his room had fallen silent. The lock was picked in just a few seconds and the door didn’t creak, because she had oiled its hinges the afternoon before. Swiftly, and with a rogue’s grace, the female thief had slithered inside.

The lights were off, but Nuala had no trouble seeing. She peaked around the corner and saw the bedroom door not entirely closed, with Durendal placed upon the round living room table.

Nuala tumbled forward and quickly reached for the sword; it ended up being much heavier than anticipated and once she made notice of this, her glowing eyes shot up towards the bedroom door – which hadn’t moved an inch. A long sword was a two-handed weapon and the weight decreased not only his nimbleness, but also hers significantly. As Nuala moved the blade quietly and with utmost care, her glance fell upon the ancient runes adorning the metal. The Voidling was far from ancient herself, nor was she a scholar, but she understood enough of this world's magic to recognize it when she saw it and despite herself, the blood in Nuala’s veins began to freeze.

It’s enchanted! It’s an enchanted weapon–

That fact not only increased the worth of the sword, but also shifted it entirely from its material to whatever magic it possessed. Furthermore, Nuala no longer doubted that the human was also its rightful owner – if you couldn’t wield it to its full power, there was no point in keeping it, especially considering that they sold for large amounts of money.

She had been deceived after all.

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Tenshi †
Finn was born and raised a predator.

Ever since he was young, his first memories had put him pitted against entities that saw him as no more than a food source. They wished to kill him, not due to any malicious intent or desire to cause pain, but survival. The creatures were bigger, stronger, and faster than he was. That had caused him to rely not only on the protection and support of his family, but also his ability to detect his surroundings. His senses had to be as keen as humanly possible; To pick up on small details that others perhaps would have never considered. A broken branch on an unformed trail, or a clearing whose only sin was its different smell, was his thin line between life and death.

As his prowess increased, one thing that became obvious was that power was subjective. A creature that could rip trees from the earth would be felled by a single bite from a venomous snake. All it took was being caught unawares and even the smallest threat could expose your weakness. One would think that acclimating to humanity would lower this risk, but all it did was change the vectors. No longer was it the rogue, venom ladled creature that would avoid confrontation until it was forced to strike at the titan.

No, they were all snakes. And Finn was considered an unsuspecting target.

Even now, well over a decade later, Finn was extremely cautious. The smallest changes, or alterations in his surroundings, caught his attention. Of course he had noticed the fact that his once loud, and still heavy door now moved silently upon its hinges. Perhaps there was a part of him that had noticed the lilac hair. Yet in a city full of snakes, he had never even processed her as a unique threat. Despite the residence he was staying in having changed such a major, and one could argue obvious alert at his entrance way, he paid it no mind.

And while he had heard no footsteps entering his abode, he had certainly heard the creak of the living room table as its weight shifted significantly upon its frame. Perhaps the mistake was his own, thinking that even for a moment he'd found a reprieve from the threats outside his home. He had been naive to consider this temporary lodging as a residence, though. Of course it was subject to such threats. And now, as he stood in the doorway leading from his bedroom, he saw another with their hands on his weapon against the threats that sat in wait.

"That doesn't belong to you." His voice held a certain gravitas that matched the stern gaze which found itself upon his face. His fists clenched and eased, his mind processing how to handle this situation. Part of him had immediately gone the route of identifying her as a threat, and that seemed to honestly be the safe decision here. Yet there was a part of him, as distant as it was, which urged some level of patience.

So, for now, he conceded to that voice.

"And I suggest that you put it back where it belongs." He would give her a chance. He fought the nagging voice in his head that mocked his decision, taunting him with the idea that it would bite him in the ass. Instead, he decided, he would try via non-violence. It would be up to her now how this interaction continued. Truth be told, he was hoping the voice in his head was wrong. This time, at least, he truly didn't wish to escalate the situation.

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Nuala’s head raised up when the human moved to stand in his doorframe. His eyes, much like her own, had an interesting color. They glowed almost golden in the dim light; a hue that was reminiscent of his sword. He seemed unhappy about the interruption to his evening and Nuala supposed it was as normal a reaction as one could expect. The Voidling noted neither signs of aggression nor annoyance and when he spoke to her, his voice carried a certain undertone that might have demand respect from fellow humans – but she wasn’t like that.

The streetlights gave a faint glimmer of light through the windows, brightening up Nuala’s dark hair and the purple markings on her face. The black cloak she wore concealed all else.

Nuala, for the time being, placed the sword back onto the table and rose to her full height, which was (much to her chagrin) a little shorter than his. “So I have been told the same thing,” she responded after a little silence, and although Nuala’s voice was clear and perhaps also quite pleasant, it sounded foreign when she spoke – her accent almost artificial. “That it doesn’t belong to you and I am to return it to its rightful owner.” Nuala’s words were followed up by a head tilt, not to display innocence but rather indecisiveness. Should she move on with her mission, even though she had been caught and this would surely end up with a fight, or drop it and leave this place?

The sword was worth a decent amount of money, but money was the smallest of Nuala’s concerns. She demanded honesty from her clients and this one had lied to her regardless; even if Nuala dropped this deal, it wouldn’t be a loss – she couldn’t be working with someone who was willing to both endanger her an put the item of interest at risk at the same time. It wasn’t often, but occasionally the little thief would punish a lying client by simply disappearing with whatever it was that they wanted, either keeping it for herself or selling it away elsewhere.

It was never meant to be an honest business anyways.

“How did you come to acquire such a weapon? And would you be in the favour of selling? If someone is willing to pay me to steal it, they will pay you as well.” She had noticed how his fists clenched and relaxed repeatedly and to be frank, his movements (even though there were hardly any to begin with) had made her quite uneasy. It was like he was in the middle of deciding whether or not he was going to assault her or remain peaceful, changing his mind about it with every passing moment.

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Tenshi †
The moonlight came into the otherwise unlit apartment, reflecting off her markings as if they weren't tattoos at all. The woman before him had a unique appearance about her, he noticed. Her skin was pale, an off hue of what a normal person would look. Her eyes were of the same glowing amethyst as her markings, yet Finn didn't consider for a second that she was anything but human. He had seen enough variation within his own kind to not find such minor differences an indicator of anything overly unique.

She spoke to him, responding to his words in kind and reflecting his accusation back at him. She had a confidence about her that he could not quite place. Was it in her abilities to fight and escape, or in the situation and its chances of escalation? His eyes narrowed, but his annoyance seemed to have dissipated mildly. She was willing to address him, and had made no sudden movements. There wasn't a reason for him to be the one to escalate now. A vague image of what would have occurred had he not returned so quickly to the room flashed before his eyes, but he decided not to focus on what could have been.

"Do you believe them?" He spoke only after she had directed her questions t him, offering to take it off his hands if he were to only name a price. Yet despite his own inquiry, he did not wait for an answer.

"My brother and I fought many battles. In one such battle, at the end of a long abandoned ruin, this blade was there. Supposedly it has had quite the history." His eyes were locked onto hers, as if daring her to find falsehoods in his words. "It left my ownership while I traveled the continent, maintained by my friend and guild-mate until I returned and it was put back into my possession. I am the rightful owner of that weapon, and it has chosen me as such." He was referring to his appearance, changed by the blade. Yet there was no reason to give such a story to one who didn't know what he looked like to begin with.

"And I have no need for more jewels. It's not for sale, and I will continue to swing that weapon until I die."

"Now," he began, crossing his arms and staring at her. "Who are you? Who paid you? And are you willing to let this matter go with just our discussion here tonight?"

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS

The Voidling tensed up; when the human responded to her words with another question, he gave her little time to think her answer through and the silence between his speech felt unnerving. When he resumed however, said tension fell and Nuala felt as though she could hear that his very words were laced with truth – that he was telling his story. And the story he wove put clear pictures inside her mind. Pictures of adventure, of freedom and the unspeakable thrill of a treasure hunt – it was something Nuala could very much relate to. In her old age the Voidling had traveled many countries and snuck around hidden places, discovering old ruins and forgotten temples alike.

Almost without realizing it, a smile had slipped onto the woman’s lips. Her gaze fell back onto the golden blade, which she now saw in a different light. "So it does indeed have quite the history," said Nuala once he had finished, approaching the sword once again but in a more calm, curious manner. "That must have been an amazing feeling, to discover something so unique after a long journey into the unknown." Although Nuala never lost her focus, never let her guard down, she no longer considered him a genuine threat, for she did not pose one to him either. "I suppose if I had found something like this, something I could use and wield, then I wouldn’t want to give up on it either. So no, I no longer believe them. The sword is rightfully yours."

Nuala stepped closer to the table, where she lifted up the sword and lowered herself to take a close look at the ancient runes that were written upon its blade. Her eyes went up and down between the male and his weapon in an almost inquiring manner. “Durendal,” with a quick flick of her wrist she turned the weapon around to its other side, where more runes could be found. “It sounds so...dwarven. Dwarven weapons are incredibly rare, often ancient and of immense value – and power. I couldn’t tell this much simply by looking at it from afar, but it definitely intrigued me enough to take the job.”

It seemed that he was getting a little irritated with her now, crossing his arms and confronting her directly. The Voidling could only suppose that this was normal – she had broken into his home past nightfall after all. Once Nuala had realized that she wouldn’t be taking this item with her in relation to a contract, her interest and attention had shifted entirely. Nonetheless, the human had been patient with her and she felt as though it was only right to reward him with honesty on her end.

She placed Durendal back and rose up once again, her eyes locking with his. “My name is Nuala and I am a thief, who is usually much better at what she is doing.” The Voidling hadn’t gotten caught in a long time and now that she thought about it, she felt hints of embarrassment and frustration. Considering the uncertain situation however, she couldn’t and wouldn’t let her emotions get the best of her. “The people who paid me are..” her voice went quiet as she began to recall her memories on the men who had hired her. “I have actually never worked for them before, but word of my service gets around easily in the right corners of the city, so that is nothing unusual.”

The Voidling suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness again – but not because of the man in the room. Nuala hushed over the windows and took a look outside, carefully scanning the streets below his apartment.

“I am suspecting that you are holding back right now,” she explained with her eyes still scanning the streets. Of course Nuala had no way of knowing the strength of the person who was with her in these moments, but he had given her enough hints throughout what little time they had together. He was perceptive, well spoken and level headed – and he wielded a powerful weapon. Nuala was shaped for survival, but not for combat. She could flee a fight, but her chances of winning one in a situation like this, where she had already been disarmed by being detected, her chances were incredibly low. “I think I was being lied to. They told me you proved no threat but now I have reason to believe otherwise.”

The Voidling heaved a sigh. “I suppose I owe you an apology for invading your private space, and as a sign of my gratitude for letting this go, I am willing to share my knowledge about those who hired me with you.” Nuala’s head was now turning away from the windows and searching for a clock inside the room instead. How much time had passed since her arrival? She then quickly closed the curtains. “I don’t understand,” the she began and shook her head in confusion, “why would they hire me to do something they knew I might fail at.” She couldn’t help but wonder about him as well. From afar, the sword could be just any other weapon, but those people even knew its name and could pinpoint its location.

“Are you...famous or something?”

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Tenshi †
The woman seemed to react to his words, her body losing its tension and her shoulders finally rising and falling in rhythm, signalling that she was no longer holding her breath. For him, it was proof that the risk to his weapon was now gone and that he could drop his guard slightly. Still, there was a part of him that remained ready to move. One couldn't expect someone to immediately trust the one who was just trying to rob them blind, after all.

She spoke of the weapon, offering her guesses to its origin, and with that Finn gazed at the metal that she lifted into her hands. The way it reflected what little light made it into the room made it shine, and he wondered what of her guesses might have been accurate. The runes engraved into the mighty creation certainly hinted to Dwarven beginnings, as did the massive weight of the blade. The weapons shape, and the fact that it was more a long sword than a claymore, hinted towards an Elvish history. Still, the intricate design of the hilt and the known history of the weapon pointed at a purely Human background. Regardless of where this legendary piece lay its origin, it was certainly something that would catch anyone's attention.

Quickly, now apparently at home in her surroundings, the Voidling turned and made her way to the window. It gave an inlet to the room from the streets, and as her eyes scanned it, she explained a little bit more of her arrival. Finn listened with bated breath. His first reaction was incredulous, wondering who on Earthland would want him targeted in such a way. When he realized his now growing reputation within Fiore as well as the fact that he seemed more than willing to swing that weapon around, he realized that it wasn't quite as surreal as he had once thought. Still, as she was now learning, he had grown more magnanimous as he aged.

"Well, you're still able to explain this to me. So I guess in that way they were right; I've not threatened your life other than in warning." He walked further into the room, now that the curtains were closed, sitting upon the center coffee table that sat Durendal. "But truth is, your questions kind of hard to answer. There are just too many variables that we don't have answers for. There's a chance that they hoped you'd be the one thief who could take my weapon. There's a chance they hoped one of us would die tonight. If I were to bet, though, I think I'd rule out the chance of them having expected you not to be caught."

Her final question, though, was much harder to answer. He thought to his renown throughout Fiore, and the continent beyond. He thought of his epithet that had been pinned to him like a royal title, one that had followed him even into his most recent confrontation. His hand went to his chest with a frown on his face, feeling the still bruised flesh and bone from the full frontal attack that had been fired point blank just the night before. His cheeks, though now tanner than they once were, showed the dim hints of a red hue. Luckily the room was not very well lit, so there was a chance she wouldn't see. Still; To say his own title here was something he simply wasn't prepared for.

"Hardly," he said, after delaying long enough that it became obvious he was avoiding the question. "Though I'm assuming you must be within your circle, in order to get such a high risk job. And you're quite the strange case." His words trailed off, as having arrived on another thought before having finished his sentence. "A thief who is skilled enough to enter undetected, wise enough to give up her job, trusting enough to talk to her mark, and smart enough to be honest. I'll be honest, you're the strangest thief I've ever met. I'm Finn, by the way. Since your mission is over and we're sitting here talking about our lives, I figured we should at least know each others names."

Then, grinning as if he thought his next words were funnier than they were morbid, he added in something to try and ease any tension she had left. "I promise, if I was ever a threat to you I'm not now so long as you leave my damn things in peace."

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS

“It doesn’t matter now,” the woman whispered; her words were laced with sudden regret and albeit her initial chitter chatter, it seemed as though anger was slowly beginning to build up inside her. Nuala’s eyes fell on the human, the pair of amethyst irises following his movements as he went to sit on the table and close to his weapon. He was entirely useless she thought – that strange, sword-wielding human. Arrogant too, as he underestimated her completely. Nuala didn’t know whether or not she could have succeeded at this mission, but she did know that if she had chosen more drastic measures, her chance at success would have been significantly higher.

But Nuala wasn’t a murderer.

A glimmer of light lit up his face and even in darkness, the Voidling could spot the difference – a faint, rosy glow painted his cheeks in a different colour and made him appear almost meek. When he introduced himself as Finn, his name rang inside the woman’s ears. It was short and simple, very much like he seemed to be although she couldn’t help but feel that the name didn’t match the way he looked. It portrayed a sense of youth and innocence and she could see neither of those things in him. But then again – Nuala had only known the man for mere moments, so what could she possibly know about who he was?

“I practice thievery on different terms than most,” she responded; Nuala never thought of her profession as something that defined her and therefore she took no offense when he questioned her skill and her practice. The Voidling had never been able to find work other than as a mercenary and taking belongings rather than lives was a personal decision of hers.

The frustration that was building up inside her core had now grown and while the human seemed to have regained his cool, Nuala was slowly losing hers. When the Void had thrown her back out into the world, almost forty years had passed – forty years during which everything she had known, including herself, had vanished. Nuala had worked so incredibly hard to turn herself from the feral being she had become into something that others could find use for – but humans were so ungrateful. It had been over two decades since then and the Voidling rarely lost her temper anymore. Finn’s clear voice filled the room and as he spoke, Nuala turned back towards him, her eyes locking onto Durendal first, then the silvern ring he wore on his finger and lastly, his eyes.

“I will,” she responded finally, “leave your damn things in peace. But I think I have to solve this, before it becomes a bigger problem.” The Voidling’s breathing became uncharacteristically heavy and uneven. Truth be told, her mood (and therefore the aura between the two of them) had been shifting for a while now. Crocus hadn’t been treating her well and while Nuala was quite sturdy, it had been taking a toll on the woman. Her fists clenched, loosened and then clenched again. A faint, purple glimmer lit up her fingertips and for a moment it was as though a second skin was growing over her very own.

“I don’t think you’re surprised I’m here at all,” she said. “There’s something about you that make people wish for your demise and while I haven’t been successful tonight, there are many ways this could have gone wrong – and not just for me.” Nuala had no way of knowing his title or the position of power he would eventually find himself in, but the following things she said were genuine. “I’m going to erase this problem for you, but I don’t see myself at fault here. There’s probably more danger waiting for you where I came from anyways.” Nuala’s words weren’t meant as a threat, but rather a warning. But unless she was completely wrong about him, Finn would have no problem dealing with any of that.

Nuala finally turned on her heel and moved towards the door, quickly opening it and closing it behind herself without a word of farewell. Her clients were most likely already in waiting to hear back from her at the place outside the city center they had agreed upon. She was going to do exactly what she had told Finn – she would take care of this problem for him and herself.

Nuala wasn’t a murderer, but just for tonight she could become one.

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Tenshi †
The woman before him had seemingly gotten frustrated, her grievance showing through her body language. Finn stared at her closely, noticing that her movements mimicked his own from a few moments ago. Her hands clenched into tight balls, relaxing only to repeat the process. Her body tensed, and her lips seemed to draw themselves into a tight crease. Her words seemed to carry the same annoyance in her voice, and she spit them out as though she could no longer hold onto them. He eyed her carefully, though his body language never seemed to shift. Under normal circumstances, he would have likely shifted to match her at least a little bit; Something to show he was ready to react should her irritation evolve into aggression.

Yet he didn't.

Perhaps it was their brief exchange, or just a gut feeling that he found difficult to put into words, but he couldn't see her escalating the situation. As he had said, she seemed entirely too weird for her profession. As she turned and finished speaking to him, his eyes widened slightly. This girl seemed immature, rash, and quick to decision. The issues before her were practically polarized, and the nuance of the situation lost on her. He had no frame of reference to understand if this represented her as a whole, or if the situation had brought this out in her. Regardless, it wouldn't have effected how Finn responded. He looked down at his blade and sighed. She reminded him so much of the past. So much of myself...

For a moment, his brother flashed into his memory and a chuckle escaped his lips. He closed his eyes, bringing his thumb and index finger to the bridge of his nose and sighing. He stood, grabbing his great blade and sheathing it onto his back. "Jake, I owe you an apology." Was this what it felt like all those years ago? She seemed to know absolutely nothing about him, yet spoke as if doing him a favor. He wondered whether or not the irony of the situation was lost on her, but then slipped out the door with a silence that the thief may have been proud of. While Finn had never stolen, he had lived almost half of his life being hunted in the Worth Woodsea. If there was one thing he mastered, it was moving around quietly.

As he let himself outside, he saw the girl pulling further and further away from his hotel room. He let himself follow her, attempting to keep the same distance between them as what he began with. He had no way of knowing that she could likely hear every step he made, nor could he process the fact that her own movements made not a single noise. Unlike her, the distance between them would make picking up on that sort of detail nigh impossible. He may have pushed his senses to the peak of a Human, but he was still just a human.

It wasn't long until she had seemingly reached her destination, and though she had almost certainly heard him she was kind enough to not react to his presence. Whether or not that was due to her helping him retain the element of surprise for her customers, or whether her mind was so preoccupied she didn't even process he was there, he'd be grateful. Now, all he had to do was wait for whoever was working with her. She had offered to resolve this issue, but Finn wasn't going to leave her to that task alone.

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Dauntless [Finn] U8W6XVS

The world’s a wicked place, Nu. And it will never let you rest.

The Voidling’s heart ached a little as it remembered the melody of a familiar voice; the man it belonged to had long passed and even though she had moved on and grown from this loss, she could never seem to forget the last words he had spoken to her before he succumbed to his wounds. The thief who taught her his trade and enabled her to live, to exist in this world as someone rather than something – the man she would love only to lose him – had become her eternal shadow.  The Void, in all its foulness and depravity, had at the very least always been honest about its intentions. The human world was filled with mask-wearing tricksters and liars and as hard as she had tried, Nuala could never find another person she wanted to be good for again.

The night sky was clouded, the darkened streets of Crocus devoid of people. When she stepped outside, a gust of cold air tore down the hood to her cloak, effectively unleashing the long, raven hair she kept beneath it. With quick steps and a fast pace, Nuala marched through the deserted alleys, her fists still clenching and loosening in an uneven rhythm alongside her pulse. Her thoughts were scattered in pieces.

For one thing, Nuala felt anger. She was tired of playing by other people’s rules, only to have them turn on her without reason – all of this mess, simply so she could exist without growing old, forced to endure more exploitation at the cost of the immortality she didn’t even want. On the other hand, Nuala was in bewilderment at Finn’s reaction; she had gotten caught before and knew that that wasn’t how someone who was being robbed responded. The fact that he showed relief when she stopped in her attempt to loot his belongings and didn’t even call her out on her actions confused her. On top of that, she had never felt any sort of judgement coming from him in regards to her profession, but only on how she practiced it.

The irony of being criticized for her sneak skill by someone as helpless as Finn wasn’t lost on Nuala. He was still in her range and his steady, almost noisy chase was clearly audible to her. Nuala was so caught up in her own thoughts, she almost hadn’t noticed it. Now that she paid a little more attention to him however, the Voidling couldn’t help but pity the swordsman – his movements were comparable to that of a dumb fucking kitten, just now learning how to stalk. And while she did respect his attempt to follow up behind her, the she thief didn’t think for a moment that he would actually be able to stay on her trail – and with that, she swooped him from her mind again.

Nuala finally arrived at the warehouse, which was their agreed upon meeting point, about half an hour later. She was still heated when she entered the building and her temper had made her careless. “You come back empty-handed,” the disappointed voice of a man echoed through the nearly empty hall. A singular light bulb lit up the darkness, revealing the crime lord and his henchmen. “I’m disheartened to see you came back at all.” Under normal circumstances, those words wouldn’t have stung as much as they did. When Nuala looked up, she could see the disdain in his eyes – not for her failing the mission, but for what she was.

Before the Voidling could respond to his hatred, she felt a sling being thrown around her neck from behind, wrapping itself tightly around her throat. Her eyes widened and she gasped for air, her hands immediately finding itself around the wire as her body was being thrown to the ground and dragged away into the darkness. She cringed as the wire cut into her flesh and upon hearing a metallic clinking sound, she knew that she had been chained to the wall. Against her better judgement, Nuala stood up and began pulling only to be forced back onto the floor immediately. Her hands reached behind her back, trying to grab the sling and tear it from its lock, when a bright light followed by a sudden and intense wave of heat turned her attention back to what was in front of her.

When her eyes caught a glimpse of the massive inferno that was being aimed at her by the crime lord’s wizard, Nuala no longer felt anger or bewilderment.

She felt afraid.

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Finn had trailed a fair distance from the Voidling, unaware that she had clearly picked up on his movements since the moment that he left the house. He also would have no idea that her lack of interest in his actions led her to completely ignore his movements the moment after she detected him, thus leaving her likely unaware of his proximity. While she had pulled ahead quite quickly, he had luckily been able to follow her well enough and had wound up at the warehouse where she was meant to meet with her customers.

Sadly, while he had found himself at the correct spot, he had not been able to time his arrival well. By the time he had made his way to the entrance, the events within the warehouse had already begun to escalate beyond what he anticipated. He had predicted a trap, something like an assassin or a would-be bomb lying in wait for someone to enter the building. The idea that the customers would be waiting, in force, to take out the thief was beyond his expectations.

Luckily, the warrior was one who could react quickly to the changing tides before him. The girl, being dragged across the ground with a wire wrapped firmly around her neck, was who he had to reach. Kicking off the ground with a speed that seemed to exceed one someone should have been capable of while handling such a massive blade, Finn closed the gap between them in a short amount of time. The girl was obviously focused not on the man darting in her direction, but on the wired collar continuously forcing her to the ground and the now bright light generated from a fairly massive magic circle.

She'd have seen it unhindered for but a moment before Finn would enter her peripherals, sliding to a stop about a meter in front of her and between her and the massive inferno. He was not considering the variables, nor had he processed their odds within this warehouse. He had confidence that he could fight his way out of any situation, and he believed that if the girl was free from her bindings she could do the same. All he had to do right now was free Nuala, and they would certainly be fine. As he grasped the hilt of Durendal, he drew it from his back and slashed it through the air with blinding speed, the blade coming into contact with the inferno. A chain reaction was caused from the exact spot and moment the blade hit the spell, and before the heat could travel any further it dissolved away into a sort of dust, falling into the wind.

Yet, due to his rushed actions and lack of consideration for what was going on, he made a mistake he hadn't made in years. He was sloppy. How could he have considered, even for a moment, that this crime lord was so tedious in his preparations? How could he have considered that someone would hide a physical attack directly inside of a magical one. His mind flashed to his fight with Vali and Shichiro, though the irony of the situation would not be realized until later.

Finn's eyes had barely processed the irregularly thick crossbow bolt, and his body reacted by instinct. He dropped his center of gravity, turning his shoulder to the side, instantly moving his chest and thus saving his life. The bolt pierced his body, through the right side of his chest, and traveling cleanly through. His bodies movement, or maybe simply the angle of impact, redirected the bolt away from Nuala, thus saving her from the damage.

Finn's knees buckled, but he was able to stay on his feet. His eyes were wide, a wheezing gasp escaping his lips in a tsunami of blood. His white top was splotched red, the stain growing by the second. Yet he was not unconscious. Perhaps it was the adrenaline, or the rage, but he was standing. His eyes shot back to the crime lord's mage and soldiers, signalling the eruption of an aura from his body. They would be forced to take a step back and hesitate in their actions. He wanted to free Nuala, but he now knew he couldn't turn his back on the attackers. If only he hadn't been so foolish; he'd never made a mistake like this before.


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Nuala sensed the heat moments before it threatened to erupt into a blazing inferno and withstanding her initial reaction, the Voidling’s body responded. Nuala’s second skin rapidly grew over the layers of her clothes, beginning at her torso and spreading out until it covered her entire frame, giving her an entirely different, foreign appearance. The dark, chitin-like substance was robust; like armour, it coated her human flesh and revealed what she truly was: alien. Nuala’s physique was visibly highlighted, every muscle and the physical strength it possessed made plain obvious. And when she moved, she did so with a predator’s grace.

What she hadn’t taken into consideration was the brazen human.

When Finn slid into her vision – effectively putting himself between Nuala and the fire blast – the Voidling tore herself free with sheer strength (as this was how she solved most of her bigger problems) and readied herself to lunge at the enemy, when he drew his golden sword and, with a single swing of his magical weapon, undid the inferno that threatened to make both of their lives considerably more miserable – and he did it just like that. Nuala was already on the move, but halted when she witnessed and therefore finally understood Durendal’s power. To own a weapon like that in a world ruled by wizards; it suddenly all made sense to her. Unfortunately, her hesitation and Finn’s lack of assessment regarding their surroundings would cost him dearly.

Nuala, who had her eyes still on Durendal, didn’t notice the hidden attack either and when she finally saw the wooden bolt pierce through his chest, she tore herself away from the enchanted blade and found her target again. Finn The Meat-Shield was now crumbling, but with the wizard caught off guard by Durendal’s nullification magic, the Voidling was given enough time to charge forward and cross the distance between them. She leaped at the two men and dragged them into the darkest corner of the warehouse; muffled screams could be heard for a brief moment, before it became still very suddenly. An absolute silence crept from the shadows and draped itself over the entire building, until even the smallest echo could no longer be heard.

With soundless steps, Nuala emerged from the black depths and quickly approached her target-now-turned-ally. Finn was bleeding heavily, but he wasn’t dying. The woman heaved a sigh of relief before kneeling down next to him, offering to put his arm around her shoulders for support if he allowed. For a moment there, she didn’t even know what to say. It wasn’t completely absurd for him to follow her, but to throw himself into battle like that was reckless. And yet he’d saved her life.

“I’m glad you found me, but we can’t stay here. Let's go back and I will patch you back together.”

Nuala sat him down in order to assess the wound properly and quickly came to the conclusion that it was best to leave the bolt inside so he wouldn’t bleed out. Wordlessly, the woman sheathed the sword and put it onto her own back before pulling Finn back onto his feet again. Nuala was a quiet person, so even though she had a lot of things to say and ask, she remained silent for the duration of the walk back to the inn, unless he chose to start a conversation.


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This wasn't how it was suppose to go.

Not just this event, but anything. Finn was a warrior. He had fought, time and time again, with his life on the line. More often than not he fought against impossible odds, a man who held no magic in a world dominated by the manipulation of mana. It wasn't as though he had always been at his current level. Most of his life was spent without the weapon he currently held, capable of smacking away spells so long as he had the reserves to do so. There were times when he should have been the weakest man on the battlefield, yet he would always find a way to eek out a victory. Even when his brother had no longer been with him, Finn found a way to use any slight advantage as much as possible.

That had been his life up until now. So how was it, against people of meager strength in a warehouse of no significance, did he find himself in this predicament? His chest, pierced through by a bolt of all things, was leaking blood faster than he had felt in a long time. He felt the long forgotten sensation of air not quite entering his lungs, proof that one of his lungs had been pierced in the attack. He felt every beat of his heart, exemplified by the pulsation of crimson from his chest. And as Nuala took care of those in the warehouse, Finn felt his cement limbs tighten up more and more. He couldn't move, and he knew it. The adrenaline in his body worked to keep him alive, and the cells in his chest did everything they could to curb the bleeding, but he was slowly dying on his feet and he knew it.

This wasn't how it was suppose to be.

As the voidling came over and sat him down, Finn went to protest, but he couldn't. His vision blurred, and his mind began to fuzz. The static of his thoughts became overwhelming, and his eyes began to slowly glaze over. He had felt this sensation twice before, but there was something different about this one. He had not been on some battlefield, representing his sense of righteousness. He had not been struck down following his dream.

He had been hit by an attack that should have never come near him, in a warehouse in the nations capital.

He was scared.

As Nuala stood him back up, he knew she said something. He looked at her, but her face seemed so empty. Where prominent features once were, he saw nothing. It was as though he could only see her outline, and everything in between were blurred masses of colors that he couldn't make out. He opened his mouth to speak, but felt instead the flood of sticky crimson dribble onto his chin. He dropped his head, realizing now how heavy it had been, and spit onto the ground. There was no saliva.

"Are you okay?" His voice croaked out, barely a whisper. Had she not perfect hearing, a perk Finn still did not know, she'd have never heard him. "Please, be safe." His eyes had drained now of any sense of light. His skin had paled fare beyond one would think possible, and though the trail he left whilst being practically dragged had thinned, that was certainly not a positive sign. His eyes drooped, and though they remained open slightly there was nothing but darkness now.

"We're here to..." Help. Jake was there. He felt the paw slide into his hand, and his eyes fluttered. An orange blur, perhaps, that was gone as quickly as it had come. Finn felt the urge to smile, but he no longer had the strength. You're back.

"Of course buddy, I never left. Go to sleep, okay? You need to rest."

I've missed you so much Jake. I've been so scared. I don't know what to do anymore. How did you always have the answers?

"Well, that's just it pal. I didn't. I still don't. I'm just like you. I'm scared literally all the time. Things are pretty bonkers like that. But, well, you just have to keep trying. And keep moving. And sometimes, when you find friends who are willing to change a little for you, you can use that to help you along the way."[/i]

Without realizing it, tears had begun trickling down the warriors cheeks. Consciousness had long since left him, and wherever he was now was a mystery. His fate had been entirely left to the woman who carried him.

I'm so scared.

"I know, Finn. I know. You don't have to be though. No matter what happens, you don't have to be. So just rest."

Will you be here when I wake up?

"... Just rest now, Finn."


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